We have very affordable monthly, 6 month, and 12 month plans. Please visit the contact page for more information!

The average time for an App to go live is between 3-6 weeks. This process can be accelerated by having everything ready including the corresponding vendor Developer Account(s).
PixelMags understands you work hard to create wonderful content for readers and wants you to keep 100% of the revenue you earn!
Yes - We want you to keep 100% of your revenue! By having your own Developer Account, each vendor pays you directly and there is no waiting for revenue payouts.
Any language can be published as a PDF format. Contact us more to see if your language is available for PIXML (Articles Format).
All it takes is a simple upload of each back issue and you can have a digital archive of past issues. Contact us for a bundle quote!
We can help you send custom marketing messages through your app as well as provide user information for marketing campaigns.
Issues can be published immediately within the App or scheduled to be released at a later date. We provide customization and flexibility to ensure your publications are set the way you want.
We will do that for you! Customer inquiries are handled in-house by our experienced Customer Service Team!
It includes app maintenance, app customer support, access to the Pixelmags software to publish new or special issues and all of the aforementioned extra features. We also have an experienced and well-trained staff of Publishing Representatives that are available to help you with anything you need.
To keep things simple for you, all our contracts are auto-renewing. Feel free to review our Terms & Conditions.