If you’re hunting for fresh anime streaming options, you’re in for a treat. While AniCloud has its perks, a whole world of alternatives exists. From classic favorites to hidden gems, these platforms offer tickets to an animated adventure without breaking the bank.

    So, let’s dive in and discover some fantastic AniCloud alternatives that’ll have you glued to your screens!

    What is AniCloud?

    AniCloud is a popular online platform allowing users to stream free anime content. It provided a vast library of anime series and movies that could accessed without any subscription fees.

    Users can explore different genres and watch their favorite shows. They can discover new anime titles through the platform.

    From English-dubbed content to options with English subtitles, Anicloud emerges as a sanctuary for anime lovers.

    Top 30 Best Anicloud Alternatives

    Here is a list of 30 websites that are similar to Anicloud and offer free anime streaming:

    1- Crunchyroll

    Crunchyroll-AniCloud Alternatives
    Source: crunchyroll.com

    Crunchyroll stands out for its global reach, allowing fans to access anime content from various regions. The platform supports multiple devices, enabling seamless streaming on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. Its premium subscription offers an ad-free experience.

    It also provides early access to new episodes and the ability to watch at higher resolutions. It provides an engaging environment for fans to connect and discuss their favorite series.

    Website: crunchyroll.com

    2- Funimation

    Funimation-AniCloud Alternatives
    Source: TechRadar

    Funimation’s strength lies in its partnerships with significant anime studios. It ensures a robust lineup of English-dubbed content and simultaneous releases. The platform provides old and new games, catering to nostalgic viewers and those seeking the latest releases.

    Funimation’s subscription includes access to exclusive content and offline viewing through its app. Including interactive features like polls, quizzes, and episode discussions enhances the community aspect.

    Website: funimation.com

    3- 9anime

    9anime-AniCloud Alternatives
    Source: WebGuides

    9anime excels in its extensive library covering various anime genres, from action to romance. The site’s video quality choices allow users to tailor their viewing experience to their internet connection, ensuring smooth streaming regardless of setup.

    An appealing feature is its user-driven content suggestions, which help users discover new and lesser-known series.

    Website: 9animetv.to

    4- GoGoAnime

    GoGoAnime-AniCloud Alternatives
    Source: Quora

    GoGoAnime’s user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation through its extensive collection of anime content. The site’s rapid updates mean viewers can stay up-to-date with the latest episodes shortly after release.

    Its comprehensive library and quick updates make it a favored choice for anime enthusiasts looking for various options.

    Website: gogoanimes.org

    5- KissAnime

    KissAnime-AniCloud Alternatives
    Source: Mashable SEA

    KissAnime has garnered a loyal following due to its extensive library spanning classic and current anime titles. It provides various genres, ensuring there’s something for every taste.

    However, it’s essential to know that KissAnime has faced domain changes and legal challenges. These are potentially affecting its availability. Despite this, its rich collection and simple navigation continue to make it a go-to for anime lovers seeking a diverse range of shows and movies.

    Website: kissanime.com

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    6- AnimeHeaven

    AnimeHeaven-AniCloud Alternatives
    Source: Android TV Tricks

    AnimeHeaven offers a well-organized library that simplifies the search for anime episodes and movies. It caters to a broad audience with subbed and dubbed content options.

    Its user-friendly interface and straightforward navigation menus make it effortless to discover and enjoy a variety of anime genres.

    Website: animeheaven.me

    7- Chia-Anime

    Chia-Anime-AniCloud Alternatives
    Source: in.cdgdbentre

    Chia-Anime stands as a top alternative to Anicloud for anime enthusiasts. It’s renowned for being a premier platform for free anime in Japan, a feat it has achieved since establishing its presence in 2009.

    With an extensive collection of anime series, it offers high-quality videos and global-friendly English subtitles. Notably, Chia-Anime ensures smooth and buffer-free streaming. The pleasant ad-free viewing experience makes it a go-to source for anime lovers worldwide.

    Website: chia-anime.su

    8- AnimeFreak

    AnimeFreak-AniCloud Alternatives
    Source: animefreak.video

    It is a comprehensive platform to discover the latest anime releases. You can stay up to date with episodes, movies, and ongoing comic chapters. The site offers an efficient alphabetical list feature for quicker browsing.
    With an array of genres available, it caters to diverse preferences.

    While ideal for anime lovers, the site does feature a notable amount of ads that might be a minor inconvenience. Despite this, AnimeFreak remains a go-to choice for avid anime viewers.

    Website: animefreak.video

    9- MasterAnime

    MasterAnime-AniCloud Alternatives
    Source: masteranime.tv

    MasterAnime may have little recognition. But it presents a commendable assortment of anime episodes and movies for free streaming. While it might not be as popular as other platforms, its collection ensures a satisfying experience for anime enthusiasts seeking diverse content.

    Whether you’re looking for series or films, MasterAnime allows you to explore and enjoy anime without a subscription.

    Website: masteranime.tv

    10- AnimeLab

    AnimeLab-AniCloud Alternatives
    Source: Google Play

    This platform serves as a dedicated source for anime enthusiasts in Australia and New Zealand. It offers an extensive collection featuring all imaginable anime titles, from hits like My Hero Academia to Demon Slayer.

    Additionally, the platform supports gaming and high-resolution devices seamlessly. Its user-friendly design and simple navigation enhance the overall experience of anime content.

    Website: animenewsnetwork.com

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    11- VRV

    VRV-AniCloud Alternatives
    Source: Google TV Stick

    Experience anime excellence with a blend of HIDIVE and Crunchyroll content on this streaming site. Expect top-tier quality and captivating titles. VPN is needed if you’re outside the U.S.

    You can enjoy a 30-day free trial. A subscription package of $9.99 offers fresh episodes, ad-free joy, and exclusive, unreleased series.

    Website: help.vrv.co

    12- Tubi

    Source: tubitv.com

    TubiTV stands as a top alternative to Anicloud. It offers a variety of goods, which includes anime. TubiTV provides a seamless online platform for users to explore various genres.

    The service is user-friendly, and ad revenue supports its cost-free nature. It boasts compatibility across different devices and offers content of high quality.

    Website: tubitv.com

    13- JustDubs

    Source: justdubs.weebly.com

    JustDubs is a haven for fans of English-dubbed anime. It offers a distinct streaming experience tailored to those who favor dubbed content. It’s a dedicated platform where users can enjoy their favorite anime series and movies in English.

    JustDubs provides an alternative for those who may not prefer subtitles. This specialization ensures a unique and immersive experience for English-speaking anime enthusiasts.

    Website: justdubs.weebly.com

    14- AnimeUltima

    Source: animeultima.su

    AnimeUltima is a versatile platform catering to anime lovers with a wide-ranging collection of episodes and movies. It offers the flexibility to delve into diverse varieties and allows viewers to adjust the resolution to suit their preferences.

    This adaptability makes AnimeUltima an excellent choice for those seeking a customized anime viewing experience.

    Website: animeultima.su

    15- Anime-Planet

    Source: anime-planet.com

    Anime-Planet stands as a top-notch alternative to Anicloud. It offers a rich platform for anime enthusiasts. Its widely recognized and engaging content lets users stream beloved anime shows and series online.

    Beyond streaming, Anime-Planet provides essential show details for your convenience. An appealing feature is its community aspect, enabling users to connect with like-minded individuals and follow those who share similar interests.

    Website: anime-planet.com

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    16- AnimeTake

    Source: animetake.tv

    AnimeTake offers an extensive compilation of anime series and movies for online viewing. Simplifying access categorizes content by variety, popularity, and films, streamlining your search for preferred shows.

    The platform is user-friendly, providing detailed information for each anime title. An efficient “next” button enhances navigation between markers.

    Website: animetake.tv

    17- WatchCartoonOnline

    Source: watchcartoononline.bz

    WatchCartoonOnline provides a diverse collection that spans both cartoons and anime series. This feature makes it a versatile platform for online streaming. This site is excellent for viewers seeking various animated content, from classic cartoons to the latest anime releases.

    Website: watchcartoononline.bz

    18- AnimeDao

    Source: anime8dao.com

    AnimeDao emerges as a vital substitute for Anicloud. It is focusing on creating an online community of anime enthusiasts. It ensures convenient access to a variety of free and up-to-date anime content. AnimeDao offers a seamless experience for users. The organized arrangement of anime titles simplifies the search process.

    Website: anime8dao.com

    19- Funimation

    Source: ScreenBinge

    It stands out as a top-tier alternative to Anicloud for anime enthusiasts. It specializes in English-dubbed content; the platform allows English speakers to enjoy animated shows. Funimation excels in providing the latest updates on currently airing anime shows.

    Website: funimation.com

    20- Hulu

    Source: ScreenNearYou

    Hulu offers a fantastic option for online anime video streaming. With a diverse selection of anime movies, TV shows, and original content, it caters to various preferences. While some content requires payment, Hulu grants a 30-day free trial to explore the offerings. It Allows you to test the service before committing to a plan.

    Website: hulu.com

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    21- Soul- Anime

    Soul- Anime
    Source: Sur.ly

    While Soul-Anime’s interface might appear flashy, it’s a valuable free online anime streaming platform. Despite the visual appeal, it offers an extensive collection of almost every anime imaginable. Soul-Anime stands out as the best site due to its user-friendly design, limited ads, and high-quality content.

    22- MyAnimeList

    Source: MyAnimeList.net

    MyAnimeList is a comprehensive platform that goes beyond streaming. It is a hub for anime enthusiasts to create watchlists, track their progress, and engage with a vibrant community. Users can rate, review, and discuss anime, enhancing the experience through social interaction.

    Website: myanimelist.net

    23- CartoonCrazy

    Source: Video Converter Factory

    CartoonCrazy is a versatile platform that caters to both cartoon and anime fans. It offers a diverse range of streaming options for animated content. CartoonCrazy provides an array of choices, whether you’re seeking classic cartoons or the latest anime series.

    Website: cartooncrazy.uno


    The world of anime streaming has many options, and these Anicloud alternatives offer a treasure trove of choices for anime enthusiasts. Whether you prefer dubbed or subbed, classic or contemporary, these platforms provide a gateway to captivating stories, vibrant characters, and imaginative worlds.

    There’s something for everyone, from established giants like Crunchyroll and Funimation to hidden gems like AnimeDao and Anime-Planet. So, get on your anime journey, explore these alternatives, and discover the magic of this beloved art form.

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