The AZ-103 test has been revised and replaced with the AZ-104 exam. It will enhance your ability as an Azure Administrator after taking the AZ-104 training course. Here’s all you need to know about AZ-104 exam preparation.

    Exam’s intended audience

    Identifying the exam’s target audience is the next crucial consideration in AZ-104 exam preparation. Verifying that they fall within the exam’s target audience is vital for candidates. Candidates with at least six months of practical experience managing Azure workloads and attempting to get a Microsoft Azure certification should consider taking the AZ-104 exam. Applicants must thoroughly understand the core Azure services, workloads, security, and governance for the AZ-104 exam.

    An Azure Administrator must make service recommendations to achieve the best scalability and performance. Azure Administrators are also responsible for setting up, overseeing, and managing the cloud infrastructure and all its constituent parts.

    Additionally, Azure Administrators are responsible for provisioning, sizing, monitoring, and adjusting resources by infrastructure needs. You can begin preparing for the AZ-104 exam with the help of various AZ-104 training courses if you can complete all of these tasks.

    Criteria for the Exam

    Exam prerequisites must be checked after determining that AZ-104 is the best certification exam for your professional goals. The AZ-104 study guide significantly expands on the exam prerequisites. The following prerequisites are optional to fulfill to take the AZ-104 exam. Candidates should be aware of this. In contrast, having met these knowledge and experience criteria offers candidates an extra advantage in passing the test.

    • Six months minimum of practical Azure administration experience
    • Thorough knowledge of the key Azure Services.
    • Fluency with governance, security, and Azure workloads.
    • Knowledge of PowerShell, the Command Line Interface, ARM templates, and the Azure Portal.
    • Knowledge of operating systems, storage architectures, virtualization, cloud infrastructure, and networking.

    Your ability to pass the AZ-104 test will be significantly enhanced by having knowledge and expertise in these areas.

    Why take the AZ- 104 test?

    These exams confirm your Azure expertise and are a fantastic addition to your CV, regardless of whether it is a requirement from an employer or you want to prove your abilities. Ops engineers are highly sought-after in the cloud, and this certification will help you get started in your career with Azure.

    Exam Preparation

    • Review the Microsoft Skills Outline: Start here as you prepare for the exam. Microsoft breaks down subjects and gives the test weight (% of questions) using the blueprint so you can determine how much to prepare for each part. As an example, it will advise you to Implement Backup and Recovery, NOT SQL or HANA.
    •  Invest in an online course for AZ-104 training to help you learn the material on the exam. Instructors will lead you through the Microsoft AZ-104 Certification Course objectives and demonstrate using the portal and PowerShell expertise you will need to take and pass the test. To follow along, create your Azure setup and be hands-on.
    • Set up your subscription to become familiar with the Azure services covered in the test. Look at the free Azure Trial Account Creation sample to assist you with setup.
    • Download the FREE PowerShell Reference Guide to review the commands in PowerShell. Microsoft doesn’t assign a different grade if you finish the exam using the GUI or PowerShell as long as you do it correctly. It is a good idea to become familiar with PowerShell commands because sometimes a command line option is the only option available to address a problem.
    • Utilize Microsoft Documentation to learn more specifics. To help you prepare for the exam, we’ve put together some helpful Study Guides that list the most useful links. We are aware that everyone learns uniquely. Some people need to read more after the course, and Microsoft makes it simple to do so through its online documentation.
    • Perform practice exams. AZ-104 training should include practice questions based on previous exams and student input.
    • Question your peers! Numerous thousands of like-minded people are preparing for the AZ-104 test. View the Azure Study Group, and feel free to join, publish, and view the activities of your fellow Azure students.

    Are You Prepared to Pass the AZ-104 Exam?

    A Microsoft Azure certification verifies your proficiency in the cloud and shows that you are qualified for a certain position. You may increase your earning potential and maintain an advantage over your peers with its assistance.

    Additionally, you must watch your food and overall health while preparing. Participating in online AZ-104 training, study groups, and discussion forums can help you gain an outside perspective on your preparations.

    Start with your AZ-104 exam preparation with the AZ-104 training course to lay the groundwork for your bright future career.


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