Bathroom Furniture Care Guide

    Want your bathroom furniture to last long and look like new for years to come? It is only possible when you care for your bathroom cabinet. Our blog will give you some valuable tips and suggestions for it.

    It goes without saying that you should clean your bathroom cabinet, vanity unit or WC unit. But the way you clean it and the products you use have a big impact on how long they will last. If You want bathroom furniture to look new for a long, then stay away from detergents and cleaning chemicals.

    Why Caring for Bathroom Furniture is Important?

    Looking after your bathroom cabinets will bring you several benefits.

    Aesthetics: The purpose of bathroom furniture is not to provide storage only but to enhance overall looks too. If you do not look after it properly, then its appearance will not be preserved. You can keep vanity units looking like new, which will enhance the overall feel and look of the bathroom too. So, it is a way to ensure it looks good and functions properly.

    Long Life and Durability. It is no secret that well-looked-after bathroom furniture will last longer. If you follow a regular cleaning regime, then it will prevent wear and tear while preventing any damage too. Therefore, it can be an easy way to enhance the life span of your cabinets.

    Hygiene: Another reason why cleaning bathroom cabinets is important is hygiene. A regular maintenance routine will prevent mold and mildew from damaging the vanity unit. In addition to that, the spread of germs promotes good hygiene.

    Safety. A bathroom cabinet, vanity unit, or WC unit not cared for can be a safety risk. A classic example of it can be a loose shelf that can fall and cause injury.
    So, caring for bathroom furniture is important for the longevity, appearance, and hygiene of your bathroom, as well as for the safety of those who use it.

    Cleaning and Maintaining Your Bathroom Furniture

    Here are a few tips that you can follow for cleaning and maintaining your bathroom furniture.

    Use Appropriate Cleaning Products

    One of the most important things that should be in your mind while looking after your furniture is to use appropriate cleaning products.

    Many people make a mistake while using anything available cleaner for their bathroom furniture or choose one made with harsh chemicals.

    As a result, not only do bathroom cabinets start losing their original color, but they are also prone to more damage.

    Avoid Harsh Chemicals

    Avoid Harsh Chemicals-How to Care for Bathroom Furniture

    Markets in the UK are flooded with various types of chemical-based cleaning products. However, these chemicals may quickly make the surface look clean but will be damaging over time.

    What you can use is make your own organic cleaner. A simple mix of vinegar, baking soda, and lemon mixed in water can be enough to clean the cabinet surface.You may add a bit of an oil-based cleaning liquid for the sink unit on the top of the vanity while using the mixture.

    Use Soft Clothes

    Use Soft clothes-How to Care for Bathroom Furniture

    You may not realize that the choice of cleaning cloth can impact the surface of your vanity sink unit. If you choose the wrong piece of cloth, then it may create a minor scratch on the glossy surface that may look very bad.

    Prevent Water Damage

    Looking after your bathroom furniture is not only limited to cleaning but also involves preventing it from humidity, which is the biggest cause of mold and mildew resulting in damage.

    So, technically, depending on the vanity unit material, you should prevent direct exposure to water and humidity. One way is to reduce humidity in the bathroom is to use an exhaust or extractor fan. So, turn your exhaust fan on every time you are done with the shower. It will prevent your bathroom furniture.

    Place Vanity Units at Appropriate Positions

    Though most bathroom vanity units are made with moisture-resistant materials, you will still need to make sure that humidity levels are reduced as much as possible.

    And in order to prevent exposure to water or water splashes, the bathroom cabinets should be placed in an appropriate place.

    Prevent Scratches and Marks

    You will also need to prevent scratches and marks on the bathroom furniture surface. It will require you to be careful while moving the vanity units.

    Not to place any liquid inside or o top of the surface. In case you have something spilled over, immediately clean the surface to prevent damage. How much liquid can harm your furniture surface depend on its type.

    Final Thoughts

    Bathroom furniture comes in various materials. The damage it may get from the humidity, or direct water exposure varies depending on that.

    The way you should look after your vanity units does not differ significantly. It is important to be careful while cleaning and not to use harsh chemicals, take measures to prevent water damage, and make sure it is kept safe place.


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