Elden Ring, the fantasy action RPG from FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment, is a game that combines the challenging combat and rich lore of the Dark Souls series with the open-world exploration and dynamic events of a living world. In Elden Ring, you assume the role of a Tarnished, a once-noble and now-fallen warrior who seeks to reclaim the sovereignty and majesty of the enigmatic and mystifying Elden Ring.

    It is a cryptic, occult artifact that was shattered into pieces by the demigods of the illustrious Queen Marika the Eternal. Along your epic, awe-inspiring odyssey, you will confront and engage with a vast, diverse array of formidable foes, mysterious allies, arcane secrets, and indescribable wonders, all of which are situated within the sprawling, labyrinthine terrain of a rich and bountiful world.

    What is Dragon Incantation in Elden Ring?

    What is Dragon Incantation in Elden Ring?
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    The elusive Elden Ring proffers a remarkable and awe-inspiring feature that unequivocally sets it apart from other games in its genre: the spellbinding ability to harness dragon incantations. These potent spells instill in the wielder the ability to channel dragons’ extraordinary power and even transform them into one.

    We can segregate Dragon incantations into two distinct types: Dragon Communion and Dragon Cult. The former draws upon both Faith and arcane principles, enabling the caster to emit a scorching inferno, glacial frost, venomous poison, or mystical magic from their very own oral cavity.

    The latter, predicated solely upon faith principles, enables the caster to unleash blazing lightning spears or electrifying bolts from their hands. You can procure both types of incantations through various means, such as vanquishing dragon bosses, unearthing archaic tomes, or obtaining them from specific non-playable characters.

    Types of Dragon Incantations

    As previously stated, within the vast world of Elden Ring, two distinct types of dragon incantations exist, each rooted in the primal power of dragons yet requiring different prerequisites and resulting in unique effects. The Dragon Cult Incantations center around lightning-based attacks and necessitate the utilization of Faith to cast.

    You can acquire these rare incantations from select NPCs, such as Brother Corhyn and Miriel, Pastor of Vows. However, the learning process is not so straightforward, as unlocking certain incantations necessitates procuring two specific tomes: the Ancient Dragon Prayerbook and the Dragon Cult Prayerbook.

    While not an easy task, once acquired, you can further amplify these incantations by utilizing Runes as currency and supplementing them with the Gravel Stone Seal, Lightning Scorpion Charm, or Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear. On the other hand, the Dragon Communion Incantations rely on both Faith and Arcane, as well as the use of breath attacks. These spells are attainable from designated altars scattered throughout the game’s vast terrain, with the acquisition process differing significantly from that of the Dragon Cult Incantations.

    Rather than relying on Runes as currency, the Dragon Hearts serve as the primary means of acquisition. Additionally, some incantations remain locked until certain dragons have been defeated within the Land Betweens. You can further enhance these spells by utilizing the Dragon Communion Seal. To provide a concise summary of each type of dragon magic, refer to the table below, which outlines their individual advantages and disadvantages:

    Dragon Cult IncantationsDragon Communion Incantations
    Based on lightning-based attacks Requires Faith to cast Can be purchased from NPCs The Ancient Dragon Prayerbook and Dragon Cult Prayerbook must be obtained to unlock certain spells. Runes serve as the primary currency Can be amplified by using Gravel Stone Seal, Lightning Scorpion Charm, or Lightning-Shrouding Cracked TearCentered around breath attacks Requires Faith and Arcane to cast Acquired from designated altars Some spells remain locked until certain dragons have been defeated Dragon Hearts serve as the primary currency Can be amplified by using the Dragon Communion Seal

    Today, we will talk about the best dragon incantation Elden Ring (12 of them) for different situations and playstyles. We will also provide details on how to obtain them, what they do, and how many Faith and Arcane you need to cast them. We will also include screenshots or videos of the incantations in action.

    Whether you prefer to burn your enemies with Agheel’s Flame, freeze them with Borealis’s Mist, pierce them with Fortissax’s Lightning Spear, or obliterate them with Placidusax’s Ruin, you will find something that suits your style in this blog. So. without further ado, let’s dive into the world of dragon incantations!

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    Best Dragon Incantation Elden Ring – Our Top 12 Incantations

    1- Theodorix’s Magma – Dragon Communion Incantation

    Theodorix's Magma – Dragon Communion Incantation
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    The assemblage of an unforgettable character built within Elden Ring is no small feat, requiring the meticulous selection of gear, spells, and abilities to achieve the desired outcome. In this regard, Theodrix’s Magma is a potent tool to consider for those seeking to maximize their Damage Output at the cost of FP and Stamina.

    This Dragon Communion Incantation is renowned for its prolonged duration and ongoing damage, unleashing torrents of molten magma upon an enemy or boss. While the attack pattern may appear familiar to that of other incantations such as Dragonmaw, it distinguishes itself through its superior potency, inflicting a long-lasting injury upon enemies that drains their health dramatically.

    Furthermore, this spell is notable for its remarkable AoE, a feature that has proven exceptionally useful in PvP engagements. Players must possess 21 Faith and 14 Arcane to cast the spell to unlock the fiery potential of this medieval-themed Incantation. It is also essential to note that Theodrix’s Magma is a considerable drain on FP, with a consumption rate of up to 45 FP, a factor that makes it more suited for experienced players capable of executing flawless incantations. Failure to achieve this outcome could result in the dissipation of valuable FP, impeding gameplay progression.

    Venturing forth, we turn our attention toward Theodrix’s Magma, the initial foray into the realm of Dragon Communion Incantations that mandates the procurement of not one, but two Dragon Hearts. Completing this daunting feat is incumbent upon the player’s ability to overpower the Great Wyrm Theodrix. This formidable entity represents a half-breed fusion of dragon and wyrm. The location of this enigmatic boss is within the Consecrated Snowfield, situated proximally to the Cave of Forlorn.

    Prior to engaging in this endeavor, it may behoove you to activate the site of grace, thereby creating a respawn point. Subsequently, you must navigate the Grand Lift of Rold, which demands the presentation of not one, but two Haligtree Medallions. Upon successfully overcoming the Great Wyrm Theodrix, you will handsomely be rewarded with not one, not two, but a bounty of three Dragon Hearts. By utilizing two of these hearts mentioned above at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion Altar, you will get access to the coveted Theodrix’s Magma Incantation, a powerful tool in the arsenal of any seasoned adventurer.

    2- Agheel’s Flame – Dragon Communion Incantation

    Agheel's Flame - Dragon Communion Incantation
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    Let us delve into the realm of Agheel’s Flame, where we shift our focus toward the breathing Incantations for Dragon Communion. The sheer excitement of spewing forth flames to ignite the battlefield is a spectacle to behold, as it relentlessly deals out continuous damage, all while exuding an air of pure badassery. As your character channels the might of the Fire Dragon, it transforms into a colossal Dragon head, unleashing a devastating array of flames that ravages everything in its path. Undoubtedly, this fire-based assault is a force to be reckoned with, bringing an abrupt and decisive end to all manner of enemies.

    In comparison to its counterpart, DragonFire, many players are quick to draw comparisons, as both share similarities in terms of their offensive capabilities. However, it has been extensively proven that Agheel’s Flame yields significantly higher Damage Output and can be cast even while airborne, lending a new dimension of strategic flexibility to one’s playstyle.

    Additionally, you need not fret about the range of the spell, as Agheel’s Flame is capable of incinerating adversaries to a crisp while maintaining a safe distance. Such is the ferocity of this spell that foes are left with no recourse but to wilt under its unrelenting onslaught. It is without a shadow of a doubt that Agheel’s Flame encapsulates the pinnacle of pyroclastic magnificence in Elden Ring. The spell is an absolute must-have in any spellcaster’s arsenal, promising the destruction of all who dare cross your path. As it stands, this best dragon incantation Elden Ring necessitates a significant expenditure of 36 FP.

    Furthermore, due to its status as a Dragon Communion Incantation, it is indispensable that you possess a confluence of both Faith and Arcane values, amounting to 23 and 15, respectively. While arduous, the procurement of Agheel’s Flame is an undertaking not bereft of its rewards. The initial forays in the quest toward acquiring this incantation demand player to confront the Flying Dragon Agheel in the perilous environs of Limgrave. To spawn the optional boss, you must venture to the Dragon-Burnt Ruins. You will be reimbursed with a Dragon Heart after successfully subduing the boss.

    However, attaining Agheel’s Flame requires a trade-in of two Dragon Hearts. In order to facilitate this transaction, you must first defeat another dragon situated anywhere within the game world. Following this, you must subsequently venture to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Caelid and engage with the Altar. Only by parting with two Dragon Hearts can you avail yourselves of the coveted Agheel’s Flame Incantation, the potency of which is sure to prove invaluable in your further endeavors.

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    3- Dragonbolt Blessing – Dragon Cult Incantation

    Dragonbolt Blessing - Dragon Cult Incantation
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    A particularly noteworthy defensive dragon incantation, Dragonbolt Blessing, is obtainable at the illustrious Stormcaller Church. This mysterious treasure lies in a chest nestled against a wall within the confines of the church, whose coordinates are located in the Altus Plateau region. The church in question, positioned close to the region’s epicenter, on a raised plane located to the east of the Highway Junction, is known to be fiercely guarded by a host of Leyndell Knights and Foot Soldiers.

    The Dragonbolt Blessing spell, when invoked, calls forth a surge of lightning, which envelops the caster’s physique, empowering them with increased resistance to a plethora of ailments, such as Immunity, Robustness, Focus, and Vitality, to the tune of 30 units. In addition to this, the Incantation also enhances the caster’s ability to deflect enemy assaults. However, it comes with the caveat of simultaneously reducing lightning damage negation by a staggering 35 percent. Its effects are sustained for a commendable duration of 70 seconds and require 20 units of stamina.

    To access this awe-inspiring Incantation, you must have attained a minimum of 21 Faith and 0 Arcane. It incurs a cost of 20 units of FP and necessitates the utilization of one memory slot. It is worth noting that Dragonbolt Blessing is one of the excellent spells of the ancient dragon cult, which held dragons in high regard and, as a result, is accessible solely to those who have earned the reverence of dragons and possess the mettle to withstand the electrifying ordeal of cladding their bodies in lightning.

    4- Electrify Armament – Dragon Cult Incantation

    Electrify Armament - Dragon Cult Incantation
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    The best dragon incantation Elden Ring that reigns supreme is none other than Electrify Armament, enabling the wielder to unleash a flurry of lightning-based attacks with naught but the Faith stat as a requisite. However, mastery of the Dexterity attribute is paramount in maximizing the inflicted Lightning damage upon one’s enemies. Nevertheless, this compendium shall solely concentrate on the Faith stat, ensuring that players can effortlessly secure and wield the most exceptional Dragon Incantations that Elden Ring has to offer. Of these aforementioned preeminent Incantations, Electrify Armament reigns as a prime contender, imbuing the user with the archaic might of ancient powers.

    In the throes of the Incantation, you will be bestowed with an electrically charged buff, elevating your right-hand weapons to unparalleled heights of devastation. With this augmentation, you should be able to unleash both Physical and Lightning damage upon your hapless foes, cementing your place as an apex predator amidst the Land Betweens. For novices in the realm of Elden Ring, it is paramount that they consider the Electrify Armament as a critical tool to navigate through the initial stages of the game, as many of the earlier adversaries are susceptible to being overpowered through lightning-based attacks. Like other Dragon Communion Incantations, Electrify Armament has its own prerequisites that you must fulfill before reaping its benefits.

    Firstly, your character must possess a minimum of 15 Faith, which acts as the gateway for unlocking the potential of this Incantation. Additionally, casting this Incantation will require 27 FP, which is reasonable for an entry-level enchantment. What sets this best dragon incantation Elden Ring apart from others is its versatility in being applicable to any weapon. Whereas the game’s mechanics restricts other spells and incantations, Electrify Armament permits you to indulge in your preferred playstyle while simultaneously doubling your Damage Output with the Dragon Cult Incantation.

    Indeed a magnificent tool for those seeking a customizable and adaptable combat experience. Obtaining the highly coveted Electrify Armament, or indeed any of the Dragon Cult Incantations is a task of no mean feat. Unlike the relatively straightforward process of trading Dragon Hearts at certain altars or slaying dragons, acquiring the Electrify Armament is complicated and replete with twists and turns. Nevertheless, an unwavering commitment to pursuing this arcane knowledge, coupled with a steely determination to persevere, will undoubtedly yield results.

    Firstly, the intrepid seeker of the Electrify Armament must embark upon a journey to the southern region of Liurnia of the Lakes, a veritable haven for the artistically inclined. Here, nestled amidst the idyllic landscape, lies the Artist Shack, a place of serenity and respite. However, do not be lulled into a false sense of security, for danger lurks around every corner. Here, you will encounter a Knight, a formidable adversary who patrols the area with a watchful eye. But do not despair, for the defeat of this Knight will yield a special reward in the form of a Dragon Cult Prayerbook.

    This priceless commodity serves as a gateway to the Electrify Armament Incantation. Thus, with tenacity and skill, you may overcome these challenges and claim the ancient powers that lie within the Electrify Armament, a potent weapon in the ongoing struggle against the forces of darkness. Upon acquiring the Dragon Cult Prayerbook, the process of actualizing its magical potential is remarkably straightforward. You need to take a leisurely stroll to the Roundtable Hold and confer the book upon the esteemed Brother Corhyrn. However, in the event that you have made significant progress in the game, culminating in the defeat of the Fire Giant, Brother Corhyrn’s whereabouts may prove somewhat elusive.

    As an alternative avenue, you can traverse to the Liurnia of Lakes, specifically to the Church of Vows, and engage with a most amiable and agreeable NPC, affectionately referred to as the Turtle. This Turtle NPC, none other than the indomitable Miriel, Pastor of Vows, will engage in barter of sorts, trading the coveted Prayerbook in exchange for the invaluable opportunity to learn the sacred Incantations.

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    5- Dragonclaw – Dragon Communion Incantation

    Dragonclaw – Dragon Communion Incantation
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    Incorporating the intricate mechanics of Elden Ring’s dragon incantations, Drago claw, akin to its peer Dragonmaw, is an indispensable component of the game’s most superior dragon enchantments. As a Dragon Communion Incantation, it delivers an explosive breath and elemental attack capable of eviscerating even the most resilient adversaries. As its moniker implies, Drago claw’s potency lies in its summoning of a colossal dragon claw that unleashes a flurry of savage attacks upon the enemy located in front of the player.

    This Incantation is a must-have for players committed to developing either Faith or Arcane builds, mainly when quick action and survival are paramount. As the battle intensifies, the need for a forceful and vicious attack becomes even more pressing, and Drago claw provides precisely that. Its capacity to inflict Physical Damage by piercing through any type of enemy is a vital tool you can leverage to cripple your opponents and shift the tide of battle in your favor. One of the most remarkable attributes of this best dragon incantation Elden Ring is its cost-effectiveness with regard to both requirements and accessibility.

    To utilize the Dragonclaw variant of this enchantment, characters must invest a mere 32 FP, alongside 17 Faith and 13 Arcane in their respective stats. Such modest prerequisites ensure that the Drago claw can be seamlessly integrated into any type of build, thereby rendering it an enticing prospect for players of diverse preferences. As with all Dragon Communion Incantations, acquiring the Drago claw demands the expenditure of a single Dragon Heart. The acquisition process is facilitated through trading the aforementioned Dragon Heart at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion’s Altar.

    6- Glintstone Breath – Dragon Communion Incantation

    Glintstone Breath – Dragon Communion Incantation
    source: gamescreed.com

    After channeling Frostbite and Fire, players may eventually succumb to boredom due to the repetitive nature of these elemental affinities. However, with Glintstone Breath, players can satiate their desire for a visually stunning display of magical breath while simultaneously dealing colossal magical damage. Indeed, this enchantment is a top contender for inclusion in any mage builds, provided your character satisfies the requisite conditions. To unleash the power of Glintstone Breath, characters must possess a Faith stat of 15 and an Arcane stat of 12, in addition to expending 28 FP.

    Notably, this Incantation occupies a solitary memory slot, allowing for more versatile spellcasting. As one of the incantations of Dragon Communion, which taps into the mystical energy of dragons, only the dragon-hearted possess the aptitude to wield its potency. To procure Glintstone Breath, you must venture forth and slay one of the dragons that roam the Lands Between, thereby earning the Dragon Heart required to trade for this magical Incantation at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion’s Altar.

    7- Borealis’s Mist – Dragon Communion Incantation

    Borealis's Mist -  Communion Incantation
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    As the best dragon incantation Elden Ring, Borealis’ Mist is a noteworthy exemplar emanating from one of the most exhilarating dragon battles within the game. You can locate Borealis, the frost dragon, in the Frozen Wastes. Upon consuming its heart, you are gifted with this Incantation that creates an opaque mist around you, rendering your foes immobilized and weakening their stamina recovery. It renders Borealis’ Mist a formidable tool for crowd control and is particularly productive when dealing with swift adversaries.

    Borealis’ Mist demands you possess 23 Faith and 15 Arcane to execute, alongside a staggering stamina cost of 60, thereby mandating judicious utilization of the spell to optimize its effectiveness. While many might draw parallels between the Dragonice Incantation and Borealis’ Mist due to their shared ability to emit icy breath, the latter is undoubtedly superior and can deal 18% more damage than the former.

    To acquire Borealis’ Mist, you must embark on a perilous journey to the Mountaintops of the Giants, where the Freezing Lake resides. In this frozen domain, you will face off against Borealis, the Freezing Fog boss. Victorious warriors will receive 100,000 Runes and a coveted Dragon Heart as a reward for their triumph. With the acquisition of the Dragon Heart, Borealis’ Mist is unlocked at the Catherdral of Dragon Communion, and you can procure it for two Dragon Hearts.

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    8- Ekzykes’s Decay – Dragon Communion Incantation

    Ekzykes’s Decay -  Communion Incantation
    source: ggtalks.com

    Few can match the sheer power of Ekzykes’s Decay among the pantheon of dragon incantations in Elden Ring. This enchantment represents the very essence of lethality, capable of demolishing your targets with utmost expedience. Upon invocation, Ekzykes’s Decay summons a dragon that unleashes a putrid breath, not only dealing consequential damage to the target but also afflicting them with the notorious Scarlet Rot. Such afflictions could prove fatal, considering the speed at which this best dragon incantation Elden Ring can decimate a significant portion of the target’s health pool.

    The sheer versatility of Ekzykes’s Decay, which can be executed mid-air, adds a further layer of appeal to its already impressive arsenal of capabilities. Alas, caution must be exercised when employing this airborne spell, as it provides no safeguard against fall damage. You must be mindful of the dangers inherent in jumping from great heights, as the application of Ekzykes’s Decay could lead to harm rather than the desired effect. In order to unlock the enthralling capabilities of the Ekzykes’ Decay Dragon Incantation, you must possess 23 Faith and 15 Arcane in your respective stats while also factoring in the Stamina cost of 60.

    Interestingly, this particular enchantment shares some similarities with the Rotten Breath Incantation, as both allow for the emission of putrid breaths. However, when juxtaposed with its counterpart, Ekzykes’s Decay distinguishes itself by virtue of inflicting 30% more damage, in addition to boasting a significantly greater range. To procure this coveted Incantation, you must first conquer Decaying Ekzykes, who can be found lurking in Caelid.

    The rewards for triumphing over this fearsome Dragon include 38,000 Runes and a Dragon Heart. With these in hand, you can then journey to the hallowed confines of the Cathedral of Dragon Communion, where you can exchange two Dragon Hearts for the privilege of possessing Ekzykes’s Decay.

    9- Fortissax’s Lightning Spear – Dragon Cult Incantation

    Fortissax’s Lightning Spear – Cult Incantation
    source: ign.com

    On our carefully curated list of the best Dragon Incantations in Elden Ring, the illustrious Fortissax’s Lightning Spear is one of the top entries. True to its name, this Incantation specializes in generating bolts of lightning that violently strike the ground, summoning two crimson spears that ravage all those in their path with a destructive shockwave. Prior to patch 1.04, this particular Dragon Incantation was widely regarded as impractical, owing to a litany of factors. However, following the aforementioned patch, its casting speed and recovery animation were notably ameliorated, thus endowing it with newfound relevance and popularity among players.

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    Indeed, this best dragon Incantation Elden Ring is especially efficacious when confronted with the prospect of being besieged by multiple adversaries, thus positioning it as a strategic asset in one’s arsenal of incantations. In order to unleash the unlimited potential of the Fortissax’s Lightning Spear, you must cultivate a prodigious 46 Faith. It is compounded by a rather daunting Stamina cost of 52, necessitating a modicum of strategic insight on the player’s part.

    It is crucial to remember that the lightning spears wielded through this enchantment are imbued with an intrinsic mechanic that heightens damage to enemies in close proximity to the player while dampening the efficacy of the spear against more distant foes. You should therefore endeavor to aim for primary targets with the spear, allowing the attendant shockwaves to dispatch any residual enemies in the vicinity. Acquiring Fortissax’s Lightning Spear is a challenging endeavor that demands the utmost diligence and fortitude. To this end, defeating the dreaded Lichdragon Fortissax is a prerequisite. To initiate this grueling confrontation, you must first present Fia with the Cursemark of Death upon her arrival at the Price of Death’s Throne.

    It will grant you access to the Deathbed Dream, where the Lichdragon Fortissax awaits. Emerging victorious in this confrontation will yield a lucrative reward of 90,000 Runes, alongside the highly coveted Remembrance of the Lichdragon. You can subsequently exchange this valuable artifact with Enia at the Roundtable Hold for the Fortissax’s Lightning Spear, empowering yourself with unparalleled offensive capabilities.

    10- Greyroll’s Roar – Dragon Communion Incantation

    Greyroll’s Roar - Dragon Communion Incantation
    source: gamespot.com

    This best dragon incantation Elden Ring has the capacity to induce pandemonium amidst one’s adversaries. Acquiring this necessitates the slaying of a dormant dragon, thereby rendering it an elusive prospect for many players. The Greyroll’s Roar offers a mighty shout that not only reduces the attack power and defense of all nearby enemies but also bestows upon the caster a 10% increase in their own attack power.

    In conjunction, enemy attacks suffer a reduction in damage output by a substantial 20%. It is imperative to note that the effects of this best dragon incantation Elden Ring are transitory in nature, lasting for a meager 60 seconds. As such, you must be expeditious in your endeavors to dispatch your enemies. However, the Greyroll’s Roar casting time can be considerably lengthy, rendering it a less-than-ideal prospect against agile opponents.

    If you desire to wield this spell, you must possess a minimum of 28 Faith and 17 Arcane, alongside a Stamina cost of 72. In order to obtain the illustrious Greyroll’s Roar Incantation, you must embark on a dangerous expedition to the enchanting realm of Forth Faroth, wherein a dormant Dragon lies in a state of repose. Despite the potential for provocation, the Dragon remains impervious to any hostile actions taken against it, allowing for relatively facile destruction of the creature.

    Upon completing this arduous task, the Dragon will relinquish a bountiful cache of treasures comprising 50,000 Runes and 5 Dragon Hearts, thus providing ample rewards for the intrepid adventurer. Furthermore, slaying the Dragon will also unlock the Greyroll’s Roar Incantation at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion, which you can obtain through the expenditure of 3 Dragon Hearts. It will enhance your arsenal of mystical abilities to unparalleled levels of potency.

    11- Dragonmaw – Dragon Communion Incantation

    Dragonmaw - Dragon Communion Incantation
    source: youtube.com

    The most awe-inspiring contender on the list of preeminent dragon incantations in Elden Ring is none other than the Dragonmaw. This truly fearsome ability enables your character to transform into a colossal dragon head and proceed to bite the enemies ferociously. This potent attack possesses the capability of sapping a significant amount of HP from even the most formidable bosses.

    However, the advantages of the Dragonmaw extend far beyond its raw power, for it is also an exquisitely stylish maneuver that is bound to leave your opponents trembling with terror. By incorporating this Incantation into your character’s repertoire, you can relish the opportunity to engage in visceral displays of bloodthirsty mastication, devouring your enemies like a ravenous beast. Of course, the Dragonmaw’s formidable capabilities do not come without a cost, for unleashing this best dragon incantation Elden Ring demands at least 24 Faith and 16 Arcane, necessitating a measure of preparation and investment on your part.

    In contrast, this Dragon Communion Incantation necessitates a substantially larger FP consumption of 46, which, at first glance, might seem extravagant. However, the substantial damage output that can dispatch adversaries in as few as two hits renders this investment undoubtedly worthwhile. Besides the requisite stats, Dragonmaw possesses a solitary disadvantage that may prove problematic for some players. Specifically, the casting time for Dragonmaw is relatively sluggish, which renders it vulnerable to speedy foes that may evade or interrupt the attack.

    To circumvent this issue, you must rely on your predictive instincts or meticulously plan your Incantation deployment to maximize its impact. Fortunately, acquiring Dragonmaw merely demands the expenditure of a single Dragon Heart, which you can obtain from various sources throughout the game world. Nevertheless, you must be vigilant and trade this Dragon Heart solely at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion to gain access to the singular and invaluable Dragonmaw Incantation.

    12- Death Lightning – Dragon Cult Incantation

    Death Lightning - Cult Incantation
    source: .ign.com

    Within the realm of Dragon Cult Incantations, Death Lightning stands out as an intimidating force, dwarfing its contemporaries with its astonishing statistics. This particular enchantment summons forth an unrelenting barrage of lightning attacks, aptly earning its name through its merciless onslaught that systematically drains the HP of foes unfortunate enough to be caught within its wide-ranging assault.

    However, the power of Death Lightning extends beyond its mere capacity to deal damage. Its very presence on the battlefield is a sight to behold, evoking the raw strength and majesty of the ancient Dragons that once roamed the Land Betweens. As a testament to its power, Death Lightning covers an expansive area, ensuring that even the most agile and evasive adversaries are caught within its formidable grasp.

    Perhaps even more insidious than its initial onslaught is Death Lightning’s capability to instill Death Blight buildup in its targets, opening the door for a flurry of continuous and devastating Lightning attacks that may ultimately result in an abrupt and vicious end to a foe’s existence. In spite of its potency, the Death Lightning Incantation boasts some of the most onerous stats requirements in the game. Any player seeking to wield this formidable enchantment must devote no less than 47 units to the Faith attribute.

    In addition, the Death Lightning Incantation is rather costly in terms of FP, consuming a staggering 32 units on each casting attempt, a figure that doubles with each successive attempt. However, this arduous investment is undoubtedly worth the damage inflicted, as well as the strategic advantages conferred during battles.

    The acquisition of the Death Lightning Dragon Cult Incantation poses yet another significant obstacle. Given that this best dragon incantation Elden Ring is primarily available toward the latter stages of the game, you must exercise caution to avoid spoilers pertaining to the storyline. Procuring this Incantation is contingent upon triggering one of the game’s numerous hidden endings, adding another layer of intricacy to the already challenging gameplay.

    In the event that you embark on the pursuit of Fia’s questline, a multitude of rewards await you, not the least of which includes access to the elusive northern sector of the Deeproot Depths. Avoiding the disclosure of any critical spoilers, it is noteworthy that traversing the challenging obstacles presented by Fia’s questline ultimately leads to an epic showdown with the challenging Lichdragon Fortissax.

    Subduing this ancient dragon is a feat that is not to be taken lightly, as it is sure to assay the mettle of even the most seasoned adventurers. However, those who emerge victorious from the clutches of this formidable foe shall be rewarded with a Remembrance of the Lichdragon. You can exchange this valuable commodity for the coveted Death Lightning Incantation. You can accomplish it by returning to the Roundtable Hold and engaging with the merchant extraordinaire, Enia, whose trade acumen and expertise are unparalleled in the realm of Elden Ring.


    The pantheon of Best Dragon Incantation Elden Ring is as vast as it is diverse. While numerous alternatives abound, a select few stand out as the undisputed champions in terms of efficacy and potency. These incantations boast an array of unique attributes, ranging from unparalleled offensive capabilities to superior utility in specific scenarios.

    As such, it is imperative to exercise prudence and discernment when selecting the incantations you wish to wield, taking into account the individualized demands of your respective character builds. In preparation for the monumental battles with Dragons that lie ahead, we recommend you furnish yourself with the Mimic Summon Spirit Ash and don the finest armors available.

    These measures will undoubtedly prove instrumental in facilitating success in the daunting trials that await. Ultimately, the selection of the Best Dragon Incantation Elden Ring depends heavily on each player’s personalized needs and preferences. A meticulous evaluation of the associated advantages and drawbacks, in conjunction with the ease of access to the Incantation in question, is essential for achieving optimal gameplay satisfaction.

    We trust that this discourse has provided valuable insights into the enchanting realm of Elden Ring and its legion of dragon incantations. Should you have any inquiries or comments, we invite you to share them below. Your feedback and experiences are greatly appreciated, and we wish you the utmost success in your gaming endeavors.

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