Just like every other clothing article or accessory, hats will not look the same on every man, nor will they fit every man the same way. As beautiful as a flat cap may look on one man, there is no assurance that it will look exactly beautiful on you as a man or on any other man. There’s a right big hat for every shape of a face.

    However, the first step to getting the perfect hat is knowing the kind of face shape you have. The next step is accounting for your face shape and knowing the kinds of hats that will emphasize your best features and perfectly suit you. As you continue to read this article, you will learn about hats that can flatter the shape of every face.

    6 Best Men’s Hats for Every Face Shape

    Oval Shape

    An oval face shape is commonly regarded as the most blessed because of its proportionality. Therefore, consider yourself a lucky person if you have an oval-shaped face, as practically any hat will suit your face perfectly. If you have an oval-shaped face, then your forehead is a little bit wider than your chin, and you have your jaw narrower than your cheekbones.

    Hence, you should use your face shape to your advantage and experiment with various styles that are quite hard to pull off. Examples of hats that suit men that are oval-shaped are flat caps and bucket hats. They give two different styles, yet they are distinct.

    Round Shape

    This face structure features softer angles and fuller cheeks. In addition, the length and cheekbone measurements are usually almost the same.

    To combat the softness that comes with a round face, it is better to find hats that have sharp and defined angles, which will allow a level of contrast. Big appreciation to fedoras and trilby hats for their angularity, as they are perfect for round faces, especially when worn and slightly tilted.

    Square Shape

    With a face that is square-shaped, you will generally have the width of your jaw, forehead, and cheekbones equal or almost the same, with solid, definitive angles. You can consider it similar in shape to a round face, although it is a little more chiseled.

    So as to give a level of softness to the sharp angularity of a square face, it is recommended that you find a hat that is slightly less structured and gives more in the way of soft edges and curves.

    Although it is synonymous with a flat cap, it is advisable to use a newsboy hat if your face is square-shaped because it gives a little bit higher volume on fabric at the top, generating less straight and narrow lines.

    Additionally, using a fisherman’s cap as a man with a square-faced shape will work. This is due to its rounded brim and circular shape, which hangs just a little above the edge of one’s forehead while giving room for facial features to show through.

    Heart Shape

    If, after taking your measurements, you find out that your forehead measures more than your cheekbones and jawline with a chin that comes to a point, then you have a heart-shaped face. This can also be called an inverted triangle.

    As a man with a heart-shaped facial structure, you will want a hat that can help to detract from the width of your forehead so that something will cut across the forehead, which can be a small to medium brim. A cowboy hat and boater can do justice to that.

    It is understandable that you may at first hesitate to approach those styles for fear of appearing to be something you are far from being (like a rugged cowboy when you’re a born and bred city boy). As a result, variations of these styles exist which are quite less literal, yet, give the advantage of accentuating your bone structure.

    However, if you can not bring yourself to commit to these more attention-calling silhouettes, a classic baseball cap could also help in balancing the width of the forehead with that of the remaining face.

    Diamond Shape

    The most obvious area of a diamond-shaped face is most likely the cheekbones, which will protrude more than the jawline and forehead. Hence, generating a “diamond” effect which is often more highlighted by a pointed chin.

    When it comes to a diamond-shaped face structure, the placement of the hat is almost as essential as the hat itself, especially concerning the more narrow forehead of the face.

    By putting this into consideration, it is crucial to select a hat that can be adjusted easily, either by sliding it forward or backward (just like a beanie would give room for) or one that has a more malleable brim which is similar to an outback-style hat that tips to the front in order to help in disguising the forehead and therefore emphasize the cheekbones.

    That being said, a beanie hat and an outback hat would perfectly suit a man with a diamond-shaped face.

    Oblong Shape

    This is often known as a rectangular shape. Oblong faces have some resemblance to those which are square-shaped, especially with regard to the solid jaw. However, they differ from square-shaped faces in that they are longer than their width.

    In order to avoid more elongation concerning the already lengthy oblong faces, it is best to find hats that will sit lower on the forehead. This is because such hats will prevent the appearance of extra length.

    Also, hats like the Western-inspired silhouettes of Stetson and the classic dad hat are useful in their capability to cover the forehead to a large extent while still managing not to add so much height.

    Get the Best Hat

    Getting the perfect hat for your face has a lot to do with your level of confidence, including how much you love how you look whenever you are putting on any hat, as confidence and comfort are critical when selecting the best hat for your face shape.

    Therefore, apart from following the guidelines explained above, if you feel great wearing a hat, that is perhaps the hat you should get.


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