Sometimes your car is the only place on Earth where you can call it your safe and happy place. It is where your customization can happen.And everything has to be under your control. On top of that is the only place where you can call your own—the one that takes you to your other happy places and more.

    And what is more impressive in your car than your own set of playlists. Furthermore, that playlist is even more impressive in how your vehicle resonates with it. If it is a bit static, then you cant feel the rhythm and the authentic vibe it is trying to imply.

    According to, some accessories on your car will uplift what it is intended to be. And in this case, a subwoofer enhances the car’s sound quality. If you already use one, you will know the difference between having one and nothing. But if you an amateur in car accessories and customization ideas, you have to finish reading this document.

    Subwoofer and Its Purpose

    A subwoofer is a type of speaker you connect to the car’s original speaker to resonate bass powerfully. In this sense, you will notice that the music playing will have that power and vibe that you want to jive in. Imagine being on a dull drive, and you want a piece of good music. If your car audio cannot even project that well, it will affect your reactions and emotions, leading you to be irritated.

    But with this, everything will be smooth sailing but with a beat even if you play a slow, mellow love song. All you have to do is know which brand is excellent and perfect for your preferences.

    You can always refer to to check for the brands and other car stuff. We will love it if you check it after this.

    What You Need To Know in Buying a Subwoofer

    Now we are at the part where we will give you some details, especially the most asked question from car audio enthusiasts. Their questions are backed up with their experiences in customizing the speakers in their cars.

    Active or Passive

    The active subwoofers are more often used in home theaters. In comparison, passive subwoofers are used in the professional field. So if you are going to use it in your car, we suggest using the active subwoofers instead.

    Sealed or Ported

    Here is the easier comparison between the two- closed and with an opening. The sealed subwoofer, just like its name, is enclosed. It is like a box with no openings. The result of this is a low-frequency output. If you need a lower frequency, you will need a larger cabinet.

    On the other hand, a ported subwoofer has a small circular opening on one side. If you prefer good airflow sound, this type is perfect for you.


    The wattage will determine the loudness of the speaker. The speaker works like any other electrical appliance. If it receives lower than what it is intended to receive, it will compromise its performance.

    Then if you are going to use it in your car, you must consider if your vehicle will be able to supply the wattage of your choice. If not, then you must follow it.


    Of course, this matters a lot if you will use it in a vehicle. Since a car has limited space, you need to consider it very well. If you have a speaker that is too big in the interior, you might end up giving up some seats. Or you might have to sacrifice hearing the outside of your car due to loud music.

    Just choose the right size and look for something that can provide you with your desired output. In this sense, it is better to consult with the one who will customize your subwoofer for you.


    Your desired location inside your car will determine others factors such as wattage and size. You can consult some experts to equally distribute the sound in the whole vehicle. Sometimes if you DIY it, the sound is more apparent in just one part of the car, not the entire inside.

    Number of Subwoofers

    Here, you can identify whether you will need two subwoofers or more in your car. And it will also affect the size and wattage of the individual subwoofers.

    Is It Legal to Have Loud Car Speakers?

    Now that you have decided to have your subwoofer upgraded, you must know how loud you can go. We don’t want you getting pulled over just by doing what your heart desires over music. There are existing laws for playing loud music along the road. You should know it state by state. That is if you are going to travel all the states.

    But to be on the safe side, if you know that it is a crowded area, play music for yourself. Or if you are traveling at night where more people are at sleep. Let’s keep it low instead. You can play loud music for happy places like beaches or fun fare.

    Just base the volume on where you are. Sometimes it doesn’t just matter if we are happy or not. The people around us might be having some time sleeping or have a kid sleeping, so we must consider that.

    Let us all be responsible human beings in using our powerful subwoofers.


    Sometimes we upgrade our car accessories depending on what our friends say. It is helpful somehow, but knowing it yourself, which is best for a car, is better. Always trust your knowledge base and back it up with their experiences.

    In this way, you will locate which is the best among all other choices. As long as you are on the right path to choosing the right subwoofer, nothing can go wrong with your upgrade.

    We hope that this has helped a lot in your search for the best subwoofer. If you have something important to share, ping us. Let us create a car enthusiast-friendly community.


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