Have you ever wondered how a professional car wash or car detailing business is able to make your car shine?

    Whether you run a car wash business, or prefer to not take your car to the car wash or an auto detailing business, then take heed of the following car cleaning tips to keep your car clean and looking like new.

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    1) Dry Glass Surfaces Thoroughly

    Even if you just give your car a quick wash, take special care with the windows, to avoid annoying streaks on the inside or outside of the car. To prevent streaks, dry the exterior of the glass in one direction, and the interior in another.

    By drying the glass this way, you will know whether the streaks are on the inside or outside, and you can easily wipe away the streak.

    2) Don’t Forget To Clean The Windows

    Products and grime can build up on the top of the window, which may result in streaks or other unsightly marks.

    When you wash your car, wind down the windows a little bit, and get rid of any debris or dirt that may have built up there.

    3) Shampoo Every Two Weeks

    To protect your paint job, wash your car with shampoo every two weeks.

    Whether you have a brand new Volkswagen T-Roc or an old hand-me-down family car, a regular car wash will prevent dirt, rust and abrasion on the paintwork.

    If you use quality car cleaner, it will help protect the paintwork.

    For a quick car wash, use two-in-one shampoo and wax.

    4) Use a Towel or Chamois to Dry

    Airdrying a car – especially in direct sunlight – will leave water marks which can be very difficult to remove.

    Effectively dry your car using a microfibre towel or a chamois, and dry in a figure-eight action. Start at the top of the car and work your way down.

    5) Rinse Your Cloth or Sponge Regularly

    Make sure to rinse your cloth or sponge thoroughly during the car wash process to prevent scratches and swirl marks.

    Dirt particles and grime can damage the paintwork, so rinse your washcloth in a separate container before washing the car.

    6) Treat Your Trim Before Applying Polish and Wax

    Any black plastic trim on your car will require different care than the rest of the body.

    You can treat the trim with a black restoring product, and then wax and polish the metal. Wax and polish can stain plastic, so it is best to treat any plastic first.

    7) Apply Wax With a Power Buffer

    If you want similar results as you would get from an auto detailing business, then use a power buffer wisely.

    You can use the buffer to apply wax, but don’t remove the wax with the buffer – rather use a clean cloth.

    8) Check The Surface With a Plastic Bag

    This may seem odd, but before placing a fresh coat of wax on the car, make sure to check the car for dirt without getting any fingerprints on the bodywork.

    Put your hands in a plastic bag and run it over the car, feeling for any bumps, and remove these dirt patches before waxing.

    9) Stick With Microfibre

    Sponges have traditionally been used in car wash businesses, but most have switched over to microfibre cloths which are easy to wash, rinse and dry your car with.

    Keep your washcloth and drying cloth separately, and remove any labels to prevent scratching.

    10) Use Static Electricity on Carpets

    Carpets are a nightmare for any car wash as they trap dirt, sand and pet hairs.

    Scrubbing the carpets with a vacuum brush is time-consuming, often embeds the dirt even more and may also scuff up the fibres.

    Using a latex glove, a balloon or just rubbing your hand on the carpet will generate static electricity, which will pull up any trapped dirt, making it easier to vacuum.

    11) Brush The Carpet First

    Most car wash businesses will first brush the carpet with a stiff brush to agitate the fibres and loosen dirt.

    This will make it easier to vacuum up the bits. Just make sure to keep the brush away from leather seats as it may cause scratches.

    12) Use Compressed Air

    Using compressed air in the air vents will loosen dust and moisture which have perhaps been contributing to an old car smell.

    By loosening any dirt in the vents, your car will smell fresher and more neutral.

    13) Use Quality Car Cleaning Products

    When it comes to a car wash, the best tools and products will deliver the best results.
    Top-quality shampoos go a long way and only a few drops will give you the result you want.
    Following up your car wash with a long-lasting wax will leave your car looking brand new.



    There are no shortcuts when it comes to your car wash process. The best products and taking your time will make a big difference, and leave your car looking like it came straight from the dealership.


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