Cathie Wood net worth is an impressive $250 million, reflecting her stellar success as the founder and CEO of ARK Investment Management LLC.

    Known for her sharp insights and strategic stock selections, Wood’s innovative approach to investing has propelled her to financial prominence. This article explores her background, the journey to her fortune, and critical

    details about her wealth and assets.

    Real NameCatherine Duddy Wood
    Nick NameCathie
    Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, United States
    Date Of BirthNovember 26, 1955
    Age67 Years Old
    Height5 feet 7 inches
    Weight60 Kg
    Eye ColourBlue
    Hair ColourBlonde
    EducationUniversity of Southern California (BA), New York University (MBA)
    Sexual OrientationStraight
    Marital StatusMarried
    Spouse NameRobert Wood
    Children Name3
    Parents NameN/A
    CollegeUniversity of Southern California, New York University
    Zodiac SignSagittarius
    ProfessionInvestor, Fund Manager
    Social Media FollowersTwitter – Over 1.6M Followers
    Cathie Wood Net Worth$250 Million

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    Who is Cathie Wood?

    Who is Cathie Wood
    Source: The Wall Street Journal

    Cathie Wood is an American investor and fund manager who founded ARK Investment Management LLC in 2014.

    ARK focuses on disruptive innovation and invests in companies revolutionizing products and services like DNA sequencing, 3D printing, electric vehicles, and more.

    Early Life

    Early Life
    Source: Watcher Guru

    Wood grew up in Los Angeles, California. She developed an early interest in investing after her father introduced her to company annual reports.

    She studied economics at the University of Southern California and earned her MBA in finance and marketing from New York University.

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    Source: NPR

    Wood began working for Capital Group, Jennison Associates, and AllianceBernstein. She managed portfolios focused on high-tech stocks and achieved stellar returns, betting on winners like Amazon early.

    Frustrated by pushback on her strategies, she founded ARK Invest to concentrate on her disruptive innovation philosophies full-time.

    The ARK Innovation ETF has massively outperformed comparable funds under Wood’s management. She successfully predicts trends years in advance while ignoring short-term noise and volatility.

    This has earned her nicknames like “Money Tree” from loyal followers.

    Cathie Wood Net Worth

    Cathie Wood Net Worth
    Source: Watcher Guru

    Cathie Wood has seen her net worth skyrocket in recent years with the meteoric rise of her ARK investment funds.

    However, 2022 saw a bit of volatility that impacted her wealth. After reaching an estimated peak of $500 million in late 2021, Wood’s net worth declined to roughly $250 million as the overall market selloff weighed on tech and innovation stocks.

    Nonetheless, many investors remain confident in Wood’s long-term vision. ARK funds delivered stellar annualized gains exceeding 100%+ in the five years through early 2022.

    Given Wood’s track record of identifying disruptive trends years in advance, most experts expect her fortunes to recover strongly.

    She actively researches and identifies the next generation of leading companies to drive innovation and upside in her portfolios.

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    YearNet Worth
    Cathie Wood Net Worth in 2023$250 million
    Cathie Wood Net Worth in 2022$500 million
    Cathie Wood Net Worth in 2021$100 million
    Cathie Wood Net Worth in 2020$60 million
    Cathie Wood Net Worth in 2019$30 million
    Cathie Wood Net Worth in 2018$10 million

    Cathie Wood’s Investment Habits

    Cathie Wood's Investment Habits
    Source: BNN Bloomberg

    A considerable driver of Cathie Wood’s large and growing fortune is her relentless work ethic and unique investment approach.

    She is known for putting in 12+ hour work days and constantly researching and fine-tuning her firm’s proprietary models.

    Her faith in innovation and long-term vision fuels her conviction in disruptors that she holds through temporary selloffs when other investors waver. This contrarian perspective and tirelessness have empowered her to achieve great success.

    How Rich is Cathie Wood?

    How Rich is Cathie Wood

    Cathie Wood is rich, considering her soaring net worth of over $250 million. For perspective, at her peak, she was earning $100,000 per hour during trading days in 2021 when ARK Innovation’s assets ballooned.

    Her funds tripled in size to $60 billion AUM in early 2021 compared to $19 billion a year earlier – an incredible pace illustrating the velocity of her gains recently.

    She owns over $100 million worth of her ARK funds, indicating that her financial incentives align with clients while giving her a huge chunk of wealth.

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    Cathie Wood Assets

    Cathie Wood Assets

    The vast majority of Cathie Wood’s net worth comes from her ownership stake in ARK Investment Management, which includes significant positions in all ARK funds.

    Reports estimate she owns 30-60% of the firm, which directly manages over $10 billion in assets.

    Outside of ARK, details on other Cathie Wood assets are limited. She likely has varied stock positions, real estate, and significant liquid wealth from her fund’s stake.

    But ARK’s performance overwhelmingly impacts her fortune, given it constitutes the bulk of her net worth.


    Q: What is Cathie Wood’s net worth?

    A: Cathie Wood currently has a net worth of approximately $250 million.

    Q: How did she earn her fortune?

    A: Most of her net worth comes from her ownership stake in ARK Invest and the meteoric rise in ARK’s fund values and assets under management.

    Q: How much could her net worth grow?

    A: If ARK’s assets and Wood’s ownership hold steady, her net worth could easily triple or quadruple again in the coming years.

    Q: Has Wood’s net worth declined recently?

    A: Yes, her estimated net worth dropped from around $500 million in late 2021 to $250 million.

    Q: Could Wood become a billionaire soon?

    A: If ARK rebounds strongly, Wood could cross $1 billion in net worth within the next 1-2 years.


    Cathie Wood has transitioned from a little-known fund manager to a powerhouse money manager idolized by retail traders through her deep conviction in disruptive stocks.

    Her net worth skyrocketing to a quarter billion dollars reflects her exponential returns and ARK’s ascendance as a fintech standout brand in ETFs.

    While a recent dip has marginally impacted her wealth, Wood’s fortune remains impressive and ever-growing thanks to her cash cow company and star status in the investment community, ensuring continued inflows.

    Her foreseeable future looks bright as one of the world’s wealthiest female investors.

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