Cathie Wood Wiki:

    Full NameCathie Duddy Wood
    Gender Female
    Date of Birth26th November 1955
    Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, United States
    EducationUniversity of South Carolina
    SpouseRobert Wood (div.)
    ProfessionCEO of ARK Invest, Economist
    Net Worth$250 Million

    Every entrepreneur looks forward to owning assets that have value. Net worth is the value of non-financial and financial assets of an individual or company.

    The current Cathie Wood Net Worth in 2021 is one splendid example when compared to other high-profile persons. 

    To start you off, here is everything you need to know about this American stockholder.

    Who is Cathie Wood?

    Cathie Wood is an American born in Los Angeles, California. She is a widow, mom and lives in Wilton town of Connecticut. This devout Christian is the Founder, CIO, and CEO of various international gigantic firms. Some include Ark Invest, an investment company created in 2014. 

    Why Ark Invest? 

    While reading the bible at the time, she realized her dream. Hence, she named it after ‘the Ark of the Covenant. This firm offers unique exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that focus on disruptive innovation. Besides innovations, the business deals in genomics and self-driving cars

    Overall, the firm believes in block chain, robotics, and artificial intelligence. It hopes that these innovations will transform the world’s way of doing things. Other concepts include energy storage and DNA structure.  

    The popular star stock-picker leads while others follow on the stock market. From Twilio Inc., Shopify Inc., Roku, to The Walt Disney Company, all these are the unique stocks she owns. Famous for being the ‘bold predictor,’ as she once foresaw the electric car firm worth over $3 trillion. 

    Keep reading to explore more on this exciting top tech investor. First, a quick look at how her primary firm is performing on the stocks. 

    However, Here’s ARK Invest Funds Details

    Net Assets $22.8 Billion
    Expense Ratio0.75%
    Weighted Avg Market CAP$118 Billion
    Median Market CAP$20 Billion
    Stock Market Price$124.26

    What is the Value of Ark Invest?

    Every serious financier hopes to top the market digits. Hence, it is why Art Invest manages the global ETF with over 40 percent returns in the last five years. Besides that, the firm leads the new crypto trading world. It is no wonder; the revenue per year for this investment is $8 million. 

    That should surprise you, right? Here is more!

    By the end of 2020, assets rose to $34.5 billion from $3.1 billion. This evidence showed her excelling leadership and bold stand as a successful American economist. Overall, Ark’s net worth is about $22.28 billion. Besides that, its stock market price is $124.26, while its expense ratio is 0.75%. 

    Now, with this exciting data, you may wonder how much Cathie Wood Net Worth is in 2021. 

    To set the ball running, read on. First, there is a need to tackle this notorious question by most people about Cathie Wood’s source of wealth. 

    How Did Cathie Wood Become Rich?

    Since 1997, Cathie Wood has worked in a variety of positions in many outstanding companies. With such experience, she managed to climb her professional ladder fast. Some of these exceptional companies include:

    Capital Group 

    She was an assistant economist at Capital Group and earned $121k annually for three solid years. 

    Jennison Associates 

    Apart from being the financial analyst, she was the firm’s portfolio manager at Jennison Associates. Here, she earned $58k to $108k per annum for eighteen years. 

    Tupelo Capital

    Around 1982, she co-founded this Tupelo Capital fund with Lulu C. Wang. However, research shows she managed about $800 million for the company.  


    While at AllianceBernstein, the chief information officer earned $400k per year for twelve years. 

    Guess what! Her lack of experience and exposure to these stock trades made Cathie Wood wealthy. Why is it so? 

    What she has been buying and selling at Ark Invest in recent years made her rich. Besides that, her degree in economics and finance topped up the success. All this stuff gave a perfect groundwork for her future profession in investment management. The underrated stock market investor knows her turning point better. 

    Well said and done! With this kind of motivation, there is no doubt about the source of Cathie Wood’s wealth. However, still on this hot trending topic, many may have some dark thoughts. Keep reading to get more insights. 

    What is Cathie Wood Net Worth in 2021? 

    Cathie Wood invests through her key firm, ARK Invest. The firm brings in $8 million as income yearly. However, in 2020, this fantastic investor’s firm assets increased eleven-time as much. Thus, it was a fruitful year for this company. 

    To crown it all. Forbes research estimates the ARK Invest founder’s net worth at $400 million by August 2021. Hence, it is why the editor in chief of Bloomberg News named her the best 2020 stock picker. When you compare with other outstanding investors, she still tops the list. 

    She was on the 2021 Forbes 50 over 50 entrepreneurs, scientists, and leaders’ inaugural list. Besides that, she became the top 79 on America’s self-made women 2021, Forbes. The list is endless for this new oracle in town; here is why! 

    Her stunning and extraordinary achievements are matchless over the years. Apart from that, the sky’s the limit for her leadership and experience in the stock market world. Now, to summarize this big day’s question! 

    Is Cathie Wood a Billionaire?

    The transit from an economist to a billionaire must excite you. Hence, it is the best term to describe the rising of Cathie Wood to fame. The recent success of Ark Invest ranks her as one of the wealthiest fund managers in the world. With an asset of about $60 billion, this is the mentor to watch. 

    To add a lining on the star, Cathie Wood recently added some technology stocks for her funds. These include:

    • Unity Software
    • Coinbase Global (COIN)
    • Teladoc Health. 

    Nevertheless, this investment is evidence of her bold predictions about the booming business of digital wallets in this era. 

    To keep the spirit running, in 2018, she offered funds to her former high school. The concept behind this excellent idea was to start the Duddy Innovation Institute. Here is where the girls will gain extra skills to study disruptive innovation. Who knows, another Cathie Wood maybe born! 

    As Cathie Wood net worth in 2021 still makes headlines, so does her Ark Invest firm bully the financial sector. 


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