Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend. However, some species of dogs are more unpredictable than others, and maintaining child safety around dogs is crucial to prevent dog bite incidents.

    Children are much more susceptible to severe injuries in dog attacks, and if an attack does occur, you should take legal action. Here are five tips for maintaining child safety around dogs, according to dog bite lawsuit experts.

    Supervision and Education

    Supervision and Education
    Source: The Spruce Pets

    Children interacting with dogs should always be supervised, even if the dog is familiar or considered friendly. However, teaching children appropriate behavior around dogs is equally important to avoid provoking them.

    For example, don’t let children pull the dog’s tail or ears or disturb them while they are eating or sleeping. It is also critical to teach children to avoid sudden movements around dogs so as not to startle them.

    Teach Respect for Boundaries

    Just like people, dogs have personal space and boundaries, and teaching your child about respecting boundaries will keep them safer around dogs. For example, teach a child to ask for permission from a dog’s owner before petting or approaching the dog.

    Unknown dogs are unpredictable, especially if the child is also unknown to them. Children should only approach dogs slowly and gently while allowing the dog to initiate contact if it feels comfortable.

    Avoid Risky Situations

    Avoid Risky Situations-Child Safety Around Dogs
    Source: VCA Animal Hospitals

    Children need to be taught to be cautious around unfamiliar dogs, especially if their temperaments are unknown. They should learn to spot signs of aggression, fear, or distress in a dog and avoid risky situations, such as approaching dogs that display these signs or are unrestrained or even behind a fence. A bite can occur suddenly, even if the child intends to pet or help an unfamiliar dog.

    Proper Dog Socialization

    If you have a dog around the house while your children are growing up, they will bond with each other since the dog will be properly socialized with the children. Dogs with a positive experience around children from an early age who are subjected to interactions under controlled circumstances will be more comfortable and well-adjusted around children, reducing the likelihood of aggressive behavior.

    However, the children might consider any dogs they encounter to be just as friendly as their pet dog, which might lead to unfortunate incidents. This is why it is important to socialize your pet dog with your child and ensure that your child understands how to behave around dogs and that not all dogs are friendly.

    Responsible Ownership

    Responsible Ownership-Child Safety Around Dogs
    Source: Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates

    No matter where you live in Illinois, your child will likely encounter many dogs within your community, so it is essential to encourage responsible dog ownership. Dog owners should train, socialize, and vaccinate their dogs and comply with leash laws and other relevant regulations to avoid dog bite incidents.

    Also, owners must keep their dogs securely contained within their property and provide appropriate supervision if their dog interacts with children.

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