Have you ever contemplated the staggering wealth that Coi Leray has accrued through her flourishing rap career and various other undertakings? Indeed, Coi Leray currently stands as one of the music industry’s most coveted and sought-after lyricists, proudly flaunting an enormous and dedicated fan base that spans countless platforms and social media channels. But who exactly is this up-and-coming luminary of hip-hop, and what monumental feats has she undertaken in order to establish her enviable reputation and meteoric rise to prominence?

    In this informative and insightful blog post, we shall plunge headfirst into the intricate and multifaceted world of Coi Leray’s net worth and delve deep into the origins of her rise to preeminence, painstakingly exploring the myriad of obstacles she faced and surmounted on her journey to building an illustrious career from humble beginnings.

    About Coi Leray

    About Coi Leray
    source: source: rap-up.com

    Coi Leray came into this world on May 11, 1997, in Boston, Massachusetts, a lively city full of music. Her dad, Benzino, is a famous rapper and music producer, so she grew up with music in her blood. She loved listening to artists like Rihanna, Chris Brown, Jojo, Avril Lavigne, and b5, and she knew she wanted to make music too.

    But it wasn’t easy to follow her dream. At the age of 16, she left school prematurely and faced many hardships and struggles on her way to the top. She didn’t give up, though; she proved herself with her first single, “Huddy,” in 2017 and her mixtape Everything in 2018. These projects made her a star in the rap scene. Coi Leray didn’t stop there. She kept making hit songs and working with some of the top rappers in the game.

    Leray also branched out into other businesses and projects beyond music. She sells hairbrushes and merchandise and even has a cooking show. She also gets paid by brands like Monster Energy and Fashion Nova to promote their products. Coi Leray net worth is estimated to be between $2 million and $3 million as of 2023. That’s amazing for someone who is only 26 years old. How did she do it? Let’s find out more about her story.

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    Some Facts About Coi Leray:

    Real name Coi Leray Collins
    BirthdateMay 11, 1997
    HometownBoston, Massachusetts
    FatherBenzino, former The Source magazine owner and rapper
    First single“Huddy” in 2017
    Record label1801 Records and Republic Records
    GenreRap and hip-hop, with elements of pop and R&B
    InfluencesLil Wayne, Missy Elliott, and Aaliyah
    StyleCatchy hooks, unique melodies, and introspective lyrics
    Stage presenceHigh-energy live performances and engaging stage presence
    Fashion senseBold and colorful outfits reflect her vibrant personality
    Social media presenceStrong following on Instagram and Twitter
    CollaborationsLil Durk, Gunna, Pooh Shiesty, Trippie Redd, Kehlani, etc.
    Award nominationsBET Hip Hop Awards (2021), MTV Video Music Awards (2021), etc.
    TattoosOn her back is a big purple flower and several small butterflies accompanying a sizable koi fish, etc.
    PhilanthropyInvolved in various charitable endeavors, such as donating to homeless shelters and food banks.
    EntrepreneurshipExpressed interest in expanding her brand beyond music, including fashion and merchandising.
    Net worthAccording to different sources, $2 million (as of 2022) or $1.5 million (as of 2021).
    Weight57 kg or 125.5 lbs
    Height5 ft 3 in or 160 cm
    Marital statusUnmarried
    Boyfriend (as of 2021)Pressa (Toronto-based rapper)

    Leray’s Life

    Coi Leray's Path to Fame

    Coi Leray had a tough life before she became a rap star. She moved to New Jersey with her mom and brothers when she was five. Leray had a hard time at school because of bullies and racists. She also didn’t get along with her dad, who had many legal problems.

    Coi Leray decided to chase her dream of making music when she was sixteen. She left school and started recording songs in her basement. She put them on SoundCloud for people to hear. But it took work for her to make it in the music industry. She took a job at a car dealership to pay the bills. But then her boss discovered she was a rapper and fired her.

    She had nowhere to live, so she slept in her car or at her friends’ places. But Coi Leray didn’t give up. She kept making music and meeting other artists and producers. She got lucky when Republic Records heard her songs in 2017. They liked her talent and passion, so they signed her. Coi Leray’s first single, “Huddy,” came out that year, making her famous in rap.

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    Coi Leray’s Path to Fame

    Coi Leray made a big splash in the music world with her first single, “Huddy,” in 2017. The song differed from anything else – it had trap beats, sweet vocals, and catchy hooks. People loved it, watched it millions of times on YouTube, and streamed it on Spotify and Apple Music. Everyone said Coi Leray was exceptional and talented. After that, Coi Leray released her mixtape, Everythingcoz, in 2018.

    The mixtape helped her become more famous in the rap world. In 2021, Coi Leray got a big honor. She was chosen as one of XXL’s Freshman Class members, along with other awesome rappers like Pooh Shiesty, Flo Milli, and 42 Dugg. It showed how much Coi Leray had achieved and grown in the industry. Coi Leray also worked with some of the best rappers in the game, like Lil Durk, Gunna, Kodak Black, and Pressa.

    They made some of her most popular songs together, like “No More Parties,” “Big Purr,” “Slide,” and “Okay Yeah.” She also rocked the stage at many festivals and events, like Rolling Loud, Lollapalooza, and Made in America. She had a lot of energy and fun on stage, and people loved watching her. She proved she was a great performer and a star in the music industry.

    Coi Leray’s Net Worth

    Leray’s Life
    source: officialcharts.com

    Here is a table of Coi Leray’s net worth in the last five years, according to different sources:

    2018$0.5 million
    2019$0.7 million
    2020$1 million
    2021$1.5 million
    2022$2 million
    2023Over $2 million

    As you can see, Coi Leray net worth has increased significantly over the years, reflecting her success and popularity in the music industry.

    Income Diversification and Brand Expansion

    Coi Leray is much more than a lyrical genius. She’s a multifaceted business mogul who expands her brand horizons beyond the music industry. Among her various successful projects is Coi Leray Hairbrushes, a hairbrush line that boasts a range of colors and styles to cater to diverse customers. Additionally, her merchandise line features trendy and stylish apparel, including hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and accessories, adored by her fans.

    But her entrepreneurial acumen continues beyond there. Her cooking show, Coi’s Kitchen, where she showcases her culinary skills and shares her secret recipes, is a testament to her versatility. Notably, she’s also the face of many brands and companies, such as Monster Energy and Fashion Nova, who pay her to advertise their products. Coi Leray is a social media sensation with an enormous fanbase of over 7 million on Instagram.

    Her posts, which feature snapshots of her enviable lifestyle and impeccable fashion sense, captivate her followers’ attention. She boasts an impressive following of over 11 million on TikTok, where she shares creative music and dance videos that leave her fans awe-inspired. On her YouTube channel with over 1.7 million subscribers, Coi shares not only her music videos but also her daily life vlogs, providing her fans with a personal glimpse into her professional and personal life.

    Moreover, she uses her Twitter account, with over 790 thousand followers, to interact with her fans and express her thoughts and emotions. Coi Leray’s career and business skills make her a star in the entertainment industry.


    The rapper Coi Leray made it on her own. She faced a lot of problems, but she didn’t give up. Her hard work and excellent music took Coi Leray net worth to over $2 million as of 2023. It was not easy to get to the top, but Leray showed that she was good at what she did and earned her place in the rap world.

    She created a lot of hit songs that made her famous in the rap industry. But Leray didn’t stop there – Leray also made money in other ways. She sold hairbrushes and merchandise and even had a cooking show. She used her brand to reach more people and make more fans. She also got paid by many brands and companies to advertise their products. She became a big name in the culture. She also used social media to talk to fans and show them her work. Coi Leray fame grew fast, and she showed that she could do well in the rap world.

    She is currently among the top rappers in the industry and has a bright future ahead of her. What do you think about Coi Leray net worth and how she got it? Don’t forget to listen to her new music on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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