The cold chain process is a formal-sounding name given to the movement of perishable items. In other words, if you have something that is perishable and needs to be kept chilled, you’ll have to carefully plan its packing and transport. The logistics behind this are known as the cold chain process. There are various stages of the cold chain process.

    The Right Courier Service

    Courier Service

    There is an abundance of companies offering to move your items for you. But, when you’re dealing with perishable items you need to make sure you have the best possible. That’s why, you should choose the refrigerated transport firm with a great reputation, experience, and reliability.

    Once you’ve chosen that you’ll be able to verify if they have any special procedures that you need to follow.



    Most perishable items are also considered fragile which means that extra attention needs to be paid to packing them. It’s best to purchase packing boxes as close to the size of the items being sent as possible, regardless of whether one item or twenty is going in each box.

    If there is any space spare around your product(s) it should be filled with a suitable packing material. That’s something that will protect the contents without damaging them.

    It’s a good idea to experiment with several different options to locate the one that works best with your products.



    Transportation is more than just a driver and a refrigerated lorry. You need to make sure that all the boxes you are loading are stacked correctly and that all items are carefully taken care of. You’ll be able to see how much care the staff give to boxes when they collect your packages.

    It is possible to verify the route taken and ask the driver to confirm the temperature of their truck as well as how they monitor temperature throughout the journey. It’s important that they have a strategy for this as the temperature can change due to internal or external issues.

    In most cases, modern refrigerated transport uses remote monitoring systems that alert the driver and head office simultaneously.

    Using Technology

    Technology should allow you to track the process of your parcels, including monitoring the temperature and even verifying the route taken. This means the items will arrive on time and, if the correct temperature has been maintained, they should be in perfect condition.

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    You can also add temperature monitors to your parcels. They are effectively stickers that change colour if the temperature moves outside a specific range. The stickers alert the receiver and make sure they reject the parcel.

    This approach is particularly useful if your product isn’t in perfect condition but the delivery parameters seem to have been met.

    It should be noted that it’s not just food that is classed as perishable. Chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, and even oil and gas are all products that need to be transported at the right temperatures. It’s a big industry!


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