Dan Lok Quick Facts
    Birthday 24 Nov, 1981
    Age 39
    Birth PlaceHong Kong, China
    Height5 feet, 7 inches
    ProfessionAuthor, Entreprenuer
    Net Worth$74.5
    PartnerJennie Li

    When you listen to the name Dan Lok the first thing that comes to mind is who is he? Dan Lok is a very famous Chinese- Canadian entrepreneur. Apart from being an entrepreneur, he has many other talents up his sleeve that include being an international motivational speaker, a bestselling author, a successful entrepreneur, and an internet marketer. Dan is a real estate expert and is recognized by people globally for being the chairman and founder of Closers.com. With an estimated net worth of $74.5 million as of 2021.

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    Dan Lok Net Worth, Birthday, Age, Zodiac Sign

    • Dan Lok was born on November 24th, 1981 in Hong Kong. He is 39 years old as of 2021. His family moved from China to the US when he was just 14 years old.
    • His Zodiac Sign is a Sagittarius
    • Dan Lok Net Worth is $74.5m

    Dan Lok’s Early Life Struggles

    • His family moved to Canada when he was just 14 years old. As he moved from China he did have a language barrier which took him a while to overcome and face the cultural differences. It was a struggle for him but he made it through.
    • When he was 16, his parents separated, two years after they moved to Canada. This was a setback for him. But he adjusted to the new life quickly.
    • While all of this was happening his father got bankrupt while they were still living in Hong Kong leaving them with little but no money.
    • His mother and Dan decided to stay back in Canada despite having very little resources and insufficient money to make ends meet.
    • These financial difficulties made him get his first job at a local supermarket from which he earned money to support his mother.

    Dan Lok Education

    • While working at a local grocery store he got enrolled in Douglas College which he later dropped out of because he wanted to focus on his business career.
    • He practiced martial arts and kickboxing growing up because he was inspired by Bruce Lee given that he came from China.

    How Did Dan Lok’s Career Start?

    There are many successful entrepreneurs out there who started just because they had a good business mentor. Dan Lok had a business mentor as well to whom he gives full credit for his success. It all started when he took a formal mentorship course with Alan Jacques. He taught him so many things about marketing, copywriting, and branding but he worked tirelessly day and night to achieve what he has today.

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    How Successful is Dan Lok on Youtube?

    • With the ongoing development in technology and social media, Dan got attracted to Youtube and launched his own youtube channel in July 2014.
    • The channel has risen to fame over the past few years and today the channel has approximately 1.3+ million subscribers, most of them being aspiring entrepreneurs. It wasn’t all nice for him in his journey as an entrepreneur he had to face 10 failed businesses before having one successful one.

    Dan Lok Personal Life

    Jessica stepped up the ladder of success by following the few rules of social media and she has stuck by them and made them her virtue.

    • Dan became an entrepreneur when he was just 27 years old and then slowly built his empire. In the next three years, he became a multi-millionaire.

    Jennie Li is Dan Lok’s wife. She is also his business partner as well. She has worked on many projects with him and has helped him grow with her ideas on how to run a business.


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