Real NameDarryl Dwayne Granberry Jr.
    Known AsDDG
    Date of BirthOctober 10, 1997
    Parents NameDarryl Granberry Sr. and Tonya Granberry
    Current Age24
    Educational InstitutionsInternational Tech Academy and Central Michigan University
    Marital StatusSingle
    Sexual OrientationStraight
    Height5’ 8’’
    Weight125 pounds
    Sources of WealthRapping, Music, Albums, Pranks, and Challenges
    Nick NamesPontiacMadeDDG

    DDG, the American rapper uses the abbreviation from his real name which is Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr.
    The star began his career as a YouTuber and grew his channel in a matter of months. The channel showed different angles of the young star’s life.

    Although we now know the celebrity as a rapper, in the first few years, he documented his gaming and music interests and his personal and family life. He also played pranks on his channels.There is no doubt that a major portion of DDG net worth came from his YouTube channel.

    This June made a crucial part of his career when he made a decision about his career and defined himself as a musician. As part of this plan, he deleted all his YouTube videos and left only the retirement video up.

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    Early life

    The rising star was born on October 10, 1997. He started uploading his videos on YouTube at the age of fourteen years and soon amassed enough subscribers that he could take this channel as his career.

    After graduating from high school he knew he could rely on his media outlet to remain financially independent. So, although he did take admission in college, Central Michigan University to be specific, he dropped out soon.


    The star started recording his songs as a child and these songs and vlogs were what defined his success. It was not until he dropped out of college that he released music as a professional artist.

    In that era, his first considerable success came in 2016 with his singles, Balenciagas and Free Parties. Next year, he released his first song in November.

    After creating a name for himself for his single performances, the rapper joined hands with Epic Records in 2018. Almost all his releases garnered thousands and millions of views on YouTube.

    Considering this success, the singer started releasing his albums in 2019. His first album was Valedictorian that included songs including Push and Moonwalking in Calabasas.

    This year, however, was different for the rapper who chose to take one field as his only interest. This chosen field was, unsurprisingly, music. In the aftermath of this decision to focus, the rapper retired from YouTube and deleted all his videos there.

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    Net worth

    DDG enjoyed massive success throughout his YouTube career. He started as a child YouTuber and ended up earning more than the average wage in his teens. This success allowed him to gather a fortune at a young age.
    By the time he quit YouTube, DDG net worth had already grown to $2 million.

    It seems that the celebrity has bid farewell to his diversified portfolio of skills and is working hard to excel in one. We can only hope that this focused strategy will earn him even bigger success.

    Personal life

    Till now, the rapper had gotten involved in relationships with his fellow stars. In 2017, he made headlines for his first work fling. The rapper got involved with Emaza Dilan when he supported the YouTuber and Ceraadi-member in filming a few vlogs for her channel. They called it quits within a few months.

    The rapper then got together with Kennedy Cymone. The pair started dating in late 2019 but broke up in the summer of the subsequent year

    Source of Income

    Till June 2021, DDG net worth took strength from three sources. These included his YouTube channel, his albums, and his content on Vine. In June, he left YouTube for good. So, now his income comes from the other two channels only.

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