There’s nothing you can do that’s better for your strands then incorporating a weekly deep conditioning session into your hair care routine.

    Whether you invest in a restoring hair mask, or try a DIY solution like coconut oil, using a mask once a week locks in moisture deep within your hair’s cuticle, providing a host of benefits to stressed out hair, boosting appearance and encouraging long term health.

    If you’re a fan of good hair days, we recommend you start deep conditioning immediately. Here are some changes to look out for once you start:


    Your Locks Feel Softer

    If your hair feels like straw, dried out, and coarse, a lack of moisture is likely the culprit. Common stressors that cause this sensation are over washing, exposure to chemicals like chlorine, heat styling, and basically anything that strips hair of its natural protectants.

    The answer? Deep conditioning! Applying an overnight mask allows moisturizing ingredients like oils, water, and protein that strengthens strands, to penetrate deep within the follicle, smoothing down the brittle scales on the exterior of the strand and leaving hair silky and soft.

    Your Hair Looks Shinier

    There’s nothing worse than dull hair. If your strands have lost their luster, lacking their normal body and shine, it’s a sign that your hair might be missing the essential nutrients that it needs to thrive. Dull hair can also simply be caused by the normal wear and tear of styling, stress, and product usage—but don’t worry, deep conditioning is here to save the day!

    Deep conditioning once a week helps nourish strands from the inside out, infusing hair with the moisturizing and nourishing ingredients it needs to help it shine.

    You’re Fighting Off Frizz

    Hair that’s under moisturized or lacking in essential nutrients quickly becomes dry and brittle. Not only can that cause strands to lose shine, it also makes your hair frizzier. Why? Dry strands are much more prone to snapping under pressure, leading to flyaways and frizz.

    A weekly deep conditioning session helps prevent frizz and keeps you looking elegant and sleek by nourishing and strengthening your strands, helping hair stay glossier and preventing you from turning into a frizzy mess.

    You’ve Strengthened Your Strands

    When your strands are deprived of proper moisturization, follicles can become dry and brittle, leading to hair that is prone to breakage. Not only does this cause frizz, but split ends that can spread up the follicle, leaving hair irreparably damaged.

    Deep conditioning prevents split ends and breakage by allowing supportive ingredients to sleep deeply into the hair shaft, smoothing down follicles. Properly moisturized follicles naturally lie flatter than dry strands, so deep conditioned hair is free of the gaps that cause strain and breakage.

    Your Scalp is Healthier

    So far we’ve focused on the strands, but deep conditioning is also great at getting to the “roots” of good hair health. When your scalp is dry, you’ll experience unpleasant symptoms like dandruff, which on its own is no fun. But on a deeper level, dried out follicles with lowered sebum production may struggle to grow healthy, happy hair.

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    Deep Hair conditioning paired with an invigorating scalp massage can help support follicle function by moisturizing the strands, helping your scalp thrive. It also prevents you from scratching your dry scalp skin, inadvertently causing physical damage that can cause increased hair shed.

    By regularly deep conditioning your strands, you’re providing your hair with the support it needs to be healthier, happier, and easier to manage all week long. Say goodbye to bad hair days, and hello to a new you—in peak condition!


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