Our kids’ tiny feet don’t just need the latest fashion. They also need comfortable footwear that supports them on their little adventures. Western boots provide the perfect combination of style and comfort for your kid, whether they’re playing outdoors or attending a family gathering.

    So, saddle up and get ready to discover the ideal pair for your little cowboy or cowgirl!

    Brand Reputation

    You don’t want to buy something that will fall apart in a few months, or worse, have your kid complain about sore feet. So, check out reviews, hit up parenting forums, and maybe even ask friends about top-tier Western brands. Little kids are often like little tornadoes of energy, so choose a durable Ariat kids boot that’s built to last and can handle any running, jumping, and stomping with ease.

    The high-quality stitching easily handles the wear and tear of kids’ adventures. Mud, dust, gravel—this footwear is ready to take a beating and still look good doing it.

    Apart from the exceptional comfort and durability they offer, Ariat junior boots also give your little one plenty of style points. The wide range of modern designs and colour schemes elevate your kid’s outfit, whether it’s a tiny designer dress or a classy boys’ suit. Even though they radiate a classic Western flair, the innovative designs of Ariat Western boots for kids fit into any formal or semi-formal outfit.

    Your kiddo will turn heads on the playground, at the family reunion, or dance floor, and you might even get a few envious glances from other parents.

    How Old Is the Brand Ariat?

    How Old Is the Brand Ariat
    Source: Blain’s Farm & Fleet

    In 1993, in the heart of the rodeo capital in California, a couple of visionaries decided the world needed a comfortable boot that could handle the rough-and-tumble life of a cowboy. Beth Cross and Pam Parker revolutionized the Western footwear game with their tough and durable shoes that don’t sacrifice an ounce of comfort.

    Eventually, they created the Ariat kids boot that brings the joy of the Western lifestyle to our little ones. With a mix of innovation with tradition, they create classic cowboy-style shoes with cutting-edge technology. It’s like they took the grit of the Wild West and infused it into every stitch.

    Fast forward to today, and Ariat kids’ boots are popular with tiny cowboys and cowgirls worldwide. They symbolize quality, durability, and that undeniable Western spirit. Whether your child is a rancher apprentice or simply a wild outdoor enthusiast who needs a quality pair of boots, Ariat is your go-to choice.

    Toe Shape

    Toe Shape
    Source: Blain’s Farm & Fleet

    This is one of the most important factors to consider, as the toe shape influences not only how the boots look, but their comfort and functionality as well. As you can see while browsing through Ariat junior boots, there are several different designs – there’s the snip toe, square toe, and round toe, each bringing a distinctly Western flavour:

    • The snip toe is sleek, stylish, and has a bit of flair. If your kiddo is into a more refined cowboy look, this is their ideal style;
    • Then there’s the square toe, the rebel of the bunch. This design is a bit wider and gives your toes a lot more room to spread out. Perfect for the active and adventurous kiddo who likes to kick up some dust and needs a little extra wiggle room;
    • Finally, the round toe is a classic choice. It offers a timeless and comfortable fit and a traditional cowboy look.

    When you’re shopping for cowboy boots for your little one, don’t only focus on what looks cool, but think about what feels right for your kiddo’s feet. Some toe boxes offer more space, while others offer a snugger fit. Think about your child’s comfort as they conquer the playground or dance their way through the special event.

    Safety Features

    While safety isn’t the first thing you think about when buying cowboy shoes, this is also an important factor. Your kiddo is always full of energy and ready to conquer the world (or at least the backyard). For this, they need sturdy boots that come with some built-in safety. It’s a little extra shield for their pint-sized cowboy or cowgirl adventures:

    One thing you can look for is a slip-resistant or anti-slip sole. Those playful moments in the backyard quickly turn into a mini rodeo, and your little one darts around like a tornado. A good grip on the ground ensures fewer slips, trips, and falls – and fewer painful scraped knees.

    • Reinforced toes: Kids turn everyday objects into obstacles, and their tiny toes sometimes take the brunt of the impact. Boots with reinforced toes add a layer of protection for their precious little toes;
    • Ankle support: Whether they’re chasing after imaginary cattle or just tearing up the playground, shoes with good ankle support give your little one more stability.

    Style and Design

    Style and Design
    Source: Blain’s Farm & Fleet

    Give your kiddo a passport to the world of Western coolness and choose mini-cowboy or cowgirl boots that aren’t just practical but downright stylish. Look for designs with intricate stitching, snazzy patterns, and that authentic cowboy or cowgirl flair. This footwear makes a statement, even if your kiddo is just having fun in the backyard.

    About the colour palette – you have your classic browns and tans for those traditional Western vibes, but there are also shoes out there rocking vibrant hues and fun designs. Some fringe gives an extra touch of cowboy glam and a buckle screams rodeo champion.

    Heel Height

    The heel height of your child’s Western shoes influences their style and comfort on their little adventures. A lower heel offers more stability and comfort when they’re attempting their first square dance or riding their trusty hobby horse in the backyard.

    On the other hand, a slightly higher heel brings a touch of cowboy or cowgirl flair, but it doesn’t always guarantee comfort. It adds an extra oomph that makes them feel rodeo-ready. It also makes them more confident as they strut around.

    Return Policy

    Life with kids is often unpredictable – what if those boots arrive, and suddenly your little one decides they don’t want to wear them, or maybe they don’t feel comfortable enough to play in? A solid return policy is like a safety net for your shopping adventures. Maybe the size doesn’t match, or your kiddo changed their mind about the colour.

    If the company offers a return policy, you can swap those shoes hassle-free. And let’s face it, kids grow like weeds. The shoes that fit them perfectly today might feel like Cinderella’s stepsister’s shoes in a few months. A flexible return policy lets you navigate the ever-changing landscape of kid sizes without a sweat.

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