Failed to access Einthusan in your region due to a ban? Stream your favorite Indian content using our list of 21 best streaming alternatives of Einthusan!

    Einthusan is an ideal streaming platform for watching Indian TV shows and movies for free. This smooth and sturdy streaming website has gained millions of fans around the globe due its unending, high-quality Indian content. You can enjoy streaming various movies and TV shows in all Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali, Malayalam, and even Chinese.

    However, the legality of Einthusan is still not verified. This great streaming website falls on the grey areas of legality. That could still be omitted but the actual issue arises when the Indian TV shows lovers fail to stream their favorite content on Einthusan. Most of you might not have an option to stream though Einthusan in your current region. What to do about it? How do you find similar streaming sites to continue watching your favorite shows.

    Well, worry not; we have got you covered with our list of best Einthusan alternatives. Not only will they find your desired movie or TV show in 9 of the Indian languages, but will offer the same quality as Einthusan. So, without further ado, let’s explore important details regarding Einthusan and then finally a worth-the-shot list of best Einthusan alternatives.

    Read on.

    What Exactly Is Einthusan?

    Imagine having a single platform flooding with all the latest and updated Indian content. Indian TV shows and movies lovers from all over the world would sell their soul for it.

    That’s what Einthusan is – a popular FREE streaming website to watch movies online. Einthusan offers you streaming movies in different languages including Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, and Chinese FOR FREE.

    If you are bored of the recurring, overrated Indian content that goes on all TV channels, Einthusan Hindi movies collection would be a GEM for you. It has a heavy collection of all underrated Hindi movies that you will find hard to watch on other websites. Einthusan is a website to watch free movies.

    Meaning, you are likely to see tons of ads popping in, disrupting your streaming experience. However, if you want an ad-free experience, you have the option to switch to premium subscription that requires you to pay a one-time payment. Totally economical, right?

    Why Do You Need Alternatives To Einthusan?

    No matter how convincing features of Einthusan get, it has still been banned in many regions because of illegally hosting copyrighted content despite the fact that the Einthusan website ( says “Our library consists of over 4000+ legally licensed content from 9 regional languages of India.” A big reason why Einthusan is right now not available in several regions.

    Of course, it’s a big upset for Indian TV shows and movies fans!

    If your region is deprived of Einthusan but you would still love to stream your favorite content without any disruption, stay with us. Down here, we are listing some go-to streaming websites that serve the same purpose as Einthusan – streaming high-quality, underrated and cool Indian content.

    Top 21 Best Alternatives Of Einthusan – Enjoy Non-Stop, LEGAL Streaming!

    Here are the must-try Einthusan alternatives that will give you even better streaming experience.

    1. FMovies

    FMovies - alternatives for einthusan

    When it comes to streaming all free through a great category of content, FMovies comes on the top of the list after Einthusan. Just like Einthusan, it has a collection of almost all old and recent movies and TV shows, even those that you would hardly find on your TV.

    The neat and clean interface prompts you to separate watching categories. FMovies has an embedded player that gives you an option to turn on the subtitles. You have the liberty to watch your desired shows both in Full HD and even in 4K resolution. All you need to do is sign up for a free account. All the premium features packed in a single platform makes it the Best Einthusan Alternatives so far. Although if you want to look for more, read more.

    2. 123Movies

    123Movies - alternatives for einthusan

    Who hasn’t heard of 123Movies being the most reliable FREE reliable streaming website out there. With hundreds of thousands of movies lying all available out there, 123Movies is liked by everyone. From Hollywood to Bollywood, you are guaranteed to see all types of content.

    123Movies gives you an access to search your desired movie through country, genre, or even the year released. Another reason why people call this platform the most user-friendly one.

    3. Putlocker

    Putlocker - alternatives for einthusan

    Another popular alternative for Einthusan is Putlocker that brings up a number of movies upon a single search on an intuitive homepage. You can switch from illegal websites like Einthusan to Putlocker easily without having to compromise on the quality of Indian content.

    Search with the help of IMDB rating or your preferred genres, you’d find everything there!

    4. Yes! Movies

    Yes! Movies - alternatives for einthusan

    Yes! Movies release movies and TV shows shortly after they are released on official websites. You don’t have to wait longer to watch the high-quality, pirated versions of your favorite movies. One example is “The Witcher” releasing within merely 10 days right after its official release on Netflix.

    5. CMovies

    CMovies - alternatives for einthusan

    What every fan wants is their easy access to all their potentially favorite TV shows and movies, be them Indian or Hollywood, without any interruption. And that’s what CMovies is made for. If you are fine to compromise with the resolution’s quality, then CMovies streamlined with millions of movies to stream, would be the best alternative for Einthusan for you.

    6. Vumoo

    Vumoo - alternatives for einthusan

    The crystal clear and intuitive homepage of Vumoo prompts you to the thumbnails of hundreds of recently released and popular movies. Upon clicking them, you will be redirected to a video player where you can enjoy your favorite content with zero lag. Availability of even underrated Indian TV shows make it similar to Einthusan.

    7. Watch Free

    Watch Free - alternatives for einthusan

    Among many streaming websites, one free, intuitive platform is Watch Free where you can enjoy HD quality content just by signing up. It has covered almost all the genres. All you need to do is register yourself on their website and search any movie for a 1080p resolution result!

    Doesn’t it make up a competitive Einthusan alternative?

    8. Look Movie

    Look Movie - alternatives for einthusan

    Look Movie has a little touch of professional streaming websites when it comes to their homepage design – making it an easy alternative to Einthusan. Upon clicking your desired show or movie, you are redirected to a video player where you can start streaming with your preferred resolution.


    VEX MOVIES - alternatives for einthusan

    Another alternative that comes totally free and packed with latest movies and TV shows is VEX MOVIES. It has a streamlined interface with movie thumbnails. You can choose each category according to your preferred genre.

    10. GO STREAM

    GO STREAM - alternatives for einthusan

    With no doubts whatsoever, GO STREAM is one the best alternatives of Einthusan or even better as it doesn’t pop up any ads or advertisements like the rest of the streaming websites. Download your shows to watch later or stream NOW, GO STREAM has got you covered with its latest collection.

    11. Eros Now

    Eros Now

    If you are more of a legally streaming person, then Eros Now is your way to go. You can subscribe to their application or visit their website for a one-time subscription like Einthusan ad-free experience. Eros Now has an exclusive collection of all the Bollywood content you would love to the core. Also, enjoy a 50% discount on annual subscription plans of Eros Now.

    12. Hungama


    Another legal and smart Indian streaming platform on the line is Hungama which is liked by millions of fans due to its neat and clean interface and fast performance. Enjoy streaming in different languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Hollywood, Bollywood, Dubbed, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Rajasthani, etc. over Hungama and make your weekend lively! No-ads free experience and availability of new, latest, or older Indian content make it the ideal alternative of Einthusan.

    13. HotStar


    It is almost impossible to forget HotStar in the list of best Indian streaming platforms. HotStar has a clean and intuitive interface where users smoothly stream their favorite shows, music, movies, or even live sports matches. What else do you want to capture your favorite streaming moments? With zero ads experience and no advertisement, you get all the entertainment for FREE – of course, you don’t need no registration to get going.

    14. YouTube Movies

    YouTube Movies

    YouTube Movies is the most efficient replacement of the Einthusan app. You don’t have to hustle to explore different websites. Just get on YouTube Movies and watch any latest movie show or movie you want. Having more than 78 Million subscribers, YouTube Movies has almost all kinds of streaming content lined up.

    15. Voot


    Need a single streaming platform for all your steaming needs, that too, for free? You wouldn’t find a better, FREE streaming platform than Voot. Without having to pay a penny, you are sure to watch a number of great Indian content. However, you must register yourself before streaming.

    16. Zee5


    Just like Einthusan, Zee5 has a streamlined, user-friendly app for ease of use. However, you must register yourself for seamless streaming. It comes with a variety of genres containing Indian movies in almost all languages.

    17. YuppTV


    YuppTV is a pirated, illegal movies streaming website. But worry not; it won’t harm you in any way. If you want to stick to watching a long list of Indian content on seamless streaming websites, YuppTV should be your priority. All the premium features included make YuppTV an ideal addition to your streaming experience and a good alternative to Einthusan.

    18. HindiLinks4u


    What could be a more convenient platform which is targeted around your Indian content if you are a Hindi movies and TV shows lover? HindiLinks4u has it all for you. Within a single platform, you get to stream tons of Indian content in 9 different languages. It makes HindiLinks4u the best alternative for Einthusan.

    19. BoxTV


    One of the best user-friendly and high-quality alternatives of Einthusan is BoxTV which comes with 1000+ live TV channels. BoxTV offers Indian content with a plethora of exciting genres. Watch movies in your preferred languages such as Malayalam, Urdu, Kannada, Oriya, Punjabi, Marathi, English, etc. It’s all under your belt. You can also set yourself up a subscription box that comes with even more modified features.

    20. Amazon Prime

    Amazon Prime

    How about a platform with hundreds of thousands of all genres’ content within minimal price to pay? Amazon Prime has it all with a plethora of Indian, Telugu, Tamil, Hollywood, etc. content. Bright side, it is a legal platform where you can subscribe easily by paying minimum charges. All the recent and old Indian content can be found easily once you are done registering Amazon Prime! Doesn’t it sound like the best legal alternative for Einthusan?

    21. SonyLiv


    If you want a direct, corresponding platform to fulfill your streaming desires, you would find SonyLiv the best alternative for Einthusan. It has a great collection of Indian and South Indian streaming content that you would never get tired of. Subscribe once and you are all set to stream away your boredom!

    In A Word

    No doubt, Einthusan is a hub of Indian TV shows and streaming content which is hard to find elsewhere. But it doesn’t change the fact that Einthusan is an illegal, streaming platform which has been banned in many regions. If your region falls into one of the banned ones, you must try some worthy alternatives. Our list of 21 best streaming alternatives of Einthusan could be super-helpful for you.

    Do use and tell us in the comment section which one remained the best for absolute Indian content!


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