Whether you are a writer, visual artist, musician or performance artist, it is important that you keep growing and challenging your creativity so you can become better at your craft. Keeping your creative juices flowing also helps you find your niche and understand yourself better as an artist. You will get to know your strengths and weakness and try to compensate when the need arises.

    To help you become better at your craft, here are some tips and habits that you need to follow.

    Travel And Take Photos

    Experience the world through travel. This will help you find inspiration in nature, people, culture and stories you hear around. Traveling keeps you more grounded and becomes more relatable, which is very important for an artist who needs to connect to their audience.

    Just a tip: bring a camera with you when traveling to save all your memories. If you are a beginner, a compact digital camera is good enough for you. It is light and portable, so it is great to carry around when you are moving from one place to another. If you are a more experienced photographer, a mirrorless camera is better for its portability and advance features.

    Read Books That Inspire You

    Reading helps you clear your mind and find inspiration. It can be a self-help book like “How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie or “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” by Richard Carlson. You can also read fictional stories that will make you imagine. If you are not into reading, coffee table books are good to try. They’re full of illustrations and are perfect for light browsing.

    Learn The Latest News In Your Art

    Get updated on the latest news and happenings around your craft. Let us say you are a photographer. What new cameras are out? What new Sony lenses are coming? Are there new hip places to shoot at? Is the DJI drone worth buying? Is the Rode Interview Go a good lapel microphone? Are there photographer seminars you can attend?

    Are There Photographer Seminars You Can Attend?

    Getting involve in your community and understanding the latest technology helps you find inspiration and learn ways who you can hone your creative ability.

    Sleep, Take A Rest

    Do not deprive yourself of sleep. Taking enough sleep helps you clear your mind and become more at peace. By taking a rest, exercising and eating the right food, you become healthier. You can connect with your spirit better and see inspiration easier the moment it comes. You also gain more energy to move and turn your imagination into reality.

    Do Volunteer Work

    If you can find volunteer activities in your neighborhood, try joining one. This will help you meet and interact with people and hear stories that will inspire you. You can attend a church’s feeding program or student-parents’ activities at school. Involve yourself in activities that will help you connect and feel inspired.

    These are just some of many ways you can improve your creative skills. Becoming a master of your craft is incredibly difficult, but if you really are passionate about what you are doing, you can find muse in your day-to-day activities that will help squeeze your creative juices out.


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