Although it’s clear that social media marketing will appeal to millennials, email marketing should not be overlooked. If you use the following tips as a reference, you may create a successful email marketing campaign that millennials won’t want to miss out on. With help from an SEO agency in London, here’s how to use email marketing for millenials!

    Is email still popular among young people? Is it even relevant to them?

    Many marketers make the error of disregarding tried-and-true marketing tactics in order to stand out to younger audiences. However, this is a costly blunder to make. There’s a reason why some marketing strategies are more popular than others, and although millennials may have their own shopping patterns, they’re still human beings.

    Email Engagement Tactics For Attracting Younger Consumers

    So, you’re aware that today’s millennials are keeping an eye on their mailboxes, but how do you set yourself apart from the competition? How can you get your email to connect with your audience rather than being deleted without a second thought? Use the following items as a checklist to ensure that you’re ready.

    1. Less is More

    Although Millennials, like previous generations, have shorter attention spans than their elders, this isn’t absolute. This isn’t exactly the case for all millennials, but it’s worth noting. As a result of this, your marketing emails should be kept to a reasonable minimum.

    The latest generation of search engines like Google has taken advantage of the internet to target millions of internet users all over the world. Minimalism draws in people without turning them away by using just the right colors and typeface.

    Reduce as many emails as possible. Make a point of getting to the point while avoiding any distractions. The primary goal is to make the experience as simple and pleasant as feasible.

    2. Make It Easy and Comfortable.

    Consumers nowadays want to deal with a firm that they can trust; one that will respect them. The days of pushy call-to-actions and robotic tactics are long gone. Begin a discussion with your consumers to gain their confidence.

    Slack is a good example. Slack has a pleasant and approachable tone of voice, which is reflected in all they do. Their homepage, as you can see below, is extremely basic in nature. It’s to the point and most importantly, it’s comfortable.

    3. It’s All About The Visuals

    The majority of millennials were raised in a culture dominated by visuals. You won’t have to rely on chunky blocks of text any longer, as there are far more interesting ways to express yourself.

    4. Transparency is Key

    Millennials have been raised online, making them more sensitive to fraudulent advertising and false personas.
    Transparency is so important today that it is difficult to discover a contemporary brand that does not consider it. When it comes to this conundrum, there’s no point in seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses.

    As transparent as possible about what you’re providing is the best approach. Open up about the principles that define your brand; solicit feedback from your target audience. You must once again avoid using a wary, defensive tone with your email.

    5. Mix Up The Schedules

    Email marketing requires a lot of studies. Studying your target audience’s behaviour can help you determine when they are most receptive to emails. You’ll have a better feel for when consumers will convert once you’ve made these arrangements.

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