FB Touch is not the most commonly used FB app. But it’s efficient and worth trying. Continue reading to find out if the app is right for you or not.

    When we hear the application name, FB Touch, we think that it is another name for the original Facebook app available for touch screens.

    If you are like most other people who use Facebook in modern days, you wouldn’t understand that FB Touch – or Facebook Touch – was a separate app developed for H5 Applications to allow the use of this platform on touch screens.

    Why would they do so? Does this app have any benefit over the FB app you are using on your smartphone right now? What else you should know about the app?

    This post will cover everything you should know about FB Touch allowing you the luxury to compare it with your current app and make a decision to switch or not to switch.

    When And Why

    When And Why
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    No, FB Touch is not a new app rolled out by Facebook. In fact, it’s as old as the launch of the touch screen. The app was designed to cater to users’ expected transitions from desktops towards touch screens. Consequently, it promised seamless socializing everywhere and every minute.

    It seems that the app succeeded in delivering its promises. Yet, it failed to attract its deserved attention. What was the reason that prevented it from entering the everyday lives of most of the Facebook users?

    It can be because of the availability of alternatives. You see, FB Touch wasn’t the only way users could access the social media platform.

    They can use the Spectrum mobile web route to do so as well. And because they were already trained in using the platform in the browser, switching to an app that was slightly different from the browser-based platform seemed unnecessary to them.

    As the popularity of touch screens grew so does the available options for socializing through Facebook. People started using other Facebook apps such as Facebook, Facebook Lite, and Messenger.

    This increased volume of alternatives eliminated the need for the FB Touch app.

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    FB Touch Pros and Cons


    But the availability of other options isn’t a justifiable reason to ditch an app that offers better graphics and a superior user interface, is it?

    There must be other reasons that kept people from adopting it. Let’s see some cons or shortcomings of the app that prevented people from using it much. It’s not a mainstream option. The app isn’t as advertised and marketed as the other options available for the platform.

    Not many people know about it so the number of people who are thrown into this decision is already small, to begin with. The app’s security could be improved. While most other apps from Facebook are SSL certified, FB Touch doesn’t come with such luxury.

    It’s a major concern for most FB users as they have to share personal information via this channel with their loved ones.

    An absence of an SSL certificate may mean that third parties can easily access this shared information and this potential breach of security is not tolerable by most users.

    Unlike other Facebook apps, it’s not easy for users to download FB Touch from the play store. You have to download it directly from the website and the installation process is not as simple as most one-click installations we get for our smartphone apps.


    If you want to download this app, you have to search it using the browser which will direct you to an APK site for further processing.

    Now you may be thinking that this app is useless with only cons highlighted by the users. You will be surprised that this is not the case. Although it may appear less promising because of security issues and difficult installation, you will find many benefits that will make up for these issues. The following paragraph will discuss the benefits of this app over its counterparts.

    The user experience is smooth and flawless. The app is based on HTML 5. The applications that are developed using this technology are known for their ease of handling and UI. The same standard of performance appears in its intuitive processes.

    Another benefit that’s unique to this app is the superior graphics it allows. The application uses touch screen responsiveness on top of mobile responsiveness that is present in all other mobile apps for Facebook.

    This extra layer of responsiveness improves its graphics and allows you to enjoy better images and video on the go. One feature that distinguishes it from other apps is its ability to perform at even lower bandwidth. You don’t have to connect to a 4G network to use this app.

    In fact, the earlier generations of internet connection were enough for this app to operate. The best part is that this fact hasn’t changed over the years. The app has other efficiency benefits as well. For example, it’s not a burden on your phone taking up only a small part of the whole storage space available in your device. It’s light and easy to work with. On top of that, it is easy on the device’s battery.

    And you can use it on your Apple devices just as well! If you think its pros outweigh its cons, find the process of downloading it below.

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    How To Download FB Touch In 2022

    How To Download FB Touch In 2022
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    Browse the term Download FB Touch in your browser. Before you click the download button, you have to allow file downloading from unknown sources. Do so from your mobile settings. The next step is to allow the installation to begin. The download may ask for certain permissions.

    After that, the installation is complete and you have to enter your credentials to log in and use the app.

    How To Use FB Touch Without Downloading

    How To Use FB Touch Without Downloading
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    If you don’t want to download the app but still want to use it, you can access it through your mobile browser. The URL you use to get to the page is touch.facebook.com

    Just like in downloading, you have to allow your phone to allow files and download from unknown sources. You can do that by clicking the three vertical dots on the top right of your browser tab. The social media login page will show up then requesting your credentials.

    After you have finished using the app, you should immediately sign out of it. Again, keep in mind that that app doesn’t support an SSL certificate and can be prone to hacking attempts. Signing out of this app is also simple.

    Using the icon on the top right corner, you can select the logout option to safely exit.

    Do You Need FB Touch?

    Not every FB user prefers this app. Other than security, change in UI is the reason preventing them from switching.

    But if you don’t share private information across this platform and want to access it irrespective of the internet speed you are getting, FB Touch may prove more suitable for you than other apps.

    Take Away

    FB Touch might not be the most famous FB app for smartphones. Because of its lack of popularity, you may assume that the app is good for nothing.

    Beware, it’s just an assumption and the app is perfect for those who struggle with poor connectivity or those who want to enjoy superior graphics. If these conditions define you, you are the perfect user for the app. But before proceeding to download it, know that the app doesn’t come with an SSL certificate a lacking that raises a huge red flag on the security of any app.


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