Amazon has emerged as one of the greatest tech giants in recent years. So much so that it has begun to give Apple and Google a run for their money. Amazon first released its first-ever video streaming device called cc to compete with Apple TV and Google’s Chromecast back in 2014.

    Since then, Amazon has gotten into its stride by introducing My Firestick, a portable version of Fire TV in the shape of a USB device that can be plugged into your TV’s HDMI port.

    Its small size does not restrict it from providing an enhanced streaming experience in 4k. Nevertheless, everything has its ups and downs so does the critically acclaimed pinky-sized My Firestick.

    Users have often complained about the device behaving peculiarly, including restarting by itself without any indication or warning.

    This problem regarding the auto-restart has plagued users for a long time. Fortunately, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    We will share some of the most effective ways to troubleshoot the problem for good. But first, we have to root out the cause of this predicament.

    Why Does My Firestick Keep Restarting?

    There could be a number of reasons why this is happening. The most common cause is an inconsistent power supply to the device.

    Without a proper power intake, it is likely that your device is power cycling again and again. Other possible causes could be related to hardware or software.

    Nevertheless, this article will share some quick fixes to help troubleshoot the issue so that you can enjoy a hassle-free experience with your Firestick.

    How to Troubleshoot Firestick Restarting – Basic Fix

    Before delving into the whole debugging process, let us try the basics and see if the problem gets fixed or not. If the problem persists, the first thing you ought to do is follow the steps listed below:

    1. Unplug the Firestick from the TV.
    2. Switch off your TV and wait for a few seconds before turning it on again.
    3. Once the TV comes back on, plug back the Firestick in it and wait for the device to connect.
    4. Lastly, reboot your Firestick.

    Most of the time, the steps mentioned above solve the problem for users as they involve a fresh reboot of the Firestick. However, if your problem persists, and still the question lingers as to why does my Firestick keep restarting, then some additional measures could be required on your part. Applying one of these methods usually fixes the issue. Let’s shed light on every possible fix.

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    Additional Fixes to Tackle the Firestick Restarting Issue

    If you are reading this, it means your problem still lingers. This could be an indication that the problem is more complicated. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean it cannot be solved.

    The only hindrance is pinpointing the exact cause of the restart. Don’t worry, though. We have got you covered. We will go through all the possible fixes to ensure your Firestick is returned to functioning properly.

    1- Always Opt for Original Accessories

    Always Opt for Original Accessories

    If you are one of those people who tend to connect any USB cable to your device that you find lying around, you are not alone. Most people do that. Laziness is the primary reason.

    Instead of looking for the official misplaced cable, they just plug in any other cable they could find without regarding the entailing consequences.

    This tactic could work in smartphones, but this compromise is unacceptable when it comes to Amazon’s Firestick! Emerging as a household name in the tech industry, Amazon demands that all its products be used with the accompanying accessories.

    Not doing so could result in malfunctions like the one being discussed. So instead of thinking to yourself, ‘why does my Firestick keep restarting?’ you could run to the store and grab a genuine USB device.

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    2- Acquiring a New Genuine USB Cable

    USB Cable

    Suppose the problem is caused by the original USB cable being faulty. In that case, you can easily claim its warranty if eligible. If you have misplaced the original cable, you can easily find a replacement online or at any tech store.

    Don’t look for cheaper alternatives, as they ultimately ruin your streaming experience. What’s more, the branded USB cables come with an extended life span compared to local ones that go haywire in less than a month or two.

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    3- Changing the Power Adapter

    Changing the Power Adapter

    If you believe that the USB cable is not the culprit, try changing the power adaptor. It is possible that your power adaptor is not providing sufficient power for the Firestick to run smoothly.

    Amazon’s Firestick is usually accompanied by a 1 Amp adapter. Switching to a 2 Amp adapter since it can provide more power to the device might do the trick.

    4- Plugging the Adaptor Directly Into the Power Outlet

    Plugging the Adaptor Directly Into the Power Outlet

    One could never fully trust a USB cable, can they? Your Firestick can be powered up directly through the power outlet instead of using a USB cable that limits the flow of electricity.

    This way, your Firestick can access as much power as it needs to function properly. This could potentially fix your rebooting issue.

    5- Detaching Any USB Extension Cable from the Device

    Detaching Any USB Extension Cable From the Device

    Check if your Firestick has additional USB extensions connected to it. In that case, it may be causing the device to restart again and again because the power has been shared by the extension and your Firestick equally.

    Since Firestick requires an adequate power supply, unplugging the extension would allow it to utilize the power necessary to run without any hiccups.

    5- Disabling HDMI CEC Device Control

    Disabling HDMI CEC Device Control

    Amazon’s Firestick supports the HDMI CEC feature, allowing you to control your TV with the Firestick remote. Therefore, it is likely that CEC is meddling with your Firestick’s functionality.

    By turning off HDMI CEC, the restart issue could be fixed. Having multiple HDMI CEC devices connected to your TV often results in technical faults; therefore, you must confirm that only one HDMI CEC is linked while using Firestick to ensure smooth functionality.

    Alternatively, you could disable the feature altogether. This can be done by going to Settings>Display & Sounds>HDMI CEC Device Control>Turn Off.

    6- Making Sure That Your Firestick Firmware is Up-to-Date


    For any Firestick device to work optimally, all updates must be installed into it as they arrive. Since every new update or patch promises improved functionality, they can also eliminate existing bugs and glitches prior to the update. In this case, device restarting issue.

    If you haven’t updated your Firestick until now, maybe now is the time to do it. You cannot expect smooth performance without updating your device while scratching your head to figure out ‘why does my Firestick keep restarting?’.

    To avoid the hassle of updating the device manually, you can enable the option to install updates automatically.

    This way, you are more likely to avoid hitting any snags.

    If you are unsure whether you have the latest version installed, you can check for updates by going to Settings>My Fire TV>About>Check for System Update. If any updates are indeed available, we would recommend installing them.

    7- Resetting Your Firestick

    Resetting Your Firestick

    If the methods mentioned above do not fix your issue, then there is only one thing left to do. Formatting your Firestick and restoring it to factory settings.

    There’s a possibility that the onset of Firestick’s reboot cycle is the direct result of too many apps being installed on it.

    The stored cache of heavy-duty applications can affect the device’s performance. Getting rid of all the apps and their data would lift the load from your device and possibly break the restart loop.

    8- Try Running Your Firestick on Another TV

    Try Running Your Firestick

    Just to make sure that the problem is internal and not external, try plugging your Firestick into another TV. Some TVs are not compatible with certain devices.

    This could be the case with your TV. Test the Firestick on another TV to see if the reboot cycle occurs. Also, the heat produced by TVs is usually radiated onto the Firestick, resulting in your Firestick to keep restarting.

    Use an extension cord to keep a good distance between your Firestick and TV to prevent such a scenario. You could ask any of your friends or relatives who might own a smart TV to check your Firestick.

    Alternatively, you could run to an electronics store and ask to get the device checked there. All you have to do is ask one simple question, ‘Why does my Firestick keep restarting?’

    9- Parting Comments on Why Does My Firestick Keep Restarting

    After trying all the suggested fixes, if the restart problem persists, the issue is likely related to the software. In that case, it would be best to contact Amazon’s Customer Support. Make sure to explain the dilemma as comprehensively as possible.

    Do not forget to mention all the troubleshooting maneuvers you have tried because it is highly likely the Amazon representative would suggest them. Alternatively, you can take your Firestick to a nearby service center and have it examined to get an expert opinion.

    It is understandable how frustrating it gets when you cannot stream your favorite TV shows and movies due to minor hindrances like a reboot loop.

    Running from pillar to post all over the internet to find fixes for such problems is common. Hopefully, this article helped resolve your issue, and you are back to enjoying your favorite TV shows and movies once again!

    In the future, if you end up running into this predicament again, you wouldn’t have to ask yourself the same question: why does my Firestick keep restarting you would have a bunch of solutions at your disposal.

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