It is really the new black of today – getting fit, ripped, and strong. All around the world people of all ages devote their free time to do the exercises that will make them look better and will make them feel better. And most of those people want to do their exercises on their own, where they feel comfortable, not in the crowd of sweaty bodybuilders under the soul-crushing stare of a fitness coach. Thus the internet is their key to success. What can be easier, dare I say? You just feel like doing some push-ups, take your smartphone and choose the course you need. Easy as can be, of course.

    But still, there will be some problems if you want to do all that using a search bar. Countless videos, numerous online courses, and different opinions on what to do and how and when, and so on. There should be some help to navigate through all this mess. And the right kind of helper in that case is a fitness tracker app. And when people need something, they will pay for it. So, we kindly offer this fitness tracker app development guide, just in case.

    What is a Fitness Tracker App

    What is a Fitness Tracker App

    A fitness tracker app spies on you, what a surprise! Seriously speaking – it gathers your personal data needed to improve your health. Like, as how many miles you have walked during the day, your pulse rate, your blood pressure, and many more things that will let the app draw a symbolic picture of your physical state.

    Eventually, the app looks at what it got and shows you what is wrong and what you have to do with it. When you realize how much work is ahead of you, the app will let you get in touch with a coach you like, and will tell you what kind of equipment you will need to do your exercises and what kind of exercises to do.

    Of course, to get all these kinds of help users to have to buy the app. That will be much cheaper than paying for a local gym anyway. So, fitness tracker app development is a key part of making your fitness start-up really profitable. It will not only give you some money from users but will also attract them to your personal commercial platforms and social media accounts. The subscribers and fans, yes – they will take your courses and you will prosper.

    What is a Must

    There are lots of different things that can attract more people to a fitness app. When the fitness tracker app development is in the process those useful things should be used, that’s for sure.

    Workouts are actually what most people look for when they need to get in shape. So they have to be offered in different varieties and easily filtered by duration and difficulty. More than this, if an app will show pulse rate and other health data during a workout session it will totally get into users’ “favorite apps” list. So they will pay more and will recommend your app to their friends. Neat!

    Achievements can become a stimulus of sorts when it comes to finishing a set of exercises. You can add some achievements that will get unlocked during the workout sessions and will show the progress of the users. People like to see good changes, you know.

    Notifications, although sometimes annoying, are what make people remember about their difficult but very important task of getting healthy. So it is essential to include workout notifications in the app during the fitness tracker app development process.

    The adjustable profile is also a very good thing – it is great to see your progress and communicate with other people. Useful features, sure thing.

    Fitness Tracker App Development

    Fitness Tracker App Development

    First of all, a fitness tracker app should be easy to use. Just a few taps and the exercises shall begin. That’s a task for the UX/UI team – to make the main features easily accessible, especially when the main feature is video lessons.

    Every video should have a description. The filters are essential for finding the workout types and classes. It should also be available to use the app offline – partially at least – so when the connection gets bad the videos would still play, preloaded. The progress data should be always easily accessible and nicely visualized.

    After the design is done it is very important to make the app available on multiple platforms. Today people want apps that follow them wherever they go and work on different devices, depending on the user’s choice. A user might want to make a personal schedule in the app using his smartphone, then, when the time comes, use that same app on the TV screen to do the exercises, and during the whole day that same app should work on his smartwatch, gathering the physical data needed for successful training sessions. The sync is essential for the apps today, don’t forget that during the tracker fitness app development.

    It might also be quite a wise move to adjust geographic sensors and maps in the app, so the barometers, altimeters, accelerometers, and other cool things would also provide the daily routes on a digital map. If the app will be able to use such data to build new possible routes for training – that will be a real magnet for new users.
    People love when their work is done by someone else, that’s obvious. It would also be great to link your fitness app with music streaming services – music helps to exercise, which is a fact that should never be ignored when the fitness tracker app development process had begun.


    A fitness tracker app is really worth it if you want to raise some formidable funds and if you have some funds to invest. Just don’t make it too expensive, let the users pay step by step. Fitness tracker app development may cost more than half a hundred thousand USD, but such sort of app will exist in a very popular commercial direction, bringing you money all the time.

    As we said before, people love getting fit, ripped, and strong. All they need is a very simple app that will make their life easier. So it’s up to you. Fair money is the best money.


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