Kansas City is one of the most gorgeous, prestigious cities in the US. If you’re a homeowner in Kansas City, you likely take a lot of pride in keeping your property secure, safe, and eye-catching. When foundational issues occur, you must hire a foundation repair pro to help you fix the problem fast. Six high-quality foundation repair methods are likely to be recommended to you in such a scenario:

    Foundation Repair
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    1. Concrete Piers

    Concrete piers are set deep down into the ground and are made specifically for your home’s soil and foundation depth. Because of the highly customized nature of concrete piers, they are a go-to method for most foundation repair companies (especially those in Kansas City). You are providing your home with sturdy support that will last for many years, much like steel piers (which we will cover later on in this list).

    For conditions that are warm and mild, concrete is typically thought to be the best material. All of this being said, concrete piers can also be one of the more expensive methods of repairing a home’s foundation. Kansas City foundation repair services can help you determine which method is right for your home’s unique needs.

    2. High-Density Polyurethane Foam

    High-density polyurethane foam is excellent for foundation emergencies. When you need repairs done fast, most foundation repair companies will consider using high-density polyurethane in some form or another. Because it is readily available and rises swiftly, it is frequently chosen to raise residential concrete, roadways, or foundation repairs that must be made quickly or covertly.

    High-density polyurethane foam comes in more than ten different varieties and is employed in a variety of ways. Depending on where your Kansas City home is located, the type of foam used for your home’s foundational repairs can differ drastically. Having a contractor who knows what type of foam to use is essential to keeping your home’s foundation secure.

    3. Slab Jacking

    Slab jacking is a method frequently used to restore concrete foundations, particularly when the concrete is sinking, and putting the home at risk of collapsing. Instead of replacing your concrete, a specialist drills carefully positioned holes in your home’s foundation.

    Pros then use tiny hoses to inject a grout or foam mixture underneath your foundation, aiding in its rapid rise. While this process can be confusing for most, professional foundation repair operations use it to great effect. Additionally, by selecting this alternative, you could possibly save thousands of dollars and have your home’s foundation fixed much more quickly than if you had to install a brand-new concrete foundation.

    4. Helical Piers

    Helical piers, which are most frequently used in places with difficult soil, use steel with helices to enable beams to be driven deeply into the earth, stabilizing your Kansas City home as a result. Helical piers have the same strengthening advantages as steel piers in many cases but can sometimes cost more in the long run.

    Only go with this option if it’s specifically recommended by a professional, and you’ll be certain that you’re choosing the best foundational repair method for your Kansas City home’s needs.

    5. Masonry Patches

    Masonry repairs and sealants might assist and strengthen trouble locations if your house already has a concrete foundation laid down. If your home is showing major signs of foundational wear and tear, masonry patches may be one of your best options. To patch problem swaths of concrete yourself, you should look for vinyl products.

    It’s a solid substance that supports your concrete foundation with hard substances like vinyl resin and cement thanks to its strong adhesive characteristics and quick drying times. That being said, professionals can do this job in a much more efficient fashion, so spending the extra cash to ensure the repairs stick is highly recommended for homeowners in Kansas City.

    6. Steel Piers

    Steel piers are frequently suggested by structural engineers for stabilizing or restoring a compromised foundation. Steel is very useful for strengthening homes that have started to settle or slope unevenly. When you take precautions to safeguard your home’s foundation, steel may endure up to one-hundred-and-fifty years as a material and is intended to support very large and heavy structures.

    It’s tough to go wrong with your foundation repairs if you use steel pier methods. This makes the product ideal for many types of homes across the US, but especially for homes in Kansas City. If you want your home to last for decades, you should ask about steel pier products.

    Keep Your Kansas City Home Sturdy in 2023

    By choosing the right foundation repair method, you can ensure your home remains secure and steady throughout 2023 (and beyond). Thankfully, professionals can look at your home’s foundation and building history, and quickly determine which type of foundational repair method will best serve your Kansas City home.

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