For Loved Ones

    There are friends who make your social bank assets. Then there are friends who make your family. They make parts of your soul lost somewhere out there in the world. And you want to keep reminding them of their importance. There is no better time for this reminder than in the mornings and nights.

    Let them know you are thinking of them using these good morning messages for bestie:

    • Please open your door and part your curtains. I have asked the sunshine to carry my love and smiles to you. Let it in!
    • Last night, I dreamt about you. It seems my day is going to be blessed. I hope the same for you!
    • A true friendship like ours is far more unconditional and honest than many other relations. It’s both liberating and supporting.
    • My hope, my rock, and my oxygen and lifeline! You live in my heart. Don’t forget!
    • If you ever feel let down by the world, remember the confidence I have in you. Know that what I reflect on you is the real you. Believe it!
    • This is the first message I send out today to the most treasured person I have. May life treats you with love!
      My day is filled with enthusiasm and energy that only results from thinking about you. Sending some portion of this energy to you to rejoice!
    • Another day has begun. You have to shine again – for yourself, for your loved ones, and for the world we are breathing in.
    • I can’t remember the day our friendship started! Maybe there wasn’t a start. It’s just eternal.
    • Who says the world is a cruel place?! It’s holy and blessed because it is home to beautiful and kind souls like you!
    • Life can be a rollercoaster ride sometimes. But know that whatever situation arises and however busy we get, you remain my priority!

    For Morning Lovers

    If you are a morning lover, this is the time to connect with your tribe. Don’t overdo it because, after all, mornings are for me-time. Here are some quick good morning quotes for friends.

    • O, beautiful soul! The serenity of the rising sun reminds me of your light. I am grateful for both. But I can’t decide which feeling of gratitude is more intense.
    • Night has ended but our dreams have only begun. You can rise to the top to get them accomplished. Never doubt it!
    • Okay human! Wake up! Your morning coffee has gone on break and has asked me to accompany you during her absence. Let’s talk to wake up.
    • Wanna stay alone to enjoy the dawn? I won’t bother you unless it’s about reminding you how much I miss you, my flower.
    • That morning coffee you take with excess sugar is not a replacement for a proper breakfast! Be a good girl and get a hearty meal!
    • You must have woken up by now. If not, you are missing out on the scene this emerging sun is creating. Get up soon and charge your batteries!
    • Did you think that you can avoid me even for a few minutes by waking up earlier than me?! No way! I have pledged my life to bore you to death every single second of YOUR waking time! Good Morning!
    • Did you meet her?! Is it true the person you see in the morning has become even more loveable? How could she? Is there no limit to being loveable for you?
    • A new day is greeting you! It will be as magnificent as you had dreamt it to be.
    • I admit I want to be the first entry in your gratitude journal. I know that can be a huge demand. In that case, please allow my name to stay in the journal even if it’s in the last.
    • I finally woke up early today only because of you. I can’t allow you to live the time of your life alone and uninterrupted!

    For Fun-Lovers

    Wishing good morning to a friend shouldn’t be a chore. Keep it simple and fun. For example, I start my mornings by sharing my humor as good morning messages to my bestie.

    • I can’t believe it’s another day I am texting you first thing in the morning. I mean out of all gentlemen I am acquainted with, I never imagined I would stick to a rogue like you?!!
    • This is to remind you that you skipped out on chipping in for dinner once again last night. Get up and get lost before we break into your home to claim what belongs to us.
    • It’s another day to choose your outfit. I wish you would listen to me when I tell you not to fuss about it much. Nothing’s gonna look good on you anyway!
    • The party was great tonight. Now get up and spend these hours before sunrise cursing my name please so I sleep peacefully.
    • Let your bed have some rest! And give some warmth and nurturing to your coffee. Both have been waiting for your next move since morning.
    • Hi beautiful! You think your alarm sound could be louder. No! You don’t need more loudness. You want a toddler who could bite your nose if you remain sleeping once he has woken up!
    • Wake up giddy-head! A ghost lives in your bathroom mirror. Do yourself a favor and scare it away!
    • Good morning and best wishes for those who have to tolerate you once more today. Peace!
    • There are two types of people when dealing with a ringing alarm: first who remember the use of snooze and second who have to open their eyes every time to figure it out! You belong to the third one who doesn’t even register it rupturing neighbours’ eardrums.
    • May your coffee bring you at least enough motivation to help you make another shot.
    • Get up and admire the beautiful bloke in the mirror. Then, look carefully and notice the miserable broke in the mirror and run to make some cash!

    For Night Owls

    Encourage them to finally start with the day or encourage them to be themselves with these messages. Here are a few messages they would appreciate!

    • Good morning! I know it’s already noon but please check the message time. I sent it in the morning!
    • Did you catch the glimpse of the rising sun, finally? After years of waiting and trying, you must have succeeded in pushing the bedtime enough to get the dawn, now. Haven’t you?!
    • There are two kinds of people for how they wake up in the morning. Those who wake up refreshed and those who wake up giddy. You are the third one: you never wake up!
    • You thought it was a battle between your reality and your dreams. And your alarm clock thought it was its mere existence.
    • You really should start to wake up early to enjoy all the benefits that come with it. Once you have succeeded in knowing, do me a favor and fill me in about these marvelous aftermaths.
    • Why are people like you called night owls? Isn’t it disrespectful to a wise and knowledgeable creature like an owl? A better word should be night cockroach to emphasize your clinginess.
    • Go to sleep and stop scaring the fairies. My child is waiting for them for weeks now but they wouldn’t come knowing you were still awake with a broom in your hand!
    • Morning is the time of the day when you wake up. So, if you wake up at noon, would there be any problem if I start calling it morning for you? Good morning!
    • They say mornings are marvelous, enchanting, and fulfilling. I say they are filled with buzz and more buzz that comes from limited senses and a lot of caffeine.
    • Good Noon! If you want good morning messages to greet you when you finally wake up, you have to befriend people from the other side of the world. Otherwise, stick to the noon greetings from us!
    • Congratulations! You have won the competition for oversleeping. Your reward is another hour of sleep.

    For Monday-Haters

    So, you belong to the universal club of Monday-haters! Let’s celebrate!

    • Wake up! It’s only five days till you get to enjoy the next weekend.
    • It’s only Monday. You can put off your productivity to the next day or the next one to it. After Wednesday, the time is to look back and curse this Monday!
    • This is not the first day of another sluggish week. Rather, it’s another day full of opportunity.
    • The weekend comes only once a week. So does Monday! Live it today!
    • Don’t look at the to-do list. Look only at the biggest frog out of it. All you have to do is to brace yourself and eat it to get going.
    • It’s not a day. It’s a moment that we term as the present moment. This moment is enough. The work you are doing at this moment is crucial. Be mindful. That’s the mantra to get through a task, day, or week.
    • I know I appear selfish to ask for a favor but a sacrifice of your sleep is necessary for us to start our day! Please open your eyes so I can again believe in the dreams we have always been envisioning!
    • It might seem that today is not the most awaited day in your life. But remember that it’s one step closer to the one for which you are longing! Make it big so the big day of success can be as big as is anticipated.
    • The success of your day depends on the moment you decide between hitting or not hitting the snooze button. Be mindful of this decision!
    • Get up now – so you can live another week just as sluggishly and begrudgingly as the last one. Happy Monday!
      Change is the only constant in this world. Why wouldn’t this law not implement on the mornings? Believe in the power of change and hope for – and work towards – an energized and successful Monday!
    • Do you remember last Monday! You forgot to ready your outfit the night before and the barista messed up your order. This Monday is going to be just as messy! Feel free to hate it!
    • I know hating Mondays is a norm shared across all executives. But you were never part of the crowd, were you? You are a fighter and you can set your own standards! So rise and set the standard of loving Mondays!

    For Depressed Souls

    Be a ray of sunshine in their life with these sweet good morning messages for a friend.

    • I always knew that there are other people who are as weird, sensitive, and abnormal as me. Then I met you and my belief manifested. My precious friend! My tribe! I always have your back.
    • Sometimes it feels that you are left all alone. In those times of your life, I want you to remember me as a person who would always stay with you!
    • Sun rose again today! It means that the world has no intention of ending. It also means that there are good people out there. Hope is still alive.
    • It may seem difficult to step out of the bed and take care of yourself. But you have to do it. You have to because you can. Do it for you. Do it for the world which is brighter when you are part of it!
    • Success isn’t always about winning and achieving. Sometimes, it’s all just about being present, taking one breath at a time, and persisting! Sometimes, it’s only about not giving up!
    • Life couldn’t be worse than it already is. So it has only one way to move ahead and that’s it moving towards a better time and better situation!
    • Time is the most precious gift of life. And change is the most valuable attribute of this gift! It might not seem possible right now, but life will change for the better.
    • Life is not a collection of disconnected events. It builds on our past and shapes our future even if we don’t want to connect the dots. But we can influence this flow by being present in the moment we are living right now!

    For Your Team-Mate

    Let them know you appreciate their efforts.

    • Wake up! We can’t survive today without our Captain America!
    • Did you hear it? The whole office is cheering your name! We know we can win the battle with all the input you have for us! Now, come quickly we all want the coffee you brew!
    • Best motivation happens when your first text in the morning is from your boss telling you all the reasons your last project lacked quality! It’s both priceless and free.
    • I was wondering why everything was so calm and smooth in our office. Then I realized you haven’t arrived here yet!
    • We miss you, again! Please come and motivate us to make our company richer with no reward to us!
      Do you know some kids are earning millions of dollars having fun on their YouTube channels? And here we are, slaving away at our jobs earning pennies. Now get back to work and pretend to be the luckiest guy in the town.
    • Hi shithead! Wake up so you can fully appreciate the agony I am feeling at the thought of having to tolerate you one more day!

    For Mischievous Friends

    Here are some more doses of humor.

    • Good morning to the loveliest, most beautiful, and most charismatic person in the world. Oh, and good morning to you too!
    • Your toothpaste tastes like vanilla ice cream in the morning! You don’t believe me? Go on, try it!
    • We are planning a potluck breakfast. Please bring some croissants. If you want to know what I am bringing, let it be known that it’s a huge appetite.
    • When they say, ‘Good Morning’, I wish I can turn their wish into reality by going back to bed and doing – not good, but – the best thing one can do in the morning – sleep.
    • Dear friend, when I text Good Morning, know that I am actually cursing your name under my breath in the memory of the last pizza slice you stole from me.
    • Life is pathetic, hard, and unfair. There must be a solution to this mother of all troubles. For example, how about just not getting out of bed and waiting for all these shenanigans to end by themselves.
    • This is the first time in weeks for me to wake up on time and that’s all because of you! If you hadn’t visited me in my dream and hadn’t scared the shit out of me, I must be sleeping still. Thank you!
    • I know your dislike for mornings and I empathize. It’s just too difficult to face such an ugly face that you’ve got. But hey, I still love you!
    • Wake up and show some gratitude because I am ready to tolerate you for another day!
    • I know you believe in your dreams. But please let them see the light of the day or else you will start hating the nights of their hauntings.
    • Today, I prepared a hearty breakfast salad to start my day off on the right but my alarm went off. Now I am forced to eat the toast with butter.
    • They say mornings are cool. Well! WHO ARE THEY!!!
    • This message is not a reminder for you to start complaining about having to wake up so early! Please save your breath.


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