Hunting for the best laptop that comes with your needs is an arduous experience that busy people can’t do smoothly. There is cutthroat competition between tech firms. They adopt exceptional marketing strategies for their best sales. This makes users perplexed and they didn’t decide what to do and what not to do.

    In this modern era of technology, gadgets have become crucial for everyone in every industry. Modern and fast devices are launching every single day. Google is a well-known tech company, launching mind-blowing gadgets every day. Its laptop series, Google Pixelbook 12in has surprised tech users. It is offering fan fry laptops with minimum heat dissipation. Which is a remarkable feature of it.

    If you are curious to know about Google Pixelbook 12in, then you are at the right forum. Here we have compiled all the features of the Pixelbook. This is a very outstanding laptop with high-speed performance and provides a super cool experience to its users.

    Quick Attribute Review

    Operating systemChrome OS
    Display12.3 inches LCD touchscreen display
    MicrophoneTwo mics for improved noise cancelation
    Processor7th Gen Intel i5 processor
    RAM16 GB
    Battery timing10 hours
    AssistantBuilt-in google assistant
    KeyboardBacklit keyboard
    TrackpadSensitive glass trackpad
    Camera0.9 Mega Pixel
    AudioGood for loud sounds
    SensorsAmbient Light Sensor
    Charging port3.5mm port
    USB portsThree C-type USB ports

    Display of Google Pixelbook 12in

    Display of Google Pixelbook 12in
    Source: Alex Cranz / Gizmodo

    When making the decision to buy something, its display plays a crucial role. Google Pixelbook 12in offers 360 touchscreens with a resolution power of 2400 1600. It has a 12.3 inches screen with vibrant colors making the 4K video crystal clear. This is the first ever chrome book giving such a perfect display.

    The 3:2 aspect ratio display is somehow good. Its pixel density is not in competition with 4K screens but wide display angles and warm colors provide the best experience for normal use.

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    Google Pixelbook 12in is classically fascinating, it feels like a 1000-pound laptop. This is stylish enough to turn heads. Its outstanding look attracts users the most.

    The Smooth plain top back screen with an aluminum outer shell along with the logo of google on it. The rubber pad under the keyboard and sleek, transparent glass for the trackpad’s purpose makes it more attractive.

    The power button is googled customized, it is a thin aluminum slab with bright light embedded in it. The keyboard is aided by the backlight, which helps in smooth typing even in low light. The glassy broad trackpad is sensitive, thus helping in quick working.


    Google Pixelbook 12in offers C-type USB portals, an SD card reader, and a 3.5mm head jack. It has more than one connectivity option because of the broader side panel.

    Wireless connectivity has integrated Bluetooth 4.2 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

    The downside is it did not allow plugin A-type USBs or cables. It also does not have an HDMI port for them for LCDs to get mirroring.

    Memory and storage

    The storage and memory of any gadget tell its ranking, whether it comes with needs or not. This laptop has built-in 8 or 16 GB RAM, with 128, 256, or 512 GB of strong storage drive. The internal storage with these figures is better.
    Storage increase options are also available, you can get them by inserting an SD card. After that, you can easily download huge files and movies to watch offline.

    Battery lifespan

    Google Pixelbook 12in is supported by a 41-Watt Lithium cell that lasts up to 10 hours under normal use. Gaming and streaming obviously consume battery quickly. It also has a light and hall sensor.
    The 15-minute charging will stay for about 2 hours, which is quite good. The battery life span of this laptop is not brilliant, and this is its downside too. This laptop is quietly effective for normal working purposes.

    Software and Operating system

    Google Pixelbook 12in has chrome OS which is google designed Linux base system. Chrome operating system has many advantages, one of them is easy to use. Its built-in feature contains google chrome, docs, sheets, and much more.

    It has the ability to quickly connect with google based phones, which helps a lot. Its automatic software updating system helps users. It also provides access to android apps from Google’s play store, giving you larger numbers of games and informational apps to work.

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    Specifications of Google Pixelbook 12in

    Specifications of Google Pixelbook 12in
    • Google Assistant

    It provides you best assistance via google assistant which is easy to use. Just say “Ok Google” and simply start it.

    • Low weight

    Heavyweight laptops sometimes become too irritating. Because they cannot be handled easily. Its light weight makes it more attractive for traveling users.

    • 4-in-1 feature

    Its 4-in-1 quality makes it more worthy; you can use it as a laptop or as a tablet according to your ease.

    • Battery Lifespan

    Google Pixelbook 12in battery time is 10 hours, which is not much better. But in a series of chrome books, the Pixelbook 12in battery span is cool, as 15 minutes of charging stays for 2 hours.

    • Fat Speed

    The 7th generation intel core i5 processor helps increase its speed. Its fast speed makes it prominent; the laptop takes less than ten seconds to start. That’s quite astonishing.

    • Innovative Pixel Pen

    Pixel pen is a real gift for digital artists, pens provide a smooth drawing and writing experience. It is not an ordinary pen; you can increase or decrease its thickness by pressing it. The stylus is such an outstanding tool that makes your office work easier than usual.

    • Customization

    Everyone wants to customize their holding according to their taste. People customize their laptops in accordance with “justice league” and anime characters. But what if you have to customize the storage of your PC? Google Pixelbook 12in can also be changed. For extra efficiency, it can be combined with up to 512GB of NV Me memory and 16GB of RAM.

    • Fan-Free Technology

    Forget all about old cooling in laptops. Google Pixelbook 12in is fan fry technology with low heat dissipation. Now there are no worries about overheating and cooling of the pixelbook.

    • Webcam

    Google failed to give excellent camera quality to its users. Google Pixelbook 12in offers a webcam of only1080 Pixels. These pixels are gone for those who have to attend online meetings and video chats.
    The webcam quality is not perfect, but not too bad to defy other attributes of the Google Pixelbook 12in.

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    Pricing/ Appraise and Accessibility

    Google Pixelbook 12in is not an affordable laptop series. It ranges from $999 to $1699, which is too costly. One can easily access it and purchase from direct Google stores or well-known retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H photos.


    Pros and cons of Google Pixelbook 12in


    • Intel 7th generation provides high performance
    • Android support
    • High pixel density
    • Excellent design
    • Best Keyboard


    • Low battery timing
    • Very high cost
    • Poor audio
    • No biometric security support, which causes critical security issues

    Google Pixelbook 12in Helpful for Students or not?

    Google Pixelbook meets all the requirements of any student. Its outstanding performance makes it really worthy for students. When it comes to price, it is costly and not budget-friendly at all.

    If you have a high budget and want the perfect laptop for your educational needs, the Google Pixelbook 12in is not a bad deal. This is a good investment.


    Google Pixelbook 12in is a cool launch in the tech industry especially designed by Google. Its outstanding features with sleek design make it more attractive. This pixelbook provides you with the best experience of Chromebook you ever had. 12.3” display with a high-speed processor works well for you. In fact, it is costly but its features are quite good.


    Is Google Pixelbook 12in Similar to Chromebook?

    Google Pixelbook 12in and chrome book are not the same laptops rather Pixelbook 12in is the advanced version of the Chromebook laptop series.

    Can Google Pixelbook 12in run Windows 10?

    Google Pixelbook is cooperative with windows10. It can be easily run by pixelbook. The only downside is its low storage.

    What is the gaming experience at Google Pixelbook 12in?

    Google Pixelbook 12in assists Android apps, you are free to download apps from the google play store and feel free to enjoy games. It provides the best gaming experience.

    Where can I buy the Google Pixelbook 12in?

    Google Pixelbook 12in is easily available at google stores. Moreover, you can buy it from other retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H photos.

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