In recent years, Instagram has become the most used social media application. It is most commonly used for sharing moments and happenings around the world. On the flip side, Instagram also constantly updates its features and updates. It is one of the reasons that people never find it boring.

    Instagram Reels is one feature developed by them to engage users more actively. Using these Reels, you can create, discover and share short funny videos on Instagram. Moreover, you can also buy instagram reels likes to make your Reel reach broader and more popular.

    However, creating a Reel requires a lot of creativity, skill, and procedures. But this guide will help you to create a compelling one that will go on trend and be featured. Read further to know more about it.

    What are Instagram Reels?

    In simple terms, Reels are short and full-screen video-sharing spaces. It can also be posted on vertical ones. These Reels are mostly fun, engaging, and interesting to watch. Furthermore, you can record and edit videos from 15 seconds to 1 minute.

    Reels have plenty of in-built editing options and a library of soundtracks. It has a collection of popular songs, viral content, and voiceovers like podcasts. Also, there are many filters, subtitles, backgrounds, and stickers, which is why everyone likes it.

    How to Create Your Instagram Reel?

    If you don’t know how to make a Reel, here are the steps to assist you in creating one.

    • #1 Get into Instagram Reels

    As a first step, open the Instagram application. Get into Reels by selecting the plus button on the upper right edge of the screen. It will take you to the Reel camera straightaway. Another way to open Reels is to directly access by swiping left and selecting the Reel option at the bottom.

    • i) Recording Video Clips

    This step involves two ways. One is to record directly from a Reel Camera, and the other one is that you can upload a video from your device gallery. 

    • ii) Recording With the Reel Camera

    After opening the Reel Camera, you need to set the duration of the video. It may be 15, 30, or 60 seconds reels as you likely prefer. Then, you need to set the timer, and the recording starts once the countdown is over. Besides, you can even press and hold the recording button that appears on the screen.

     #2 Uploading the Video Clip

    To upload your Reel, you have to click on the square-shaped plus option at the bottom of the left corner of the editor to upload. There, you can able to upload your video and edit it according to your preferences.

    #3 Edit Your Reel Video

    After recording your content, you need to edit it to make it appealing to the eyes of the audience. For that, you can utilize the inbuilt editing tools available on Instagram. In this process, you can choose the favorite part of your song. You can also add effects to the videos.

    Instagram provides you with a wide range and variety of filters and effects. You can also adjust the speed and place stickers and texts as you wish. Finally, select the share button to publish your Reels. Furthermore, you can consider SocialDice to make your Reels more engaging and spread wider instantly.

    5 Tips and Ideas to Create Interesting Instagram Reels

    Instagram users spend most of their time watching reels and video content. You can use this Reels feature to gain impressions and fame, and attract more followers to your account. Here are 5 tips or ideas to create effective Reels for your Instagram account.

    #1 Use a Trending Audio Track

    Trends in Instagram are constantly changing every day. So you need to choose the right track that is in trend. Using such trendy songs in your Reel will make you more visible to users on Instagram.

    #2 Avoid Videos That Have Watermarks

    Kindly ensure that your video is formatted with the right size and clarity. You can include emoji sliders, stickers, and much more. Adding such things will allow your audience to engage with your Reel. Similarly, avoid using videos that have watermarks of other applications, even if it is your video.

    #3 Make Transition Videos

    The never-ending and transition content is enough to make your audience stick around your profile. You can create loop videos to keep your audience engaged in your content video. Keep these points in mind while creating your loop video Reel: 

    • Ensure That Lighting is Consistent: Constantly check on the lighting effect of your video from the start till the end of your Reel.
    • Editing Your Audio: Choose an audio format with a repeated rhythm so it will be easy to create a loop video without any flow.
    • Go for Transition: If you are not worried about the lightning, then you can go on with the transition. After recording, you can stitch the end and beginning of the video together. This can be either a mirror illusion or holding your camera to make the transition.

    Consequently, consider trying SocialDice to elevate your view and strengthen your profile at an affordable price.

    #4 Try Remix With Other Reels

    Instagram’s remix feature allows you to remix with other reels with the same audio. Users can stitch with the reels of another creator and share them in your account. You must tap on the three dots on the right side of the reels and then choose the “Remix” option.

    Through this Remix Feature, you can be benefitted by

    • Gaining more exposure than before.
    • It encourages engagement with the audience.
    • It also helps to find new and fresh content for your Reels.

    #5 Reuse Stories and Videos in Reel

    Recycling your existing Stories and video posts is an amazing way to grab your followers’ attention. You can create a Reel by customizing your Stories, Highlights, Videos and sharing it as a new Reel. Also, this will save you time as you do not need to spend much on pondering ideas.

    Ensure that the content of your videos is relatable and updated from time to time. Include evergreen content clips in your Reel to make it more lively and appealing.

    Final Thoughts

    Creating a Reel is not so hard that it requires you to bend over backward. Instead, you only need to be a bit creative in delivering your content with authenticity. By reading this article, you have learned about the process of creating a Reel and how to make it compelling.

    Now it’s time to share your wisdom with the audience, experiment with your ideas, and grab your viewer’s eyes with bewitching Reels.


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