Pacific Islanders’ traditional drink, Kava, is known for its calming properties. Because of this, people often consume the beverage on social and ceremonial occasions. Recent studies have shown that Kava may offer several health benefits beyond its calming effects. Let’s examine Kava’s therapeutic effects and scientific studies on its effectiveness.

    The Convenience of Kava Capsules Over Traditional Kava Drink

    Convenience of Kava Capsules Over Traditional Kava Drink
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    As a beverage, people have used Kava for centuries for its calming effects. But, some people are not fond of the taste of this root-based drink. Luckily, alternative forms of it are now available, including Kava capsules.

    These capsules are convenient for taking Kava without dealing with the strong taste, and you can also use them while you’re on the go. You can still take Kava even if you don’t have time to brew a cup.

    Additionally, kava capsules promote relaxation more effectively than traditional drinks. So if you want to experience Kava’s benefits but don’t enjoy the taste, try Kava capsules!

    The 3 Biggest Benefits of Kava

    Research has shown that Kava provides three important health benefits:

    1. Stress Relief:

    Stress Relief

    Kava has been gaining popularity lately due to scientific studies showing its benefits for stress relief. It contains compounds called kavalactones which are responsible for its therapeutic effects.

    These compounds interact with receptors in our brains and promote a sense of relaxation and calmness. This makes this remedy popular for those with anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

    In fact, some people prefer it over other medications because it is considered a natural and non-addictive solution.

    2. Anxiety Relief:

    Anxiety Relief

    Kava has been used to reduce anxiety symptoms for centuries. It effectively reduces symptoms of a general anxiety disorder (GAD). It also helps reduce panic disorder and social anxiety disorder. Studies show this medicinal plant reduces anxiety levels significantly.

    A review and meta-analysis of seven randomized clinical trials using Kava mono-preparations to treat generalized anxiety symptoms found a significant anxiety reduction compared with a placebo.

    While it may provide temporary relief, it’s unclear if using Kava regularly over a longer period of time will continue to work. As much as we all wish there were an easy fix for anxiety, the body has a way of adapting to herbs, including adaptation to Kava.

    3. Pain Reduction

    Pain Reduction-Health Benefits of Kava

    Migraines or tension headaches can cause debilitating pain. Fortunately, there is a natural way to alleviate your discomfort and promote better sleep: Kava.

    Research suggests that the kavalactones found in Kava have analgesic properties that can lower pain levels, potentially providing much-needed relief during a headache. The plant also improves sleep. Better sleep can mean a greater ability to cope with pain and a more restful night’s rest.

    In a 2013 study, patients who consumed Kava reported significantly reduced migraine pain levels. So, consider Kava if you wish to manage your pain and promote better sleep. It’s a natural remedy that’s worth trying out for yourself.

    Scientific Studies on Kava’s Effectiveness and Safety

    Scientists have extensively studied Kava. They’ve analyzed 11 clinical trials to determine its effectiveness and safety in treating anxiety symptoms. Kava was more effective than placebo, and adverse events appeared to be the same as the placebo. Laboratory values analyzing hepatotoxicity were no different from the baseline except in two studies.

    The Many Health Benefits of Kava

    Kava is generally considered safe when consumed in moderation, but always consult your healthcare provider before taking Kava or any other supplement. Many anecdotal stories describe the benefits of Kava. Additionally, researchers have clinically discovered that Kava offers several health benefits, including anxiety relief and pain reduction.


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