Hesgoal has been a popular platform for live sports streaming, providing fans with access to their favorite games and events. However, there are times when alternatives are necessary for various reasons, such as regional restrictions or service disruptions.

    As a result, many users seek viable alternatives to Hesgoal to continue enjoying live sports. This comprehensive guide will explore a range of Hesgoal alternatives that offer similar functionalities and ensure uninterrupted sports streaming experiences.

    What Is Hesgoal?

    Hesgoal was a unique website because it offered free live streaming of football matches worldwide. This made it a popular destination for football fans who wanted to watch their favorite teams without paying for a cable or satellite TV provider subscription.

    However, Hesgoal was also controversial because it was accused of copyright infringement. Law enforcement agencies shut down the website in 2023, but it has since been replaced by many other websites that offer similar services.

    Despite its legal troubles, Hesgoal will be remembered as a pioneer in the world of free live sports streaming.

    The website’s closure is a loss for football fans, but several other options are still available for those who want to watch their favorite teams live.

    Here are some unique ways to define Hesgoal:

    • A free streaming service that offers live football matches from all over the world.
    • A website that law enforcement agencies shut down due to copyright infringement.
    • A pioneer in the world of free live sports streaming.
    • A loss for football fans, but many other options are still available.

    Why Was Hesgoal Shut Down?

    Hesgoal was shut down by law enforcement agencies in 2023 due to copyright infringement. The website was accused of illegally streaming live football matches without the permission of the copyright holders.

    Here are some of the reasons why Hesgoal was shut down:

    • Copyright infringement: Hesgoal was accused of illegally streaming live football matches without the permission of the copyright holders.
    • Loss of revenue: The Premier League and other organizations argued that Hesgoal was causing them to lose revenue because fans were no longer paying to watch their matches on legitimate streaming services.
    • Damage to the integrity of the sport: Hesgoal was accused of damaging the integrity of the sport by providing illegal streams of games.

    Best Hesgoal Alternatives:

    1: ESPN+:

    Source: SportBusiness

    ESPN+ is a leading sports streaming service offering a vast library of live sporting events across different disciplines, including soccer, basketball, tennis, and more.

    With its user-friendly interface and exclusive content partnerships, ESPN+ provides an excellent alternative for Hesgoal users.

    Website: plus.espn.com

    2: DAZN:

    Source: Digiday

    DAZN is another top-notch option known for its extensive live sports coverage globally. It offers high-quality streams of major sporting events like boxing matches, football leagues (including the UEFA Champions League), NFL games, and much more. DAZN’s affordable subscription plans make it an attractive choice for avid sports enthusiasts.

    Website: dazn.com

    3: fuboTV:

    Source: fubo.tv

    fuboTV is renowned for its comprehensive selection of live TV channels dedicated to sports broadcasting.

    It covers various popular leagues around the world, such as MLS, EPL, Liga MX, NBA, NFL, & many others.

    Featuring cloud DVR functionality, & multi-screen viewing options, fuboTV offers flexibility & convenience alongside diverse sport-related programming.

    Website: fubo.tv

    4: BT Sport:

    BT Sport
    Source: Roku

    BT Sport provides unparalleled coverage in the United Kingdom with exclusive rights to broadcast Premier League matches, Football Association Cup, Bundesliga, Rugby Union, MotoGP, & other exciting competitions.

    Their app & online platform ensures easy access on multiple devices, making it ideal for British viewers seeking an alternative to Hesgoal.

    Website: bt.com

    5: Sling TV:

    Sling TV
    Source: Variety

    Sling TV is one of the most flexible cord-cutting options; it provides customizable channel packages tailored to specific preferences.

    With sports-focused add-ons like Sports Extra, users can access channels such as ESPN, NFL Network, NBA TV, & more. Sling TV’s affordability & variety make it a popular choice for those seeking Hesgoal alternatives.

    Website: sling.com

    6: LiveTV.sx:

    Source: livetv.sx

    LiveTV.sx is a free streaming platform that offers an extensive range of live sports events across different categories.

    Users can find live streams for football, basketball, tennis, hockey, and many other popular sports. Though quality & reliability may vary, it is an accessible alternative to Hesgoal when other options are unavailable or restricted.

    Website: livetv.sx

    7: Reddit Streams:

    Reddit Streams
    Source: canva.com

    Reddit Streams is a community-driven platform where users share links to live sports streams from various sources. It is a hub for finding reliable, up-to-date streaming links for multiple sporting events.

    While caution should be exercised due to potential copyright issues, the active user base ensures regular updates on available streams.

    Website: reddit2.sportshub.stream

    8: Peacock:

    Source: Peacocktv.com

    Peacock is a streaming service owned by NBCUniversal. It offers various sports content, including live events, highlights, on-demand replays, and original programming.

    Website: peacocktv.com

    9: LAOLA1.tv:

    Source: LAOLA1.tv

    LAOLA1.tv is an online streaming platform that focuses on international sports coverage. It provides live streams and video-on-demand content for various sports, such as football (soccer), volleyball, and basketball.

    Website: laola1.at

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    10: DStv Now:

    DStv Now
    Source: MultiChoice

    DStv Now is a streaming service provided by MultiChoice in Africa. It allows subscribers to access live TV channels from their DStv subscription on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and computers.

    Website: now.dstv.com

    11: NBC Sports:

    NBC Sports
    Source: nbcsports.com

    NBC Sports is a popular sports broadcasting network in the United States that covers major sporting events across various disciplines, such as football (NFL), basketball (NBA), hockey (NHL), soccer (Premier League), and golf (PGA Tour), among others.

    Website: nbcsports.com

    12: Fox Sports:

    Fox Sports
    Source: TV Internet and Phone

    Fox Sports is another prominent American sports television network that broadcasts various sporting events, including NFL games, MLB baseball matches, NASCAR races, soccer leagues like MLS & UEFA Champions League, and more.

    Website: foxsports.com

    13: Optus Sport:

    Optus Sport
    Source: Mediaweek

    Optus Sport is an Australian-based streaming service specializing in football/soccer coverage It provides exclusive rights to broadcast top-tier competitions like English Premier League (EPL), UEFA Champions League, and FIFA World Cup qualifiers within Australia.

    Website: sport.optus.com

    14: HotStar:

    Source: GizNext

    Hotstar is India’s most significant premium OTT (Over-The-Top) platform offering both local&international content.

    With extensive sports offerings, it showcases cricket (IPL, BCCI, & ICC tournaments) & other popular global leagues like the English Premier League, Kabaddi, Tennis, WWE, FIFA world cup & more.

    Website: hotstar.com

    15: Crackstreams:

    Source: canva.com

    Crackstreams refers to unofficial websites or platforms where users can find live streaming links to various sporting events.

    It is important to note that these sites may not always be legal or reliable and can pose risks such as poor quality streams or exposure to malware.

    Website: crackstreamm.com

    16: Sportsurge:

    Source: TechRuth

    Sportsurge is another unofficial platform where users can find live sports streaming links for various events.

    As with other unofficial sources, it’s essential to exercise caution when using these platforms due to potential risks associated with reliability and legality.

    Website: sportsurge.club

    17: NFLbite:

    Source: Editorialge

    NFLbite is a website that provides access to American football games, particularly the National Football League (NFL). Users can find live stream links, highlights, and replays of NFL games on this platform.

    Website: nflbite.com

    18: Streameast:

    Source: TROYPOINT

    Streameast offers live sports streaming options for various sports, including basketball, soccer/football, & more.

    However, it should be noted that the availability & legality of specific content may vary depending on geographical location & broadcast rights agreements.

    Website: streameast.app

    19: Rojadirecta:

    Source: Ars Technica

    Rojadirecta is one of the well-established alternatives to Hesgoal, known for its comprehensive coverage of sports events. The website offers links to live streaming of various sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, and more.

    Users can access a user-friendly interface and find their favorite matches effortlessly. Rojadirecta also provides information about upcoming games and match schedules, making it an excellent resource for sports enthusiasts.

    Website: rojadirecta.eu

    20: Cricfree:

    Source: crickfree.be

    Primarily focused on cricket, Cricfree is a reliable Hesgoal alternative that caters to cricket fans with live streams of various cricket matches and tournaments.

    Cricfree also covers other sports like soccer, basketball, rugby, and more, making it a diverse platform for sports enthusiasts. The website has a simple and easy-to-navigate interface, ensuring users have a hassle-free experience.

    Website: crickfree.be

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    21: Stream2Watch:

    Source: time business news

    Stream2Watch is a versatile platform that offers live sports streaming, including football, basketball, baseball, and much more.

    The website sources content from multiple providers, ensuring a wide range of sports events is available for users. While using Stream2Watch, users can also participate in live chat with fellow fans, enhancing the overall experience.

    Website: stream2watch.in

    22: VIPLeague:

    Source: vipleague.im

    VIPLeague is known for its high-quality streams and coverage of various sports events, making it a sought-after alternative to Hesgoal.

    Users can watch live matches of soccer, basketball, UFC, WWE, and more without any subscription charges. The platform provides multiple streaming links for each match, ensuring a seamless viewing experience even if one link is down.

    Website: vipleague.im

    23: FirstRowSports:

    Source: TechRounder

    FirstRowSports is one of the oldest sports streaming platforms and has been a reliable option for many sports enthusiasts.

    It offers live streaming of sports events like football, basketball, hockey, and others. The website’s interface may need to be updated, but its functionality and reliable streams make it a favorite among users.

    Website: firstrowsportș.eu

    24: MLB66:

    Source: mlb66.ir

    MLB66 is an online streaming platform primarily providing live streams for Major League Baseball (MLB) games. Its user-friendly interface allows fans to watch their favorite baseball matches in high-quality video.

    Website: mlb66.ir

    25: VIPbox:

    Source: vipbox.lc

    VIPbox is a popular sports streaming website that offers live streams of various sports events, including football, basketball, tennis, boxing, and more. It provides multiple links for each event to ensure reliable access to live sports content.

    Website: vipbox.lc

    26: 720pstream:

    Source: GistFocus

    720pstream is an online streaming platform known for its high-definition (HD) sports streams.

    It covers various sporting events such as football, basketball, hockey, and UFC fights. The site aims to provide viewers with crisp visuals and smooth streaming experiences.

    Website: streamingsites.com

    27: 6Streams:

    Source: ProperNewsTime.com

    6Streams is another alternative for watching live sports events online. It offers users access to various sports channels to stream matches from different leagues worldwide, like soccer (football), basketball, NFL, mixed martial arts (MMA), and other popular sporting competitions.

    Websites: 6streamss.com

    28: Ronaldo7:

    Source: Pinterest.com

    Ronaldo7 is a fan-driven website explicitly dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo’s career & updates. It provides highlights,replays&live-streams related mainly to his games but also includes select other football/soccer matches.

    It has gained popularity among Ronaldo fans worldwide due to its comprehensive coverage&engaging community features.

    Website: ronaldo7.net

    29: Footybite:

    Source: TROYPOINT

    A dedicated platform for football fans, Footybite offers live streaming and match highlights from various football leagues and tournaments worldwide.

    Website: footybite.to

    30: Sport365:

    Source: The Tech Blog

    Providing an extensive selection of live sports streams, Sport365 covers football, basketball, tennis, and more, ensuring fans never miss a game.

    Website: sport365.fr

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    31: StrikeOut:

    Source: strikeout.ws

    A user-friendly Hesgoal alternative, StrikeOut offers live streams of popular sports like baseball, football, and basketball with reliable streaming links.

    Website: strikeout.ws


    Source: cash lootera

    A comprehensive sports portal offers live streaming of football, NFL, NBA, UFC, and other sports events, match schedules, and news.

    Website: totalsportek.pro

    33: SportLemon:

    Source: ReviewVPN

    An established sports streaming site, SportLemon provides live coverage of football, basketball, hockey, and other major sports.

    Website: sportlemons.net

    34: Bilasport:

    Source: IPTV Wire

    A growing platform focused on American sports, Bilasport offers live streams and highlights of NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB games.

    Website: bilasport.to

    35: BossCast:

    Source: PTV Guide

    A one-stop solution for sports enthusiasts, BossCast aggregates live streams from various sports channels, providing a wide range of sporting events to choose from.

    Website: bosscast.eu

    36: Feed2all:

    Source: feed2all.org

    Feed2all is a popular sports streaming website that provides live streams for various sports events. It offers different sports, including football, basketball, tennis, and rugby.

    Website: feed2all.org

    37: Liveonsat:

    Source: liveonsat.com

    Liveonsat focuses primarily on satellite TV listings for different sports events worldwide. It provides schedules and information about channels or platforms broadcasting specific matches or tournaments.

    Website: liveonsat.com

    38: WiziWig:

    Source: wiziwig1.org

    WiziWig is another well-known platform for live sports streaming. It offers links to various sporting events worldwide and includes multiple options for each event if one link doesn’t work.

    Website: wiziwig1.org

    39: Time4TV:

    Source: IPTV Wire

    Time4TV is an online streaming platform that offers live TV channels covering sports, news, entertainment, movies, and more. It allows users to access different international TV channels conveniently.

    Website: time4tv.stream

    40: CricHD:

    Source: crichd.live

    As the name suggests, CricHD specializes in cricket streaming. It provides high-quality streams of cricket matches from domestic leagues, international competitions, & significant tournaments like IPL, T20 World Cup, & Ashes series.

    Website: crichd.live

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    41: SportP2P:

    Source: WebKu

    SportP2P is a peer-to-peer (P2P) network-based platform that provides live sports streams. Users can watch various sporting events ranging from football & basketball to motorsports & combat sports via P2P technology.

    Website: sportp2p.com

    42: 12thPlayer:

    Source: 12thplayer.app

    12thPlayer is a comprehensive online portal offering free live streams of various sporting events. It covers popular disciplines such as football, basketball, and hockey. The site aims to provide reliable access to games worldwide with user-friendly navigation features.

    Website: 12thplayer.app


    Q: Is Hesgoal Legal And Safe?

    A: No, Hesgoal is an unauthorized website for live sports streaming, and using it may be illegal and pose risks to your computer and personal information.

    Q: Is Hesgoal Completely Shut Down Or Still Working?

    A: Yes, Hesgoal is completely shut down. The website’s domain name was seized, and its servers were taken offline. As a result, the original Hesgoal website is no longer accessible.

    Several clones of Hesgoal have sprung up since the original website was shut down, but these clones are often illegal and may contain malware or other harmful content.

    Q: Can You Watch Premier League Games On Hesgoal?

    A: No, you cannot watch Premier League games on Hesgoal. Hesgoal was shut down by law enforcement agencies in 2023 due to copyright infringement.

    The website was accused of illegally streaming live Premier League matches without the permission of the copyright holders.

    However, you can use VPNs like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and iTopVPN to surf and navigate the website.

    In The End

    While Hesgoal has provided fans with convenient access to live sports streaming over the years, numerous viable alternatives are available in today’s digital landscape.

    From official platforms like ESPN+ and DAZN to free options like LiveTV.sx and Reddit Streams, each alternative offers unique features catering to diverse needs.

    Whether you seek exclusive content or cost-effective solutions, exploring these alternatives will ensure the uninterrupted enjoyment of your favorite sporting events without relying solely on Hesgoal.

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