If you open your Instagram Feed, you will find ridiculous and outlandish posts of people doing weird things. While not all of them are usually ignored, a handful of them goes viral within a few minutes. But isn’t it a bit overwhelming at times to see people splurging on bizarre pursuits? 

    Well, everyone has a choice, and you cannot stop everyone from doing what they like. If you have been wondering about what we are talking about, you asked the right question yourself. In this feature, we will shed light on the unusual hobbies of rich and famous people. 

    Since they make a lot of money, their choices are weird, even outlandish at times. Below, we have mentioned some of them:

    Angelina Jolie Likes to Collect Daggers

    If you have been a huge Jolie fan for a long time, you must have followed all of her interviews by now. In one of her interviews, she said that her mom introduced her to a dagger. And that she hopes to pass this hobby on to her son. But she has said that the knife blades are dull, so she gives them to her son. 

    Angelina Jolie has always been popular in the media for her extravagant and amazing lifestyle. But this fact would have shocked you for sure. 

    Sergey Brin Enjoys a High-Flying Trapeze

    We all use Google since it answers all of our questions. Brin seems to be an adrenaline junkie. He has experienced gymnastics, in-line skating, walking around on his hands, and even running barefoot. But perhaps, the most bizarre pursuit of this man is a high-flying trapeze. 

    This is what he began doing at a local circus in San Francisco. It was only later, in 2009, that Ben decided to take advanced trapeze classes in New York to become better at this craft. 

    Ben Affleck

    The award-winning actor and one who stole Jennifer Lopez’s heart has always been the talk of the town. But it isn’t just about his killer looks, the world is crazy about him.

    Warren Buffett Plays online Bridge and Ukulele

    While you might think that Warren Buffet will have a team of experts to guide him on every matter, you are wrong. This “Oracle of Omaha” is a multi-talented man. Buffet has been involved In paying Ukelele for decades. 

    According to an Insider article, he even has played with Jon Bon Jovi. This billionaire believes in relying on himself and ensuring his mind always remains sharp. If reports are to be believed, he even loves to play with his long-time friend Bill Gates at times. Playing a hand right is at the top of his mind. 

    Tom Hanks Likes to Collect Vintage Typewriters

    The prominent actor and filmmaker have always been known for his stellar acting skills. The Forest Gump star has always opted for out-of-the-box choices to surprise the audience. But if reports are to be believed, Tom Hanks likes to collect vintage typewriters. 

    While this sounds a little offbeat, it is one of his favorite hobbies. What do you think? He has clearly stated that he owns hundreds of typewriters in his home. He has even worked on an application of his own, which gives you the experience of a manual typewriter on an iPad. 

    Leslie Mann Likes to Ride a Unicycle

    The “Knocked up” star said that riding a unicycle is what she loves to do in her free time. She has even said that this is one of her favorite things to do around Christmas. Now, she is a pro and uses all kinds of tricks to enjoy this art to the fullest. 

    Her idea of riding the unicycle revolves around spending time with friends and family members. While a unicycle might not sound very appealing to you, it is surely a great pastime for her.


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