Moving to a new place is an intimidating situation. Maybe you have lived in the same general area for the last 30 years, but a new job has popped up that is drawing you across the country or just to a new town. Perhaps you are looking for a new experience and want to start over in an unfamiliar place to wipe the slate clean. Whatever your reason for moving to West Chester, it can be difficult to adjust to a new setting.

    One of the hardest things about moving somewhere new is getting to know people. If you are lucky, maybe you have some family or a couple of friends in the area that you can rely on for some community, but it should be a priority of yours to find new relationships to truly embed yourself in the community. However, some buyers who have just purchased a home in West Chester have zero connections in their new town. What do you do if that is the case?

    There are many ways to find community when you buy a home in a new town. Here are a couple of ideas to establish new connections with your neighbors and your town.

    Introduce Yourself to Neighbors

    Introduce Yourself to Neighbors

    The simplest way to start building connections in your new home is to start meeting the neighbors. While it can feel awkward to walk up to someone’s door, ring the bell, and introduce yourself, you never know what friendships could start from this simple interaction. Plus, you could be gaining a small foothold in the community with someone who already knows what it is like to live in West Chester. Maybe you can ask them about the best spots in town or any hidden gems that only locals know about. By intentionally going to meet your neighbors, you are showing that you are excited to be in this neighborhood and are looking to build relationships with others.

    Host a Block/Housewarming Party

    Housewarming Party

    Another great strategy for meeting people in your immediate vicinity is to invite them to a block party or housewarming party. Maybe you want to make use of that beautiful timber frame pavilion that you put up in your backyard to host events in the warm season. It’s easy to slip invitations into the mailboxes of the houses next to you and directly across the street. No one is saying you have to invite the whole block, though you absolutely can if you want to take that on. A block party or housewarming party is a low-stakes event where people don’t have to feel pressured to stop by for a long time, so it is ideal for meeting those in your neighborhood.

    Visit Parks and Playgrounds Frequently

    Since experiencing a sense of community is so important, you need to find creative ways to meet people if you don’t have the capacity or desire to host a party for your new neighbors. One of the easiest ways to do this is to see what parks are nearby that a lot of people go to. Where do members of the community go to walk their dogs or have a picnic or play on the playground with the little ones? These locations can be major hubs where you can run into people with shared interests. You’re likely to meet plenty of parents at the local playground. Bring your dog to the dog park to start a conversation with those neighbors who you always see walking their dogs. If you recognize a neighbor while at the park, don’t be afraid to stop by and introduce yourself. The more connections you can establish after buying a home in West Chester, the sooner you can start to feel like part of the community.

    Follow Your Hobbies

    Just because you are in a new town does not mean that you are a new person. The things that you enjoyed doing before shouldn’t be cut off. Instead, lean into those interests even more. If there are any sports that you enjoy, see if there are local leagues that you can join. Visit the community center to see what clubs or social events are coming up that you are interested in. This is an easy way to meet people because you will automatically have something in common with them to start.

    Be Proactive and Bold

    When you move to a new town like West Chester, PA, the first few months and even years might feel like an adjustment period. Until you have lived there for a while and have built enough relationships, you may not feel embedded in the community. Meeting people is the best way to overcome this feeling. It might mean that you have to be a little bolder and more proactive than you are used to, trying new things and engaging with those that you recognize whenever you get a chance. The more intentional you are with introducing yourself to others and establishing connections, the easier it will be to call West Chester your home.

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