When walking 8 miles a day, there’s more to it than just covering the distance. Walking has numerous benefits, from improving your health to burning calories and boosting your mood.

    Whether you’re a seasoned walker or just starting, this comprehensive guide will provide all the necessary information.

    We’ll discuss how long it takes to walk 8 miles a day and the calories you burn, and offer you 7 valuable tips to make the most of your walking journey.

    How Far Is The Distance Of 8 Miles?

    For those familiar with kilometers, 8 miles is approximately 12.9 kilometers.

    To give you a better perspective, if you decide to walk on a 400-meter running track, you’ll need to complete just over 32 full laps to cover 8 miles.

    How Long Does It Take To Walk 8 Miles Daily?

    The time it takes to walk 8 miles a day varies based on several factors. These factors include age, fitness level, sex, walking pace, body size, terrain, incline, and weather conditions.

    Walking 8 miles daily will take at least a couple of hours, regardless of your walking speed.

    If you’re a speedy walker maintaining a brisk walk of 4 miles per hour (15 minutes per mile), it will take you two hours to cover 8 miles.

    For those who prefer a more leisurely pace at 3.0 miles per hour (20 minutes per mile), plan for 2 hours and 40 minutes to complete the distance.

    Most adults’ time estimates are reasonable approximations considering the average walking speed. Remember that your circumstances may vary, and these are just general estimates.

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    Here’s a table displaying the approximate time to walk 8 miles at different walking paces:

    Walking Speed (mph)Walking Pace (mile/min)Time Consumption For 8 Miles
    2.821:262 Hours and 50 Minutes
    3.020:002 Hours and 40 Minutes
    3.119:212 Hours and 34 Minutes
    3.218:452 Hours and 30 Minutes
    3.318:102 Hours and 25 Minutes
    3.417:382 Hours and 21 Minutes
    3.517:082 Hours and 17 Minutes
    3.616:402 Hours and 13 Minutes
    3.716:122 Hours and 09 Minutes
    3.815:472 Hours and 06 Minutes
    3.915:232 Hours and 02 Minutes
    4.015:002 Hours and 00 Minutes
    4.114:381 Hour and 57 Minutes
    4.214:171 Hour and 54 Minutes
    4.313:571 Hour and 51 Minutes
    4.413:381 Hour and 49 Minutes
    4.513:201 Hour and 46 Minutes
    4.613:021 Hour and 44 Minutes
    4.712:451 Hour and 42 Minutes
    4.812:301 Hour and 40 Minutes
    4.912:141 Hour and 36 Minutes
    5.012:001 Hour and 32 Minutes

    How Many Calories Does It Cost To Walk 8 Miles A Day?

    How Many Calories Does It Cost To Walk 8 Miles A Day
    Source: BetterMe

    One of the pleasant surprises for most walkers is the number of calories burned while walking 8 miles a day. The calories burned depend on various factors, including the distance, walking pace, terrain, and body weight.

    To estimate the calories burned, you can use the metabolic equivalents for walking at different speeds. The Compendium of Physical Activities provides MET values for walking speeds and incline grades.

    The formula to determine energy expenditure is:

    Calories Lost Per Minute = METs x 3.5 x (your body weight in kgs) / 200

    Multiply this value by the number of minutes it takes you to walk 8 miles.

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    7 Tips For Walking 8 Miles Effectively

    7 Tips For Walking 8 Miles Effectively
    Source: Marathon Handbook

    Walking 8 miles daily is no small feat, but it’s rewarding. To help you handle the distance and make the most of your walking workouts, consider these tips:

    1. Hydrate Your Body

    Because walking can be a low-intensity workout, depending on your pace, remember that hydrating and fueling your body is crucial. Once your walks extend beyond 60 to 90 minutes, you should start taking fluids during your workout.

    Consider using a water bottle, hydration pack, or hydration belt. You may also need snacks for longer walks depending on your nutritional status and weight loss goals.

    2. Invest In a Heart Rate Analyzer

    A heart rate analyzer helps you track the intensity of your workouts, especially when combined with a fitness watch that reports your walking speed and distance.

    3. Use a GPS Watch

    While a GPS running or fitness watch may seem like an investment, it’s worthwhile if you’re walking 8 miles a day. You can keep track of your distance and pace and get an accurate estimate of calories burned with an optical heart rate monitor.

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    4. Wear Proper Walking Shoes

    Refrain from assuming that old running shoes will suffice if transitioning from running to walking. Invest in supportive walking shoes for an 8-mile daily walk that provides stability throughout your gait cycle.

    5. Try a Fitness App

    Fitness apps like Strava, popular among runners, can also be used for walking. Record your walks with GPS, create a workout log, and connect with friends for added motivation.

    6. Prioritize Sleep

    Adequate sleep is essential for recovery. If you’re walking 8 miles a day, aim for 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Consistent sleep is crucial for maintaining your energy and well-being.

    7. Break It Up

    There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to walking 8 miles a day. You can do one long walk or break it into shorter walks throughout the day. Both approaches offer significant benefits, so find what works best for you.

    Remember, walking 8 miles a day can be a challenging but fulfilling fitness goal. Stay hydrated, invest in the right gear, and get the sleep you need.

    Whether you complete the distance in one go or break it up, enjoy the journey and reap the many health benefits of walking.

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