A refrigerator is an essential appliance in our home. It helps us store our foods and other perishable stuff to keep them fresh and last long. Although cleaning and organizing this is important, it’s also one of the jobs we usually hate doing. Our refrigerator keeps our food and other edibles. Giving it attention is a must to keep you and your family healthy, trim down the waste, and of course, save money. Cleaning and organizing these appliances may be a tough job, but the benefits of having them in good shape outweigh the others. In this article we learn how to clean a fridge.

    Today, we will share with you some tips on cleaning and organizing your refrigerator – all you need are a cleaning cloth or sponge, a multi-purpose liquid cleaner, a plastic drawer organizer, baking soda, and a lot of patience.

    1. Declutter Your Fridge

    Cleaning will not be easy, especially if your refrigerator holds too many things. So the first step is to take out all the food and stuff inside. Removing stuff helps you spot and identify the parts you must clean thoroughly. It gives you an overview of organizing the contents once the cleaning is done. Ensure pulling out the plug before removing items to make the job easier, safer, and less power-consuming.

    2. Clean and Disinfect

    After doing the first step, it’s time for the main event: the cleaning. Using your cleaning cloth or sponge and the multi-purpose cleaner, wipe out the surfaces inside your refrigerator, even the corners. You can also try to soak the inside of your fridge with a liquid cleaner for a few minutes before wiping to break down tough stains and make them easier to remove as you wipe them later.

    If there are removable shelves and drawers, you should take them out and wash them with water and the liquid cleaner you used. This is not necessary, but disinfecting the inside of your appliances is a good idea too.

    3. Deodorize Your Refrigerator

    Odor inside the refrigerator is one of the daily problems we face whenever we open those refrigerators. But did you know that the simplest yet most effective weapon to exterminate that odor is found inside your house? Well, that is the magic baking soda does to your fridge. This magnificent go-to odor absorber will work effectively.
    Just put a little amount of baking soda in a bowl or an old jar, place it inside, and let it do its work. The stench of different types of food will be removed, and you’ll have a clean, fresh-smelling refrigerator.

    4. Categorize and Organize the Contents

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    After cleaning and drying the inside of your refrigerator, bringing back the grocery and other stuff is the next job to do. But before doing this, categorizing foods and other stuff will be a good idea to avoid confusion whenever you look for things inside the refrigerator.

    You will no longer rummage through your refrigerator trying to look for that one snack you kept in it. This is where your plastic drawer organizers will be put to functional and aesthetically-pleasing use. Using a plastic drawer organizer or other food storage can help you organize your stuff while saving and maximizing your space.

    5. Label Your Stuff

    Before you put things back, put a label first. Labeling bins, storage, and food organizers will make it easier to spot the things you need. With this, everything inside would be visible and looks in sync. Labeling also helps you avoid confusion whenever you take food from your fridge. One more pro-tip, you can also write the expiration date on your label to help you monitor the lifespan of your food and avoid spoilage.

    6. Clean the Outside, Too

    Do not forget the exterior of your refrigerator. Cleaning the outside is as important as cleaning the inside of your refrigerator. Make sure to wipe the doors and the handles with your liquid cleaner to avoid grime building up. Remember to wipe the top of your fridge as dust can accumulate here without you noticing it. This may be some finishing touches, but this will help your refrigerator look more aesthetically pleasing, neat, and in great condition.

    7. Maintain and Repeat the Routine Every Few Months

    The last thing to do is to maintain its cleanliness and order. Keeping it organized may be hard for some, especially on a busy day. But regular checking and tidying things up every week will keep your refrigerator from being in chaos again. If you have successfully done that, you can do thorough cleaning monthly or as needed.
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    The key to an organized refrigerator lies in categorizing things, so it’s best to invest in plastic containers and drawers, like those you might see in Storables.com. With these simple tips that we have shared, we hope it makes your cleaning time a lot easier and faster.


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