One of the biggest challenges facing workers today is establishing a healthy work/life balance. Failing to do so can have a number of effects on the workers as well as the business as a whole. When a worker is burnt out, they are less likely to be productive, and this can take a toll on the business. Holidays can be incredibly beneficial to your workers; let’s get into it.

    Why Taking a Holiday from Work is Good for Your Staff

    Taking time off from work can be extremely beneficial for your staff. Firstly, it helps to reduce levels of stress within your workforce because a holiday provides them with a much-needed break. When a workforce is better rested, they are more able to cope with the demands of the job. Simply put, they are in a better position to be productive.

    Conversely, an overworked workforce is far more likely to drop the ball and make mistakes and depending on the industry within which you operate, this could be dangerous. Therefore, ensuring that your staff are taking their holidays can actually work to reduce accidents in the workplace, promoting a happier and healthier workforce.

    Encouraging your staff to take their holidays can actually reduce absenteeism in the workplace too. This is because being overworked can lead to a weakened immune system meaning that the staff are more likely to catch colds or experience health issues as a whole which can lead to time off work. Unplanned absences are far more disruptive than planned absences like holidays.

    Dealing with Staff Holidays

    Paid holidays are a legal requirement; your staff’s holiday entitlement will vary depending on the number of hours that they work. As the manager or business owner, it is your responsibility to tabulate their allowance, keep track of their holiday requests, organise and allocate where possible and communicate with the staff to let them know whether their requests have been approved.

    This might seem like a big undertaking, and it can be. It can be tricky to keep track of your HR obligations whilst also running a fledgling business as a whole. If you are new to running a business, then it might be worth looking into HR tools or even a human resource consultancy business like Citation, who, incidentally, has a number of HR tools available too.

    Finally, think about how you can foster a healthier company culture surrounding holidays. You will also need to ensure that you have effectively communicated the holiday policy to the staff. They need to be aware of their entitlement and the holiday request processes too.

    To Conclude

    A lot of business owners and managers view paid leave as a perk rather than the legal requirement that it is. Obviously, it can also be a perk, especially if you offer more than the legal requirement. Creating a company culture that celebrates your staff taking their holidays can help to ensure that you are promoting a healthy work/life balance among your staff. It shows that you care about their mental health and ensure that they are happy at work. It also minimises burnout and creates a better working atmosphere.


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