Dev Error 5573 is an error that can occur when trying to run the game on your computer. This error is usually caused by the game files being corrupted or damaged.

    If you are getting this error, you should try repairing the game files. Update graphic card drivers, enable full-screen optimization, run the game as an administrator, and validate the game files to solve Dev Error 5573.

    After you have repaired the game files, you should be able to run the game without any issues. If you are still getting the error, you should try reinstalling the game.

    Many people have asked us about Dev Error 5573 PS4 and Warzone and how to fix it. In this blog post, we will explain what this error is and how you can fix it.

    Let’s get started!

    Dev Error 5573

    COD MW2 Dev Error 5573: What Is It?

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game data that is corrupted and illegible is the cause of this issue. Players are also connecting Tactical Grenades to this error. In a game, you won’t crash if you toss your grenade before moving. The message will hit you if you move before throwing the grenade. Several players have also reported Dev Error 5573 or Fatal Error crashes.

    Moreover, PC players have reported crashes during gameplay or upon launch, with error codes like 0x00001337, 0xc0000005, and 0x00001338.

    To play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, confirm that your graphic card drivers are the latest and that your computer meets the system requirements.

    Pro Tip: Shut off any active background apps while playing the game.

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    How do I fix the MW2 Dev Error 5573?

    Throwing your grenade before moving will resolve a DEV error 5573 PS4 fix associated with tactical grenades. Before a Tactical, you can hurl one more grenade.

    Likewise, give the following workarounds a shot.

    • Switch off and then turn on your console.

    Make sure the game’s software is updated

    • Visit the PlayStation’s main page.
    • Press the Options button on your controller while selecting the game you’re currently playing.
    • Then, install any updates that are available by choosing “Check For Update.”

    Delete the cache on your PS4

    • On your controller, hold down the PlayStation button.
    • Choose “Shut Down PS4”.
    • Wait 10 to 20 seconds after allowing the PlayStation 4 to shut down completely.
    • Restart the PS4 system.

    What Does Warzone’s Dev Error-5573 Mean?

    The issue is reportedly very noticeable on the game’s PlayStation and PC ports. Throughout the PS5 version of the game, the problem is still persistent. However, explaining and fixing it is essential.

    It is one of the game’s fatal faults and is frequently brought on by damaged game files or other game data. In most cases, it renders the game impossible to play. This is why the error can be compared to other game-breaking bugs like the Error Code Diver and the Error Code Vivacious.

    These significant game-related difficulties have been the focus of ongoing efforts by Infinity Ward. However, the game has substantially improved due to the fixes and upgrades. As a result of its assets and other aspects, Call of Duty Warzone is prone to serious developmental problems.

    Warzone Dev Error-5573: Possible Causes

    We have carefully examined the precise causes of the game’s error. The game’s new connection to Call of Duty: Cold War is the primary source of the fundamental problems. The operators and firearms in both games are practically the same. Therefore, Dev Error 5573 Warzone is being made for the reasons listed below:

    • Throughout a game, players may encounter the error multiple times. If so, speculate that a bandwidth problem might be the cause. You should test your Wi-Fi signal strength to determine if it is powerful enough, and if not, move on to increasing your bandwidth. Modifying your router’s settings or using an Ethernet connection are the best ways to improve it.
    • Other players claim that a Cold War series Operator is also capable of making the mistake. You must switch to a Warzone operator as the active operator to avoid the problem, at least until it is fixed.
    • Make sure there are no damaged game files before we move on to the fixes. This type of operation will differ on the PS4 and the PC.

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    How to Fix Warzone Dev Error 5573?

    There will be a brief explanation of each fix in the guide’s appendices as to why it may resolve the problem. Let’s look at the many options to fix the Dev Error5573 Warzone.

    1- Check & Fix Corrupted or Missing Files

    In addition to searching for updates or reinstalling, you can scan and repair any missing or damaged game files. It is a necessary choice in the event of a power outage or a sudden game shutdown. These conditions can damage the core files.

    These core files are necessary for games like Warzone to operate correctly. They make up the majority of the game’s data. Without them, your game won’t even launch due to developer errors.

    You may complete the process fairly quickly. When the game isn’t active, click on the “gear” icon in your library on the side. To update the game, access the drop-down menu.

    By pressing “Scan and Repair” to recover any destroyed files, you can allow Battle Net to check for file verifications below it.

    2- Windowed Mode Switching

    Additional comments we got from the game’s Discord community support this. Players claim that altering the display modes can have a variety of effects on some of the error codes in the game.

    Therefore, you should also provide the Dev error 5573. Although it is a straightforward remedy, it can benefit you in most other games in the market.

    Windowed mode does not significantly reduce your system performance. There is no need to be concerned when using this display type.

    Depending on the visual load and data, display modes differ from game to game. Updating the game’s resolution is the main advantage of switching the display mode to window. If all else fails, you are strongly advised to try this approach.

    3- Changing Operators in a Warzone

    The following technique was more of a flaw discovered by Warzone participants. You should refrain from using the game’s Operators, as was mentioned earlier in our causes for this mistake above.

    You will be kicked out of the game when you try to play a match with “Dev Error-5573.” It will signify that you have caught the famed “operator glitch” in the game.

    The operator menu will display the team tags for the Crossover operators from Black Ops Cold War.

    The two Cold War operators, Garcia and Velikan, supposedly the most frequent ones to have glitches and give users in-game dev errors, should preferably be avoided by players.

    Because of this, we advise players to stay away from them until Infinity Ward correctly publishes a patch to the game that corrects them. The operator bug in Warzone is present on both the PS4 and PC versions and can result in Dev Error-5573. To learn more about other Operators, look through our Season 3 Warzone Patch Notes.

    4- Upgrade the Graphics Driver

    The graphics driver update on your Windows PC should be checked first to see if it has been updated. Install any fresh updates that are available. To do this:

    • Use the Windows + X keys to open the Quick Start Menu.
    • Double-click on Display Adapters after selecting Device Manager from the list.
    • To use a dedicated graphics card, right-click on it.
    • After clicking Update Driver, select Search automatically for drivers.
    • It will automatically download and install the most recent version if an update is available.
    • Restart the computer manually after finishing to ensure that the changes take effect immediately.

    Wrapping Up!

    The article provided possible solutions to Dev Error 5573. These solutions are: updating your drivers, verifying the game files, and deleting the configuration file. The player should contact Activision Customer Support if these solutions do not work. Do you have any other suggestions on how to fix Dev Error 5573? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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