The problem currently giving many COD players a hard time is the dev error 6034 on major consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4/5.

    It is named “6034 dev error” because when players try to log into the game, a message “6034” appears on the screen, and the game crashes (or doesn’t start).

    There can be many reasons for this dev error, but most probably, some unnecessary files or game features on your console might be causing this issue, or the game isn’t installed correctly. Or you have a network connection issue.

    It is essential to know the reason first before discussing the solutions because identifying the problem is half the solution.

    Most of you might be getting dev error 6034 ww_code_pre_gfx.ff messages on your PC screens with some changes in words. There’s a good chance all of these errors have one root cause. Let’s discuss this in detail.

    What Is Dev Error 6034?

    Dev Error 6034

    In simpler words, some (or many) unknown and unnecessary COD Modern Warfare/Warzone game files and features are causing this dev error 6034, or you might have an internet connection-related problem.

    Why Do I Keep Getting Dev Error 6034 On My Console?

    The reason for this dev error is mentioned above; the culprits are probably some unnecessary files.

    Moreover, the latest game update (combining the game maps on a larger scale) might have prompted this error, too.

    Because of this update, it has become relatively difficult to choose a certain map in the game; many players would’ve gotten the 6034 error while trying to do so.

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    How To Fix Dev Error 6034 Xbox/PC?

    Here is a step-by-step guide on coping with dev error 6034.

    Note: Your game files may be divided between internal and external storage. Merge them in the internal storage and see whether it solves the problem.

    1: Try Clearing The Cache

    Let’s try the most obvious solution first, and excessive cache in the game storage may be causing the issue. You’ll have to clear the cache first, then check if the game starts.

    If it doesn’t, shut down your console, completely unplug it from all cables and wires, and let it rest for about one minute or two.

    Plug everything again, restart your console (Xbox), and wait until the little white light on the power brick becomes orange. Launch your game and check if the 6034 issue is solved.

    2: Clear The Reserved Space

    All the latest patch files and game updates are saved in the reserved space section of the game. To deal with this dev error 6034, you’ll need to clear this reserved space.

    To do so, in the game (COD Modern Warfare), select “Options” and click on the “Manage Game And Add-Ons” option.

    Inside the “Manage Game and Add-Ons” section, look for “Saved Data,” then “Reserved Space,” and click on it. You’ll get a “Clear Reserved Space” option. Confirm it.

    After that, shut down, restart your console again, and see if the trick worked. You can also try clearing the game files from the game vault to solve the issue.

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    3: Change The DNS Settings

    The DNS (Domain Name System) helps humans and machines interact with each other in a better way by giving an IP address to a domain name.

    It is highly possible that your console’s DNS settings are not exactly as they should be to run your console efficiently.

    You might be facing the dev error 6034 because of the change in DNS settings, and you’ll have to change it.

    First, press the middle Xbox button on your remote control and open Settings. Search for “Network” and click on it.

    Hover over the “Advanced Settings” section and select “DNS Settings.” Click on “Manual” and enter the primary and secondary values in the below-given boxes, respectively. It can either be “Open DNS” or “Google DNS.”

    Click on Save and see if the settings are updated now. Once the settings are updated. Start the game and see if the 6034 error is gone or not.

    Important: Find and delete the below-mentioned files in the game folder to remove the dev error 6034.

    1: .patch.result

    2: .product

    3: vivoxsdk_x64.dll

    4: Launcher.db

    5: Launcher.exe (Modern Warfare) will help scan and repair/remove these files in this job.

    4: Remove/Uninstall Unnecessary Game Packs

    Another reason why you are facing the dev 6034 error is because of these unwanted and good-for-nothing (for now) game packs and add-ons. Getting rid of them might do the job.

    After removing these game packs and add-ons, you’ll need to clear the MAC Address so that you don’t keep buying options for different packages over and over again.

    To do so, go to Settings, then Network, then Advanced Settings, then Alternative MAC Address, and click on “Clear.” Then reboot your console.

    Now, log in to your game screen and press the “Xbox” button in the middle. You’ll go to the Options menu; select “Manage Game and Add-Ons.”

    You’ll need to untick some game packs here to proceed. Untick and remove the below-given game packs:

    • Call of Duty Modern Warfare MP2 Pack (size 9.1 GB)
    • Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer Pack 3 (Size 3.4 GB)

    The names of these packs may vary in consoles or games, so keep an eye on these sizes.

    Save the changes and reboot the Xbox. Start the game again and see if the 6034 error is still here.

    If the error is still there, consider removing the below-mentioned files again:

    • MP Pack 3 (3.4 GB)
    • Data Pack 2 (8.0 GB)
    • Campaign and Spec Ops Pack (14.8 GB)
    • MP Pack (9.1 GB)
    • Data Pack 1 (18.0 GB)
    • Survival Pack (5.9 GB)
    • High Res Pack 1 (23.6 GB)
    • Resolution Pack.

    This will do the job, and the error will disappear. However, if you are still facing this issue, then remove all packs EXCEPT for the below-mentioned packs.

    • Base Game (80.0 GB)
    • MP Pack (6.0 GB)
    • MP and SPEC Ops Pack (6.7 GB)
    • Campaign Pack (11.4 GB)
    • Spec Ops Pack (10.1 MB)
    • High Res Pack 3 (7.9 GB)
    • Operator Pack (10.1 MB)
    • Spec Ops Pack 1 (15.8 GB)
    • Spec Ops Pack 2 (2.5 GB)
    • High Res Pack 2 (9.9 GB)
    • Campaign Pack 2 (10.1 MB)
    • Campaign Pack 1 (10.1 MB)
    • MP Pack 2 (22.1 GB)

    Note: I’m saying this again, DON’T remove the thirteen packs above-mentioned. Instead, remove all the others except them.

    However, there is still a good chance that you might still get the 6034 dev error while playing, even after experimenting with all these tricks. If that happens, remove all others EXCEPT them, and see if it solves the problem.

    • Base Game (80.0 GB)
    • MP Pack (6.0 GB)
    • MP and SPEC Ops Pack (6.7 GB)
    • MP Pack 2 (22.1 GB)

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    5: Reinstall The Complete Game

    If none of those mentioned above tricks is working, it’s highly possible that your game isn’t installed correctly, so instead of wasting any more time, uninstall the game, and reinstall it.

    Before uninstalling the game, back up your saved game data. Then Open “Settings.” Go to “Menu,” and click “Uninstall.”

    Shut down and restart your console after giving it a break for a few minutes. Reinstall the game. However, this time, only install the below-mentioned packs.

    • Base Game (80.0 GB)
    • MP Pack (6.0 GB)
    • MP and SPEC Ops Pack (6.7 GB)
    • MP Pack 2 (22.1 GB)

    Start your brand new game and see if the 6034 dev error is cleared. If the problem persists, you can do one more thing to make it right.

    6: Reset The Whole Console

    If, after doing all those tricks, you’re still getting nowhere, maybe your console’s operating system is not working properly, and you’ll have to reset it completely to set things straight with the dev error 6034.

    However, temporarily back up your important data or transfer it to another device. Then press the “Settings” button. Go to “System,” and select “Console Info.”

    Click on the “Reset Console” button. You’ll get a “Reset and Keep My Games & Apps” option; click “Confirm,” and your whole console will reset this time.

    Reinstall the game as per the guidelines mentioned above. Hopefully, this time, you’ll set things straight. However, if the dev error 6034 is still adamant, delete every single file on your console, and restart everything from zero. This’ll do the job.


    How Do I Fix Dev Error 6034 Xbox One?

    I’ve discussed this topic in detail above. So, I’ll cut to the chase and tell you the most effective possible method. Uninstall and Reinstall the COD MW game. This’ll solve the problem.

    Will These Tricks Solve The Dev Error 6034?

    There’s a good chance that every dev error 6034 has a different root cause. That’s why we have listed many tricks applicable to different scenarios.

    Final Words

    This was a detailed look at the dev error 6034 Xbox One problem. We discussed many solutions to this problem. I’m positive that you would’ve gotten rid of this error by now.

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