An edu email can save you hundreds of bucks a year in subscription fees. You know the advantages of this email ID but the question is how to get an edu email address. Continue reading to find out the process.

    You want complete coverage of Google Workspace but don’t want to pay the hefty subscription that comes with it. But you aren’t worried. You have a solution.

    You have your college – or university – email address that allows you access to Google Workspace for free.

    Or maybe you don’t have that access but you still want to use this route and you are unsure about how to get an edu email address. It appears tricky. Can you afford to get enrolled into a college only to get free access to G Suite?

    Maybe you can. But the question is should you take admission only to save these costs. And if you opt not to take admission what are other ways to benefit from these discounts – which aren’t limited to G Suite, by the way.

    This post will tell you all about the .edu emails, their perks, and how to get an edu email.

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    What is an Edu Email?

    For starters, an edu email address ends at .edu extension. This extension of the email address, tells the holder’s affiliation with an educational institute. Most often, these email addresses are maintained and owned by students of schools, colleges, and universities. Teachers – and staff of these institutes – make another minority group that uses this extension.

    Users usually reserve this address for their educational communication. As such, students will use it to get lessons, attend classes, submit assignments, participate in discussion boards, and raise queries. For teachers, the purpose is job-related.

    They send out assignments, conduct lectures, and communicate with students using this communication channel.
    As is expected, students and teachers use it as an additional email address on top of their personal email ID. And their personal communication remains on their separate ID.

    Why You Need an Edu Email Address

    We understand that an edu email address shows a person’s affiliation to a particular institution. But how can it help us in the area of our academic or non-academic life? How can we use it if not for sending and receiving emails from our institutions?

    First of all, an edu mail is not just another email address. Instead, it’s an identity that tells others that the person is in the growth phase meaning something new is about to surface. But of course, you wouldn’t want to get an edu mail only to show off your learning progress, right?

    Here are all the financial gains you would get from this email.

    Google Workspace

    So, our first perk for an edu website was a 100% discount on Google Workspace. This group of subscription-based services was formerly known as G Suite. If you want to get access to all these communication, scheduling, and data organizing tools, you would need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $6 for the starter plan.

    Microsoft Office 360

    Microsoft Office 360 is another essential group of services that include MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and similar tools that help you create and present content easily and efficiently. For individuals, the whole collection costs $69.99 every year. 100% of this cost is waved when you get these tools through your edu email ID.

    Adobe Suite

    While Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 360 waive 100% of the cost of the subscription, other services and tools waive only part of their prices for students.

    For example, Adobe offers quite a discount for those students who have an interest in arts and illustrations.

    The regular cost of its complete Suite – one that comes complete with Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat Pro, Premiere Pro, and Creative Cloud Express – lies at $52.99 for a year. When you sign up with your edu ID, you will have to pay only $19.99 per year. That’s more than 62% in discount.

    Amazon Prime

    You have to cough up $14.99 every month to maintain your Amazon Prime status after you have enjoyed the benefits of a 30-day free trial. And if you want to enjoy yearly subscriptions, that’s $139 in yearly cost. But then you remember your edu ID and BOOM! Your yearly subscription goes down to $59 and that only starts after you have tried it for free for 6 months!

    Apple Music

    You can subscribe to Apple Music for only $4.99 every month. That’s a 50% discount from the regular subscription fee of $9.99.


    If you prefer Spotify over Apple Music, your edu ID has gotten you covered on this as well. Get the Spotify Premium subscription at $9.99 without your student ID. But get it at $4.99 with your edu coverage.


    If you are planning to launch your digital business, there is no better way than to publish it through your site. This is where SiteGround helps you. And gives steep – we are talking about 80% – discount on its hosting services for students.


    Or you can get the service on Squarespace with half of the price waived off because of your edu mail ID.

    Get Discounts on Laptops

    What’s even better is the huge and one-time discount you get on educational gadgets. Talk about laptops, desktops, and tablets.

    The lowest discount amounts to $100 per transaction. Some brands that offer these discounts include HP, Microsoft Surface, Dell, and Apple.

    How to Get an Edu Email Address?

    But you know all the perks. The question is how to finally unlock all of them after gaining access to an edu email address that’s custom-made for you. Luckily, we have two different methods to share with you. One method arises out of a loophole in a college admission process and the other requires payment. Let’s learn more about each of these.

    Most institutes create an edu email for a student when he/she complete the registration process after fulfilling all the academic and financial requirements. So, the obvious way to get this email address is to get admission to a college, school, or university.

    Once you are registered, the institute will create and issue the email address without much input from you.

    If you are wary of financial obligations that accompany studying in the higher education system, you can register for non-credit courses at your nearest community college. What’s best with these non-credit courses is that they don’t require any type of commitment. For starters, you don’t have to pay a dime. Then, because you don’t get a grade or credit for these courses, you aren’t obligated to attend the classes.

    How to Get an Edu Email Address Without Enrolling in a College?

    Things will work out differently if you have no plans of getting enrolled in an institute. Luckily, you still have two options to get the much-desired ID.

    Apply for Admission

    There are a couple of educational facilities that don’t require completion of the admission process to give you an edu email address. In fact, you get an address as soon as you apply for enrollment. In other words, no time and money commitments are required to get hold of this edu email address.

    A few colleges that would create an email address for you as soon as you apply for admission – and before you pay the fees – include:

    • Diablo Valley College
    • Maricopa Community Colleges
    • Canada College

    For all of these colleges, you would start the admission process by clicking on the relevant prompt on their website. The website will prompt you to insert your information. If you are not willing to share your information because you have no interest in the program being offered, you can use a fictitious identity to fill out the form.

    This form may take up to 20 minutes for filling. Once you have completed it, the institute’s website will prompt you to create your address. Just like other email addresses, you may have to give different user names before one gets approval for being unique and applicable.
    Congratulations, you have created your edu email address. Keep your credentials secure to use in online transactions.

    Buy an Edu Account

    Believe it or not, you can buy edu accounts from online sellers. eBay is one cool marketplace to get these addresses for as low as $1.9. Don’t get too excited, these addresses don’t last long and are usually deleted within weeks.

    Still, they are worth it. Imagine the number of purchases you can make in a week!

    Note that eBay is not the only marketplace that sells these accounts. But these accounts are shady enough. So, if you are searching the web to find vendors who will create an edu email address for you, you are adding more layers of doubt to a practice that’s already prone to scams.

    Take Away

    There are lots of perks of getting an edu email address. Not only does it look more professional and trustworthy but it’s also helpful for your finances thanks to hundreds of discounts that are available to students only.

    Given all these perks, even nonstudents want to know how to get an edu email. This post tells all the methods for attaining one.


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