Investment Options for 2023 – What the Analysts Say

There is always an element of risk with making investments and the goal of the investor is to minimise risk while maximising return. This is not always an easy thing to do, especially during tough economic times, as we are facing today;

if you are looking for investment ideas for 2023, here are a few commodities that the analysts are talking about.

1- Real estate

Real estate

This is one of the very few commodities that always rises in value; indeed, some would say that you can’t go wrong with land and property. Land is a finite commodity and with a growing population, real estate makes for an ideal long-term investment. The rental property sector is busy, as the demand for rental homes continues to rise; if you partner up with a property management company, you can invest in several properties. Another idea is to flip houses, buy a rundown house, renovate it and sell for a profit; many wealthy people began doing this, so it is very doable.

2- Investment brokers

If you have little knowledge about investing, you could approach an investment broker, who takes a small commission on the profits he makes for you. They use a state-of-the-art adviser platform from a leading Australian developer and while they are no guarantees, the broker is in the business of making their clients money. If you are building your investments and you would prefer an expert to manage your portfolio, contact a financial adviser.

3- Precious metals

Investment Options

Gold, silver and platinum all offer investment potential; it is important to establish your goals before lookingat potential investments; experts are predicting the demand for gold to increase in the next few months, so now might be the best time to move into precious metals. Google can help you to find a graph that shows the performance of gold, silver or platinum over the past few years. Titanium and tungsten are also good investment commodities, as these precious metals are used in many industries.

4- Tech startups

Tech startups

Many talented tech entrepreneurs are looking for capital and there are online platforms that connect entrepreneurs with private investors. You could get lucky and finance a booming company that makes you a millionaire! Of course, you need to do some serious research prior to making an investment in a business; if you find the right startup, you can negotiate with the owner(s) to reach an agreement. Click here for 6 things that make up a successful small business.

5- Crypto


Millionaires have been created overnight by investing in digital currency, if you had purchased 500 Bitcoins when they were $1 each, you would be very wealthy today. Of course, you need to be very knowledgeable about this field and by using a broker, you can increase your chances of making a profit.

If you are setting out on your investment journey, there is much to consider and we hope the above ideas help you to make informed decisions regarding your investment portfolio.

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