if you are a small investor, you are likely looking at your portfolio at this time with a view to making some changes and with uncertainty ruling over all the markets, that would seem like the logical thing to do. Whether you are a new investor or already have a significant portfolio, here are a few investment strategies that you might want to consider in 2022.

    Rental Properties

    Many private investors have moved into the rental property sector, as it offers good returns and long-term stability. If you need funding for a rental property acquisition, talk to Ascot Mortgages, a leading UK mortgage broker who has all the solutions, including 100% finance and renovation costs. The rental housing market is very healthy and choosing the right location will ensure you receive top prices. Hook up with a leading property management company and they can handle every aspect of the project, even sourcing suitable tenants; building maintenance is another service they offer and your property is monitored 24/7, which brings peace of mind.

    Cryptocurrency Trading

    This is a volatile market, but if you do your homework and follow market trends, you can turn a healthy profit when buying and selling cryptocurrency. It isn’t only Bitcoin that offers opportunities, there are numerous digital currencies that seem to be performing well and like all investments, you do need to have some background information before investing. We don’t advise going in at the deep end and trading with real money; that would be a risky thing to do – rather become acquainted with a crypto broker, who has all the online resources you need to trade in a real-time environment. Only when you think you are ready, should you start trading with real money, and, like all commodities, there is an element of risk with crypto trading.

    Precious Metals

    Gold has performed well during the pandemic and as more investors pull out their stocks and shares and move their wealth into gold bullion, this drives the price up. You could acquire a few gold coins and sit on them for a few years, or buy a few ingots and keep them on your floor safe. There seems no end to the covid crisis and this means many markets are volatile and investors sell and move into gold, which is why buying now is a wise move.

    Buying Property Abroad

    Many UK people are lured to places like Thailand and Malaysia, where they can build their dream home and live in a tropical paradise; many digital nomads set roots in Asian countries, where the climate is nice and the cost of living low. If you prefer something a little closer to home, the Algarve and Southern Spain offer luxury villas at affordable prices. You can generate a good income if you rent your foreign property, which many people do.

    Everyone is looking to the future with a positive outlook and hopefully, we can all return to normal and get back to how life was before covid.


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