Jayda Cheaves is a well-known social media influencer and entrepreneur who has amassed a significant net worth at a young age. Jayda’s luxurious lifestyle and flashy social media presence have many wondering – what is Jayda Cheaves net worth?

    In this in-depth blog post, we will take a closer look at Jayda Cheaves net worth and how she has built her wealth over the years.

    Introduction to Social Media Sensation Jayda Cheaves

    Introduction to Social Media Sensation Jayda Cheaves
    Source: Yahoo News

    For those unfamiliar, Jayda Cheaves is a 25-year-old social media personality and entrepreneur. She first gained fame as the girlfriend of popular rapper Lil Baby.

    However, Jayda has made a name for herself by building a massive social media following and creating several business ventures. She is considered a fashion and lifestyle influencer with millions of fans across platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

    Jayda Cheaves was born on September 29, 1997, in Savannah, Georgia. While she had a difficult upbringing, Jayda’s determination to succeed led her to move to Atlanta as a teenager to pursue modeling and influencer opportunities.

    This move kickstarted her career and fame. So how much is Jayda Cheaves worth today? Let’s take a look!

    Jayda Cheaves Early Life and Education

    Jayda Cheaves Early Life and Education
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    Jayda Cheaves’ early life was marked by hardship. She grew up in a low-income household in Savannah and her family struggled financially.

    Jayda has been transparent about having an absent father and dealing with issues like homelessness as a child. However, she worked hard in school and graduated high school.

    After briefly attending Savannah State University, Jayda decided to move to Atlanta at 19 years old to pursue a career as a model and social media influencer. This relocation proved fruitful.

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    Jayda Cheaves Personal Life and Relationships

    Jayda Cheaves Personal Life and Relationships
    Source: E! Online

    In terms of her romantic relationships, Jayda Cheaves is most well-known for dating rapper Lil Baby from 2016 to 2021.

    Jayda and @Lil Baby met when she was 19 years old and living in Atlanta. As Lil Baby’s music career took off, Jayda supported him behind the scenes.

    In February 2021, the couple welcomed their first child together – a son named Loyal Armani. However, Jayda and Lil Baby split in early 2022.

    While they keep the details private, it seems the breakup was amicable. They continue to co-parent their son together.

    Prior to her long-term relationship with Lil Baby, Jayda was romantically linked to music executive Shane Justin. The two dated in 2015.

    Currently, Jayda appears to be single and focused on raising her baby boy as a single mom. She gives fans glimpses into her life as a mother through social media.

    In interviews, Jayda has been open about the challenges of pregnancy and motherhood in the public eye. However, her son remains her number one priority.

    When it comes to her love life, the social media star values privacy so she does not share many details about dating. Her main focus now seems to be on her career and son.

    Jayda enjoys spending time with her close girlfriends and bringing Loyal along on her travels and work events when possible. Family and motherhood are very important to the influencer.

    While her 5-year relationship with Lil Baby was extremely public, Jayda has demonstrated she likes keeping her dating life under wraps. Fans will have to stay tuned to see if she opens up about romance in the future!

    Jayda Cheaves Career Journey and Income Streams

    Jayda Cheaves Career Journey and Income Streams
    Source: HelloBeautiful

    Jayda Cheaves got her start like many social media influencers – by posting fashion and lifestyle photos on Instagram. She quickly amassed over 1 million followers on the platform.

    Leveraging her large following, Jayda began promoting various fashion and beauty brands on her page. As her fame grew, she began landing major sponsorship deals and collaborations.

    Some major brands Jayda has partnered with include FashionNova, PrettyLittleThing, Homage Year, and more. She earns commissions from sponsored posts and brand partnerships.

    In 2019, Jayda launched her own hair company called Amour Jayda Hair. Her company sells high-quality wigs, extensions, lashes, and other hair products. The brand has become hugely successful in the multi-billion dollar hair industry.

    Jayda also co-owns a vegan fast-food restaurant in Atlanta called Waydamin. The restaurant opened in 2021 and has received positive reviews.

    Additionally, the influencer sells merchandise like t-shirts, phone cases, and other items emblazoned with her quotes and slogans.

    She also makes income from YouTube ads, affiliate marketing, and other monetization methods commonly used by digital creators and influencers.

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    Jayda Cheaves Biography

    Real Name/Full NameJayda Linneá Cheaves
    Nick NameJayda Wayda
    BirthdaySeptember 29, 1997
    Age25 years old
    Birth PlaceSavannah, Georgia, United States
    Parents NameMother: Jamesha Cheaves
    Height5′ 3″ (160 cm)
    Weight121 lbs (55 kg)
    Hair ColorDark Brown
    Eye ColorDark Brown
    Siblings1 sister
    Zodiac SignLibra
    BoyfriendRapper Lil Baby (former)
    Marital StatusUnmarried
    Husband’s NameN/A
    Children1 son named Loyal Armani
    ProfessionSocial Media Influencer, Entrepreneur
    Social Media Followers3.6 million Instagram followers
    Net Worth$2 million estimated

    Jayda Cheaves Net Worth Revealed – $2 Million

    Jayda Cheaves Net Worth Revealed - $2 Million
    Source: Bio Overview

    So how much is Jayda Cheaves worth after her meteoric rise to social media fame?
    According to multiple net worth calculators and estimators, Jayda Cheaves net worth is estimated to be around $2 million in 2023.

    The bulk of Jayda’s wealth comes from her lucrative brand sponsorship deals and business ventures. Her hair company and restaurant earn her a significant passive income.

    At just 25 years old, a multimillion-dollar net worth is extremely impressive. Jayda’s smart investments and monetization of her influencer career have paid off in a big way.

    Given her young age and continued growth, we can expect Jayda Cheaves net worth to continue rising in the future. She shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to her entrepreneurial pursuits.

    Let’s take a closer look at some of the specific assets and valuables Jayda has invested in over the years:

    Jayda Cheaves’ Real Estate

    One of Jayda’s biggest assets is her real estate holdings, which make up a large portion of her multimillion-dollar net worth.

    In 2021, Jayda purchased a stunning 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom mansion in Duluth, Georgia for $2.7 million. The 8,200 square foot home features a home theater, pool, spa, and custom closet.

    Jayda spent over $200,000 renovating and furnishing her luxury mansion. She regularly shows off the jaw-dropping property in her YouTube videos and social media posts.

    The influencer also owns other real estate assets in Georgia and California. Jayda’s real estate portfolio alone is likely worth over $3 million.

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    Jayda Cheaves’ Car Collection

    Jayda Cheaves' Car Collection
    Source: Pinterest

    Jayda is known for showing off her extravagant cars on Instagram and YouTube. She has a passion for luxury vehicles – and the bank account to splurge on them.

    Some of the high-end cars Jayda has been spotted driving include a Mercedes G-Wagon, Range Rover SUV, Rolls Royce Wraith, and a Lamborghini Urus.

    Her luxury car collection is easily worth $500,000 or more. Jayda loves changing up her wheels often to show off her lavish lifestyle.

    Jayda Cheaves’ Jewelry and Handbags

    Jayda Cheaves' Jewelry and Handbags
    Source: elevate

    Being a fashion influencer, Jayda owns an enviable collection of designer jewelry and handbags. She regularly sports ice from brands like Cartier and Patek Philippe.

    Some of her most dazzling bling includes diamond rings, bracelets, necklaces, and watches valued at over $100,000. Jayda also loves splurging on Chanel, Dior, and Louis Vuitton bags.

    Combined, Jayda Cheaves’ luxury accessories collection likely totals several hundred thousand dollars. She enjoys styling her designer pieces for Instagram photoshoots.

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    Jayda Cheaves’ Charity Work

    Despite her opulent lifestyle, Jayda is dedicated to giving back. She has been involved in philanthropy and charity work for causes close to her heart.

    In 2021, Jayda donated $25,000 to the Atlanta Women’s Foundation which provides resources for disadvantaged women and girls.

    She also gave thousands to families in need during the holiday season and regularly participated in community outreach programs. Jayda uses her platform and wealth to uplift others.

    Jayda Cheaves’ Future Plans

    Jayda Cheaves' Future Plans
    Source: The Shade Room

    At just 25 years old, Jayda Cheaves net worth will surely continue rising as her career and businesses expand.

    In the future, the mogul plans to launch new companies and expand existing brands like Amour Jayda Hair globally. She also plans to grow her real estate portfolio.

    With her massive social media reach and marketing capabilities, Jayda is poised to become one of the most influential and wealthiest entrepreneurs of her generation.

    Her story serves as inspiration – with determination and smart investments, building wealth is possible even without coming from money.

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    Still, have questions about how much the influencer is worth. Here are some commonly asked questions.

    Q: How did Jayda Cheaves get rich?

    A: Jayda built her wealth by monetizing her huge social media following, launching successful companies like Amour Jayda Hair, and investing in assets like real estate.

    Q: What businesses does Jayda Cheaves own?

    A: She owns the hair company Amour Jayda Hair and co-owns Waydamin, a vegan fast-food restaurant in Atlanta.

    Q: Is Jayda Cheaves a billionaire?

    A: No, Jayda Cheaves net worth is estimated to be around $2 million currently. She is not yet a billionaire.

    Q: What does Jayda Cheaves do for a living?

    A: Her main career is being a social media influencer and entrepreneur. She makes money through brand sponsorships, her companies, real estate, and more.

    Q: Is Jayda Cheaves self-made?

    A: Yes, Jayda did not come from money and built her nearly $2 million net worth through her own businesses and monetizing her influencer career.


    In summary, Jayda Cheaves has accumulated an impressive multimillion-dollar net worth through her savvy business ventures and social media fame. Her luxurious lifestyle filled with designer goods and real estate is a testament to her wealth.

    At just 25, Jayda’s net worth will surely continue rising as she expands her brands and platforms. She serves as inspiration that big success is possible regardless of background with relentless drive.

    Jayda Cheaves’ journey to millionaire status before 30 is remarkable and she remains focused on further growing her fortune and impact. We can expect even bigger things from the mogul in the years to come!

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