If you are a stay at home mom, we salute you; raising two kids and managing the family home is no mean feat. This situation can work well if your partner is bringing home the bacon, so to speak, but if money is tight, here are some jobs for stay at home moms that you can find on the Internet.

    Stay at Home Mom Jobs

    Online Teaching

    If you are a native English speaker, you could teach online; you would have to pass an online English grammar and comprehension test, something every native speaker would ace. Living in the UK is ideal for teaching Chinese kids, as your offspring will be fast asleep in the early hours, when it is prime evening time in China and the teaching agency would offer you all the support you need to embark on a career as a part time language teacher.

    Second Language

    If you are fluent in French, Spanish or Swedish, you could provide localization translation services for an online on-demand translation company. Again, you would need to demonstrate you have a complete ability with the target language and once registered, they inform you when projects come up. It might be that you are patched into a Zoom video meeting and will act as a translator for one of the participants. The global translation service would likely pay you by the hour, using PayPal or direct bank transfer and you might need your partner to occupy the kids, as you need peace and quiet for this type of work.

    Set Up an E-commerce Website

    This takes a lot of planning, yet the good news is everything can be done via your laptop. Of course, the most important thing of all is your product line; it should be something that is eco-friendly and in demand. Spend a lot of time on your product line – get this wrong and the ship will sink! You will need to invest in some SEO work to drive traffic to your store and if the web stuff is beyond you, outsource site administration is always available.

    Filling Out Online Surveys

    Sounds boring we know, but once you get into it, time flies and you are making money. The only requirement is that you answer the questions honestly and they have literally thousands of categories, which means you will find products you are familiar with.

    Web Content Writing

    Perfect for the moms that like to write; simply search online for a web content agency, as they are always looking for bloggers. A sector of digital marketing involves writing blogs and they will pay you a few pounds for a 500-word article, if not more. Of course, you have to research your topics and follow the brief, which would include links to insert and other information you need to write the article.

    You will need to be good at time management to fit everything in and the extra cash can go towards a summer holiday, when you can recharge your batteries.


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