Kevin Samuels is an influential image consultant and YouTuber known for his blunt commentary and advice about relationships, often targeting the modern dating behaviors of Black men and women in America.

    Like his advice or not, Kevin Samuels has undeniably made a significant impact in popular culture and amassed a large following online.

    This has left many curious about Kevin Samuels’ background, career journey, and how he has achieved his multimillionaire net worth status, currently estimated between $8 to $10 million.

    Who is Kevin Samuels?

    Who is Kevin Samuels
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    Kevin Samuels was born in Oklahoma City in 1965. He studied at Millwood High School and then pursued a degree in Business Administration at the University of Oklahoma.

    Samuels was interested in fashion, style, and professional self-presentation. He worked for several years in the fashion and modeling industries.

    How He Died?

    Unfortunately, Kevin Samuels passed away on May 5th, 2022 at the age of 57. The official cause of death was ruled as cardiac arrest.

    On the night of his death, Samuels reportedly complained of chest pain and difficulty breathing. A friend called 911, and Samuels was brought to Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, but resuscitation efforts sadly failed.

    While the exact circumstances remain unclear, some health professionals hypothesize that his lifestyle factors may have contributed to heart issues.

    But his unexpected, untimely death was a shock to his massive fan following, and he leaves behind a divisive yet impactful legacy in the influencer space.

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    Real NameKevin Samuels
    Nick NameN/A
    Birth PlaceOklahoma City, USA
    Date Of BirthMarch 13, 1965
    Age57 years old
    Height5 feet 9 inches
    Weight75 kg
    Eye ColourDark Brown
    Hair ColourBald
    EducationBusiness Administration Degree from the University of Oklahoma
    Sexual OrientationStraight
    Marital StatusSingle
    Spouse NameN/A
    Children NameN/A
    Parents NameUnknown
    SiblingsNone reported
    SchoolMillwood High School
    CollegeUniversity of Oklahoma
    Zodiac SignPisces
    ProfessionYouTuber, Image Consultant, Influencer, Retail Consultant
    Social Media Followers1.79 million YouTube Subscribers and 1.2 million Instagram Followers
    Net Worth$8 to $10 million

    Kevin Samuels Career Journey

    Kevin Samuels Career Journey

    Samuels has held several jobs throughout his career while developing his now well-known personal-style consulting business. Some of the key sources of his business and income over the years have included…

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    Sources of Income


    Kevin Samuels has over 1 million loyal YouTube subscribers. This viewership and his viral fame translate into 5 key income channels – advertising, channel memberships, sponsorship deals, affiliate marketing, and view bonuses for popular uploads.

    Combined, these can quickly generate tens of thousands per video.

    Merchandise Sales

    Merchandise Sales
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    He taps into his image branding and audience through merchandise like digital courses, apparel/accessories, and books, typically costing $20 to $300. Promotional giveaways and partnerships add additional eCommerce revenue streams.

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    Consultancy Business

    Kevin charges upwards of hundreds per hour premium fees for private image consulting services. These VIP packages offer direct access, advice calls, events, and messaging.

    Exclusivity attracts high-paying clients despite the steep price, further contributing to his multimillionaire success.

    Financial Success: Kevin Samuels Net Worth

    Financial Success Kevin Samuels Net Worth
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    As Kevin Samuel’s popularity and content output increase, so does his net worth. 2021 estimates had Samuel’s net worth between $4 to $6 million.

    After the continued expansion of his personal branding, courses, YouTube channel, and partnerships in 20222023, his current estimated net worth lands between a substantial $8 to $10 million range.

    Most of this wealth has come from his thriving social media presence and partnerships in recent years. But Samuels also leverages his online platform to promote a broader range of business pursuits.

    He hosts live events and retreats. He consults as an influencer and advisor for lifestyle brands. Of course, some of his wealth also comes from sales of his signature consulting products and services that build on his “Image is everything” credo.

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    Kevin Samuels Net Worth Timeline

    YearKevin Samuels Net Worth
    Kevin Samuels Net Worth in 2023$8 – $10 million (estimated)
    Kevin Samuels Net Worth in 2022$6 – $8 million (estimated)
    Kevin Samuels Net Worth in 2021$4 – $6 million
    Kevin Samuels Net Worth in 2020$1 – $2 million
    Kevin Samuels Net Worth in 2019$500,000 – $800,000
    Kevin Samuels Net Worth in 2018$100,000 – $250,000


    Q: What is Kevin Samuels most well-known for?

    A: Kevin Samuels draws praise and criticism for his blunt commentary and advice about modern dating behaviors, relationships, image, and lifestyle choices – often addressing subjects relevant to the Black community.

    Q: What businesses does Kevin Samuels own?

    A: In addition to online content creation and partnerships, Samuels owns his personal image consulting firm and sells online courses as well as apparel to promote his personal brand.

    Q: How much money does Kevin Samuels make per YouTube video?

    A: Estimates suggest top videos featuring his most popular commentaries can bring in over $30,000 per video post.

    Q: What is the most expensive item Kevin Samuels owns?

    A: While details of his personal assets are undisclosed, he often appears wearing suits and accessories worth over $5,000, indicating a lavish lifestyle funded by his fortune.

    Q: How much wealth does Kevin Samuels have in 2023?

    A: Current estimates put Kevin Samuel’s net worth between $8 to $10 million thanks to thriving social media, partnerships, events, and lifestyle businesses all building on his personal branding empire.


    Few influencers have impacted modern social discourse around relationships and lifestyles, such as Kevin Samuels.

    He has built his popularity not by making people comfortable but by telling them uncomfortable truths about self-improvement.

    With a net worth now reportedly exceeding $8 million and counting, Kevin Samuels knows something about crafting a compelling personal and professional image that the masses gravitate toward.

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