Torrents are an easy hack to avoid the usual rush of website traffic. They help us save a great deal of time and trouble when downloading stuff online. No wonder why people go crazy looking for a good torrent website like the Kickass Torrents. Being the best torrent site in using a peer-to-peer protocol, Kickass Torrents Alternatives was very popular among the people.

    It’s a sad story that you can no longer access the Kickass Torrents Alternatives. Ever since the US Authorities have taken the website down, fans are struggling to find a good torrent website. Don’t worry as you’re not alone in feeling helpless. Without a trusted torrent, it feels like we’ve lost our online entertainment access.

    Here to help you solve your torrent issue, we’ve come up with some useful Kickass Torrents Alternatives. Read on to find some valuable torrent websites that you can still trust to find your desired content online.

    Little About Kickass Torrents

    Kickass Torrents Alternatives , usually popular by the name of KAT among the fans, was live until 2015. First launched in 2008, KAT rapidly got famous among the circles of entertainment fans breaking all records. The best thing about the KickassTorrents website was its popular directory full of rarely available torrent files.

    KickAss Torrents Alternatives directory was full of all sorts of pirated software copies and famous copyrighted movies. All items were available to its users for free without any charges. People enjoyed downloading the expensive paid software and movies at absolute no cost while it lasted.

    At its peak time, KAT made a record of serving more than 1 million users each day. No wonder why it had so many eyes lurking to get their hands on KAT’s position. Soon, the website was seized by US Authorities and banned from ever coming back live.

    Why Was KickAssTorrents Website Banned By The US Government?

    Since torrents provide a way of transferring data without using a central server, they can be subjected to copyright claims. Using a decentralized server system for uploading and downloading files that are otherwise prohibited is considered a felony. That’s exactly why the KickAss Torrents was banned by the US government in 2016.

    The US government charged the KAT website for sharing pirated content and seized the website for a lifetime. Even in its short lifespan, KAT managed to score a fan base bigger than many other websites. Due to legal pressure, KAT staff members had to shut down all of their running servers. Since then, there has been no sign of KickassTorrents and no news about whether it’s ever coming back.

    KickAssTorrents Proxy Websites

    While you may never find the same KAT website back live, there are several alternatives and proxy sites to use. Run by different admin sources, these KAT proxies also provide a great deal of free content. The proxy websites may not be as good as KAT but they offer successful peer-to-peer file transfer.

    You can find useful proxy websites under the term KickAssTorrents Clones or KickassTorrents mirrors. Here’s a list of a few KickAssTorrents Proxy websites that we recommend for you.

    • Kat. rip
    • Kat. ag
    • Kat. am
    • Kickasstorrents. cr
    • Kickasstorrents. to
    • Kickass. cm
    • Kickasstorrents. pw

    Note: The only issue with using proxy websites is that you might have to face ISP problems. That can be avoided by using a good VPN service (Virtual Private Network).

    KickAssTorrent Alternatives

    If you’re someone who resents using proxies or doesn’t trust their service authenticity, fear not! We have enlisted a bunch of Kickass Torrents alternative websites that you can use. The following top 3 websites provide a safer, much easier way to transfer files over the internet for free.

    • 1337x
    • Yify Torrents (YTS)
    • The Pirate Bay

    Note: Keep in mind that each torrent website uses a separate interface. So, the problems you’re facing with using one website might not be the same for others.

    1. 1337X


    Looking for the best KickAss Torrents Alternatives, you must have come across 1337X once or twice. The 1337X is famous among fans for its colorful content directory filled with a variety of different categories. So, you won’t have any problem finding your desired computer program or movie.

    You can quickly skim through the categories and look for your content. The 1337x website makes users’ work easy by applying a simple interface that facilitates users’ comfort. You just have to open the 1337X website. Go to the search bar. Type in the initials for your desired movie. Within a few seconds, the easy interface of 1337X will lead you to your destination program.

    Even if the content isn’t available, you’ll be redirected without any complications to the initial home page. Although it’s hard to return empty-handed because the 1337X website has a Top 100 section of content categories. Plus, the website has a unique Most Trending feature where you can easily find trending programs and movies.

    2. YTS Torrent Tracker

    YTS Torrent Tracker

    Yify Torrents also known as YTS Torrent Tracker is another one of the most popular torrent sites that you’ll find. Famous for downloading music and movie files, YTS can be the final stop for your search. When you search for the website, make sure to use since the original website is no longer safe. also provides free easy access to users who love watching movies online or listening to their favorite songs. You’ll be directed to your desired content without facing any commercial barriers or sign-up conflicts asking for premium accounts.

    YTS is an excellent KAT alternative with the only problem being its limitations for bandwidth users. This means that you can view and download the website content freely only if you have a certain standard bandwidth. This bandwidth limit is set a standard by the website admin himself and it cannot be tampered with on your accord!

    3. The Pirate Bay

    The Pirate Bay

    The Pirate Bay is one of the topmost websites to be used for replacing KickAssTorrents. The KAT fans actively shifted to using the Pirate Bay for getting their preferred torrenting content. The website became famous soon after the demise of KickAssTorrents, acquiring global fame with millions of users. As of now, the Pirate Bay is rated as the world’s top torrenting website. And why wouldn’t it be?

    The Pirate Bay serves as the biggest hub for finding all sorts of premium files for free. Its directory is filled with all kinds of media files including Expensive Softwares, Premium Games, Trending Movies, Songs, and whatnot. The content available at the website is served to users labeled into different categories such as:

    • Media files
    • Software programs
    • Gaming APKs
    • Book PDFs etc.

    So, what’s the catch if the Pirate Bay has replaced KickAssTorrents? Like the KickAssTorrents, the Pirate Bay is also facing similar copyright infringement claims. Many ISPs have already started to block the website due to its overly inviting huge directory. Some providers hear the name “Pirate” and set off the boundaries.

    However, people love using the Pirate Bay for its colorful services that come without any cost. Using a good VPN service helps to solve the IPS issue and lets you easily bypass your ISP restrictions.

    Some Other Useful Torrent Websites

    If the top 3 KickAss Torrents Alternatives fail to work for you somehow, don’t be disappointed. We have a few more useful Torrent Websites options that you can use to download your favorite content. Try out your luck on the following websites and see if it works for you.

    • ExtraTorrent
    • TorLock
    • iDope
    • LimeTorrents
    • Zoogle

    Extra Torrent

    Extra Torrent

    ExtraTorrent is a popular torrent website that’s been facing some issues in the past. It has recently come live after a long shut down. You can access the website using a VPN to hide your IP addresses. Just make sure the government can’t track your address using the BitTorrent protocol.


    Torlock - kickass torrents alternatives

    Best for downloading trending movie and music files, Torlock is another useful torrent website. The site is unique and famous for its anti-fake policy. It claims to serve its users with original torrents and rewards anyone who could find a fake torrent with a $1 compensation.


    iDope - kickass torrents alternatives

    iDope is a good torrent option if you want to download movies. It’s a new website that claims to never track its users’ IP addresses. iDope serves as a tribute to the old KickassTorrent website by mentioning this on their homepage.


    LimeTorrent - kickass torrents alternatives

    LimeTorrent is best for downloading premium software programs, games, and movies for free. Its user-friendly interface is very easy to use as it helps to navigate your way through the cloud of content available. Although some files may have a lower download count than others, that doesn’t mean they’re unsafe.


    Zoogle - kickass torrents alternatives

    Zoogle is a good torrent option if you’re looking for specific content. You can find multiple book pdfs and movie files on Zoogle. Music files are also available but the directory is not that versatile as others.

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