Kilt Pins as Outfit Accessories: Styling Tips and Ideas

If you love Irish history, you may be familiar with many of their symbolisms, legends, and traditions. What you may not have thought too much about are kilt pins — those smart accessories used to hold the kilt in place — and the many creative options in which these items may be used.
Read on to get some creative inspiration on using kilt pins as fashion accessories.

Selecting the Right Kilt Pin

Selecting the Right Kilt Pin
Source: CLAN | Tartan
There is no reason why you should limit yourself to a plain kilt pin. On the contrary, take the time to study the available options and pick one or several to work with your creativity. If you are thinking about a kilt pin for a formal occasion, staying with an elegant and simple design might suffice. If you are going to incorporate it in a more informal outfit. You should consider a more decorative and elaborate one.
Before selecting the style, consider the size.  A kilt pin that is too short may get lost in your outfit while one that is too long may be uncomfortable to style and to wear. As far as materials, kilt pins are usually made out of pewter, silver, or brass. Take a look at the different pieces that will make up your outfit to decide what material, size, and design will work best.

Fashion and Kilt Pins

Modern fashion has embraced kilt pins as an accessory that can elevate the look of any outfit. Their size and shape offer the versatility you are looking for. Here are some ways to incorporate this piece of jewelry into any outfit.
  • Blazers: Use a kilt pin as a brooch on your lapel.
  • Dresses: Accentuate the beauty of your dress by adding a touch of class with a kilt pin on one shoulder.
  • Hats: Nothing will make your hat stand out more than adding a kilt pin on the front or side.
  • Blouses: Play around with a long blouse. Tie a knot and hold it in place with a kilt pin or place it in the collar if it’s long enough to accommodate it.
  • Sweaters: If you love wearing a sweater set, make it look more special by adding a kilt pin or using it to hold it close as a button.
There is no limit to the uses you may find for kilt pins. They can truly become a staple of your fashion accessories, lending a traditional and historical Irish touch to whatever you are wearing.

Kilt Pin Storage

After investing in your favorite pins, you want them to last a long time in perfect condition. Make sure to store them in a cool, dry place, far from humidity that may provoke rust on certain materials. Before storing, take a soft rag to remove any dust or dirt.
If you notice that this is not enough, you may wash it in a soapy solution to clean it. Keep away from harsh chemicals that may damage its finish.

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