Lawn care tools are the key way to keep your home’s exterior looking bold and beautiful. If you’re just getting started with your lawn care, or you’re looking to elevate your lawn care, you need to have the right tools to get the job done. Here are ten must-own lawn care tools that can get you there:


    1. Lawn Mower

    When you’re looking to keep your lawn trimmed and beautiful, you must have a quality lawn mower. Depending on the size of your property, you may need a full-sized riding lawn mower or a more compact push mower. If you cannot afford a lawn mower, hiring lawn care service providers to mow your lawn twice a month is highly recommended.

    2. Soil Knife

    Although it may seem like you need a whole bucket of handheld gardening equipment, soil knives are often a one-size-fits-all tool you can invest in. Use it to weed, dig, transplant, design container gardens, and access any tight spaces that other equipment can’t. Additionally, when you go to aerate your lawn each season, you can use a soil knife to get the job done just right.

    3. Weedeater

    This tool can reach areas that your mower can’t, such as those around tree trunks. However, if you turn it on its side, it may also be used as an edger. Weedeaters, also called lawn trimmers, is a must-have item for any homeowner looking to perfect their lawn care equipment setup. In beautiful locations, like Washington, D.C., having the right lawn care equipment can make you stand out from your neighbors.

    4. Leaf Rake

    Naturally, a good rake will be sufficient to handle your fall responsibilities, so investing in a leaf rake is always recommended. You can use leaf rakes in combination with many other tools on this list to make cleaning up after tasks a breeze. If you only buy one type of rake on this list, you should be investing in a high-quality leaf rake.

    5. Snow Shovel

    For snowy areas, this is a necessity, but even if you reside in a warmer area, you should consider purchasing a snow shovel in case of unexpected snowfall.

    After all, weather is nearly unpredictable in today’s climate. A snow shovel also works well as an outdoor dustpan for cleaning up after projects. When you’re trimming hedges, a snow shovel can come in especially useful for cleaning up.

    6. Hoe

    A high-quality hoe should always be on your list of essential gardening tools to purchase. You can get all types of fancy hoes it may be used to rake up huge weeds, soften the soil while creating flower beds, and more. Hoes are one of the most varied items on this list, so take your time finding the right hoe for your unique lawn care needs.

    7. Hedge Shear

    If you have a pair of these, your neighbors will appreciate it. Keep this necessary lawn maintenance equipment on hand to manage unruly hedges. If you’re looking to get creative with your lawn curating, you can even trim your hedges into fun, fancy shapes. However, if you’re inexperienced with hedge shears, you’ll want to build up to complex tasks, otherwise, you might damage your hedges by accident.

    8. Water Hose

    Properly watering your lawn, and keeping your plants healthy, requires a water hose. If necessary, buy a sprinkler and add a spray nozzle attachment to irrigate flower and vegetable garden beds. Hoses are useful for a ton of other household tasks, so you’ll be getting a ton of bang for your buck if you invest in a high-quality water hose.

    9. Soil Rake

    A soil rake will level out your garden or spread your mulch because it is firmer than a leaf rake. It can even be used to maintain a drive or pea gravel path. Soil rakes are used for all types of landscaping tasks, and will help you round out the yard equipment shed satisfyingly. Learning to use them is a breeze, so get going!

    10. Lopper

    These shears’ longer handles and bigger blades make it easier to control tree limbs, which is necessary for home protection and curb attractiveness. Loppers are perfect for getting that extra lawn care umph, and can elevate the look of your home’s exterior with ease as well. The more you use the lopper, the better you’ll get at curating your lawn to look exactly like you want it to.

    Keep Your Lawn Beautiful

    With these ten must-have lawn care tools, you can easily keep your lawn looking beautiful in 2023. Every one of these tools can be used for other home improvement and upkeep tasks as well, so they are well worth your hard-earned money.

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