Levo PA71 is a high-quality, compact, and portable power bank. It charges your smartphones as well as small gadgets like portable fans, laptops, cameras, and other devices.

    It is an advanced power bank with built-in solar cells to charge your Levo on a sunny day without electricity.

    The power station has two charging ports, one for smartphones and the other for electrical appliances like fans.

    Levo PA71 is one of the finest preferences for one who is always hard at work and couldn’t have spare time to manage their gadget’s charging. Hunting smart charging points is arduous, but Levo PA71 has got you covered.

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    What is Levo PA71 Power Bank?


    Levo PA71 power bank provides more than 7100mAh of backup battery. It can smoothly charge your laptops, smartphones, air pods, and other stuff like this.

    One more surprising fact, it can easily charge up your mini fans and refrigerator in case of blackouts.

    This power station is equipped with solar technology, which unveils your concerns about the charging of power stations.

    If you are a busy bee and forget about charging your devices, then Levo is the best partner. Charging your expensive phones at the coffee shop or some gas station might be risky or feel clumsy; Levo helps you at that time.

    What’s in the Box of Levo PA71?

    You will also get a few essentials when you get Levo PA71. The pack has a user guide, too, so you can efficiently get all the details.

    Here is the list of items that comes in the box;

    • Warranty info card
    • buyer/user guide
    • Power bank
    • Charging cable
    • Travel pouch

    Always read the buyer’s guide first before using the power station. It helps in the safe use of the device and avoids any unpleasant circumstances.

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    How to Use Levo PA71?

    Whenever you get stuck in a place where there is no means of charging, use Levo PA71 to charge your devices. To power up your smartphone, plug in your phone in the power bank via the mobile’s charging cable. There you go, phone starts charging fast.

    For charging the power bank you just have to plug in its cable and then switch on the main supply.

    Another smooth way for charging power stations is solar cell technology. Utilize Mr. Sun’s energy for your Levo PA71 charging. Sunlight helps you a lot.

    Why Do We Need Levo PA71?

    Everyone in this era of technology needs gadgets and especially smartphones. Appliances become inseparable parts of our daily life, and to run them smoothly we have to charge them.

    But what if the electricity goes out, you will surely miss your project meetings. Oh! Don’t worry, Levo PA71 is there to help you and you’ll not miss out on any meetings.

    If you are a student, businessman, traveler, or whatever kind of profession you are in, Levo is the perfect partner.

    It‘ll also charge your laptops, smartphones, Bluetooth devices, and mini gadgets.

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    Advantages & Features of Levo Pa71

    Let’s discover more about Levo PA71 and check its specifications.


    It has a built-in battery that can grasp the power of more than 700 watt-hours. Its special motor made of brass can easily produce a torque of 90 NM.

    Built-in solar panels

    One of the amazing technologies Levo is providing is its solar cells. You can charge them whenever you want, no worries about electricity.


    The manufacturing brand handed over a one-year sleek warranty. But you will not want a warranty as it is a complete device.

    Quick charging

    Levo PA71 not only charges your phone in no time but also can easily be charged. It takes 4 hours to fully charge and get ready to charge your devices.

    Power capacity

    Levo PA71 has a strong power capacity near to 12000mAh. This means you can charge your mobile phone seven times in a row.

    Once you change your power station for 4 hours, it will power up the phone with no hindrance.

    Charging outlets

    The gadget has two charging outlets, one is a USB port and one is an AC outlet. So, it is not only for phones but also a good choice for mini fans and refrigerators.


    Its lightweight and small size make it quite convenient for traveling and also helps during school hours.

    Colors range

    Levo provides silver and black colors. Choose your favorite one.


    Despite its strong power capacity and fast charging speed, Levo is a very lightweight gadget. So, you can easily manage and handle it.

    Awesome Design

    Levo PA71 is easy to maintain, you have to open the lid and remove the silicon mat and pod to clean any kind of dist.

    Thanks to the manufacturing brand for this stylish piece of art with painless cleaning tricks.

    Its easy cleaning feature with smooth and smart design is quite inspiring.

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    Multiple settings option in Levo PA71

    Levo PA71 provides five different kinds of suspension adjustments. Adjustment conversion might be a piece of cake only if you’re a pro tuner.

    Otherwise, it is difficult and sometimes becomes more complex.

    How to Increase Battery Life of Levo PA71 Power Bank


    Every gadget needs proper maintenance that results in increasing its lifespan. Careless use, improper cleaning, and zero maintenance make them die. Here are some cool maintenance tricks for Levo PA71.

    • Don’t overcharge your phone, it will heat the power bank thus leading to a battery crisis. It will shorten the power station’s life.
    • Always keep your smartphone in airplane mode while charging.
    • Keep away your device from moisture, it will damage the battery of the power bank.
    • Store it in a cool and dry place for the best performance.
    • Unplug the Levo PA71 immediately after it is fully charged.
    • If you want to charge your device more than once, divide battery mAh by device mAh to check how many times you should charge the phone.
    • The waterproof case is the best choice for the safety of a power bank.

    How Much Does Levo PA71 Cost?

     PA71 costs $75, you can easily buy it from Amazon or other online retailers. It can be easily purchased from hardware shops.


    PA71 is a portable power bank that is compact, durable, lightweight and fast charging enabled. Its 4 hours of charging will power up your phone seven times in a row.

    It is a perfect companion for long trips and workshops.

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