Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s product which allows you to closely monitor your sales prospect’s progress through various filters, so you can be sure that all parts of the sales funnel are being covered.

    Using a sales navigator will help you know whether or not someone has received your message and if they’ve seen it. It doesn’t matter if they open and read it. If they’ve opened it and haven’t seen it yet, your message hasn’t been received.

    If you are wondering how to get the most out of LinkedIn sales navigator, this article is for you.

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    1: Filter Every Profile to get the Best Leads

    One of the most basic yet powerful tools within the sales navigator is the ability to filter your database. By entering a few simple criteria, you can narrow down thousands of results into a manageable list to help identify good potential sales leads.

    If you have a larger group of contacts, you could simply search for this group by job title or industry and then manually look at each profile one by one.

    The fundamental way of filtering is through Custom Profile Fields (CPFs). CPFs allow you to customize the fields you want to include in any search or report panel.

    2: Make Good Use of InMail

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium service that allows you to make cold calls from your desktop or mobile device. The system gives you access to a contact list of leads and prospects not currently connected with you on LinkedIn.

    This can help you reach out to people who did not respond to your previous attempts at outreach. If they have already viewed your profile within the past two weeks, they may be more likely to respond positively this time around.

    The InMail function is the best way for salespeople on LinkedIn Sales Navigator (LSN) to get in touch with these potential leads and turn them into connections.

    3: Use Sales Navigator Insights

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator insights show you which of your leads are performing well and give you insight into why. It also shows you which of your competitors is winning over the same audience so that you can better understand how to compete with them.

    Sales Navigator insights give you a snapshot of what’s working for your business right now so that when it comes time for updates or changes in strategy or outreach tactics, you’ll have data-backed evidence pointing to where those efforts should be focused.

    4: Add the Sales Navigator Extension to the Web Browser

    You can add a LinkedIn extension to your Google Chrome browser to see LinkedIn profiles within your Gmail or G Suite account. If a LinkedIn profile is associated with any email, that profile will pop up for you to view and use in sales opportunities. This feature is great for researching new leads, especially if they are not connected on LinkedIn.

    Wrapping Up

    The article might have been helpful if you’re looking for how to get the most out of LinkedIn sales navigator.

    Sales Navigator is a great way to boost your sales. This tool can help you reach out to potential customers, get feedback, and convert leads into sales. It has many features that make this possible.

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