There is no better way to boost your company’s website’s reach than with well-done, highly specific SEO practices. The SEO game is switching up every year, but some tips have been consistently excellent for helping companies find new clientele (and retain existing clients) year after year.

    Understanding how to implement these SEO practices in a successful, consistent fashion is key to your business’s success. When you use practices that are tailor-fit to local needs, you make your ability to dominate the competition that much more expansive.

    To assist you in making your business the best it can be, here are six useful tips for generating investment property leads with local SEO practices:

    1. Extend Your Local SEO Hooks Beyond Your Company Website


    Your actual company website is not the only online location where you can generate local SEO hooks and boost your practices. Services such as Google My Business and other lead-generating tricks can boost your outreach massively.

    Social media sites are also fantastic for boosting your SEO, and can help you understand the needs of your community much more specifically. After all, being friendly with your clientele will make you stand out from the competition.

    2. Add Additional Differentiation To Stand Out

    Especially in highly competitive businesses, being able to create pages for highly specific local SEO phrases can help you create additional differentiation practices to your business’s SEO practices.

    This is one of the newest trends in SEO trends and will assist you in setting up links between your site, google searches, and other sources with ease.

    As you find yourself more and more familiarized with this new practice, your site will become optimized in a way your competitors will have a difficult time keeping up with.

    3. Conduct Local Keyword Research

    keyword Research

    Before you can implement any major changes to your SEO practices, you’ll need to put in the time needed for research. Local keywords can differ drastically between locations, even in the same industries.

    If you’re a business that has only one location especially, you need to find the right phrasing to stand out amongst all local competitors. For companies that are doing business across several different locales, finding the perfect keywords will take that much more work and effort, so you better get started ASAP.
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    4. Create Multiple Pages for Multiple Locations

     Multiple Pages for Multiple Locations

    Especially if you have multiple city-specific business ventures, having landing pages that are set up specifically for each of your separate ventures is crucial.

    Having multiple landing pages that generate leads will be crucial for local competition, and will make your site much more dynamic than it’s been in the past. Additionally, this can help you reach out and boost your visibility across many different localities (a quality that will immediately make your business stand out from the competition).

    5. Ensure Your Site is Mobile Friendly

    ocal SEO practices

    Did you know that over half of the internet traffic these days is on a mobile device? If your website is still not mobile-friendly, you’re cutting down on your potential client base by half (or more) of your website’s visitors. After all, a site that’s not mobile-friendly will generate click-offs faster than a fire breaking out.

    By making your website easy to navigate for any device that might visit it, you’ll be much more likely to generate excellent investment property leads with your SEO practices.

    6. Never Forget to Have a Call to Action!

    Without a solid call to action, those that visit your website might not know the right next step to take. To ensure you can help them, and to ensure you’re able to find excellent clients, make sure every one of your important landing pages has a fantastic call to action.

    Doing so will allow you to stand out amongst the crowd locally in particular, so be sure to take this important step seriously.

    Never Lose a Client or Deal From Poor SEO Practices Again

    With these phenomenal six tips, you’ll craft content and SEO practices that will help you dominate local competitors. Imagine that the internet is the most real-world type of advertising today, and you would not be far off from the truth.

    With these practices implemented, you’ll be able to find many, many more leads for potential off-market homes and properties than ever before.

    Due to this, having a strong grasp over what SEO practices will get as many people possible to your site day after day is key to making your way to the top. Especially for highly competitive industries like real estate, public relations, and car sales, excelling at SEO practices will make or break your ability to compete effectively.


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