The popularity of online videos is growing by leaps and bounds every day. Jump on to any social platform, website, messenger app, email, or another portal, and amusing videos will surely meet your eyes.

    After all, videos help you consume complex content effortlessly without straining your senses.

    This affinity for videos among the online populace is something to cheer for web marketers. If organic traffic inflow to your site has dried up, you can revive it by exploiting the electrifying potential of good video content. Videos can make leads convert to loyal customers amazingly faster.

    Proven Methods To Turbocharge Conversion Rate With Video Content

    If you are wondering how you can accomplish your marketing goals with videos, the section below is for you. It offers actionable insights for fully unleashing the potential of attention-grabbing visual content.

    1. Enhance Awareness About Your Brand

    It is a known fact that the attention span of today’s generation of customers is pathetically low. They are also spoilt for choices in every niche. Only gripping video content can make them spend more time on your site exploring your offerings.

    Once an interested lead lands on your website driven by search engine results or through an inbound link, you need to make him aware of your brand.

    Tedious and drab content on the landing page can work against you. Jazz your web pages up with visually enriched video content that can transfix visitors.

    What should be your strategy to create a bond with such leads and make them excited about your products? You need to showcase your expertise and authority with videos that demonstrate the following:

    • How your brand is catalyzing recent industry trends in the niche segment
    • How media has given coverage to your brand for ushering in breakthroughs
    • How you compete with the best in the industry and pride yourself on an eclectic clientele
    • How your products are developed with advanced technology keeping the pain areas of customers in mind
    • The vision which guided the founders to create your brand to serve customers optimally
    • How you are investing in new technical infrastructure, ramping up production, and planning more ground-breaking launches

    Such videos will shape your brand’s image in prospects’ eyes and earn you their trust. Leads would think about your brand first when they want to make a purchase.

    2. Demonstrate How Simple It Is To Use Your Products/ Services

    Creating a video with the help of video maker websites can help build trust with potential customers who may feel overwhelmed by the perceived complexity of a product or service. By using a video to demonstrate and explain your offering, you can help reduce these fears and increase the likelihood of conversion.

    Videos also have the advantage of being able to convey information in a clear and engaging way. They can show customers how to use your product or service, highlight its benefits, and answer common questions. Additionally, videos are a powerful tool for building brand awareness and credibility.

    For this, make a video online to do the following.

    • Showcase how your product can be assembled or configured and rendered fully functional with unboxing videos.
    • Handhold viewers in using your product or service efficiently by highlighting the processes involved and usage methodologies with how-to videos.
    • Underline how your product will make a difference in the lives of customers and offer feasible solutions to their persisting problems with explainer videos.
    • Build the confidence of viewers by offering a complete real-life walkthrough of using your product/service.
    • Underscore how the superior quality and long-lasting, sturdy build of the product will make it withstand even rough handling.
    • Exhibit how your product seamlessly adapts to various usage conditions.

    With such videos, you are making leads realize the value of your offerings, and they will feel intuitively compelled to convert.

    3. Evoke The Trust of Prospects with Customer Testimonials

    Customer testimonial videos appeal to prospects at an emotional level and hence are highly effective in triggering conversions. You are sharing the genuine experiences of past customers who reveal the real facts without any attempts of airbrushing or duping unsuspecting leads.

    It is the basic human instinct to trust the words of people who don’t belong to the brand and are not likely to be allured to misguide others through monetary gratifications.

    Capitalize on this and publish videos that feature the following:

    • Satisfied customers talking about tangible and specific results with data that can help prospects visualize what they stand to gain with your brand’s association
    • Authentic endorsement of your brand by people whose reactions towards your offerings have been captured in real-time
    • Customers gushing about why they preferred your brand over competitors and how they rate your exceptional customer support
    • Real-life demos of your product by customers who assert that your products have streamlined their complex lives
    • Customer narrative right from the prospecting stage to final conversion and afterward
    • Answers to common questions of potential customers by satisfied clientele
    • Strategic and emotional linking of your brand with customers

    Once the word spreads about your commitment to optimally serve customers by always being ready to walk the extra mile, leads will spontaneously pour in hordes on your website. You may deploy the testimonials on social media, authoritative blogs, and other digital touchpoints to grab maximum eyeballs.

    4. Use Compelling Video Call To Action (CTA) To Guide Leads To Conversion

    If your CTA is not embedded in the video, prospects will simply leave your page after watching the visual. Why? Because they won’t be inclined to search strenuously for the CTA on the cluttered webpage.

    The solution to this is the video CTA. It allows you to drive engagement right from inside the video.

    This may set you thinking about how to create a video CTA. Well, it is nothing but specific areas of the video which have been specifically turned into click-responsive hotspots to attract viewers’ attention.

    If your video has succeeded in engrossing the viewer, s/he would be intuitively prompted to carry out an action desired by you.

    Some of the CTAs that you can activate while you make a video online are:

    • Subscribe to a newsletter, YouTube channel, etc.
    • Get notified about new launches or exciting industry news through emails
    • Request product demo
    • Jump to a product page or shopping cart

    The CTA can be

    • verbal, where an authoritative yet friendly voice requests viewers to act in a certain way, or
    • visual, where a button is overlaid on the video screen that, upon clicking, takes the lead to a specific page.

    Personalize your CTA based on the stage of the marketing funnel your leads are in.

    5. Host Webinars Regularly To Inspire Trust In Your Brand

    Most customers in the lead stage often turn hostile if they find that your brand is not a domain authority or an industry trendsetter. To offset this tendency, you can reinforce your credentials as a thought leader and change agent with webinars.

    You can have a dedicated section on the website for hosting webinars at a pre-determined time whose schedule is communicated in advance to your leads through email, messengers, or other means.

    Webinars are live sessions in which brand experts share knowledge with enlightening presentations on different pain points afflicting the customers or topics which are usually complex for everyday users. Experts also engage in real-time dialogue with participants and offer satisfactory responses to customer queries.

    Old webinars can be uploaded to your website as knowledge pieces for customers to refer to.

    Webinars can be a catalyst for conversion for even hard-to-persuade prospects. This is the reason why 73% of ace marketers recommend webinars to boost conversions.

    6. Humanize Your Brand

    Leads like to purchase from a brand with which they can relate at a personal level. Videos offer you the opportunity to showcase the human face and emotional approach of your organization.

    Create videos with lively hosts who smile charmingly at the audience, discuss things with a passion that viewers can relate to, accord priority to customers’ needs, and have friendly tones.

    You can employ such hosts to create:

    • Product tutorials
    • Demonstrations
    • How-To guides
    • Visuals with helpful tips and tricks
    • Behind-the-scenes guided tours
    • New product/ service announcements

    Human faces in videos tend to instill confidence in prospects and allow them to make purchasing decisions quickly. You can also organize live-stream videos on popular social platforms to engage with audiences at a personal level.


    If you strategically leverage the videos in the ways mentioned above, your website will quickly experience an avalanche of customers. Always customize the video content in alignment with your unique operating conditions for the best outcomes.


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