When the heart of the home is updated, a room renovation may do wonders for the soul. With this in mind, one interior designer enlisted the decors to complete the project. Continue reading to see the sleek glam open concept kitchen and living area, which has the functionality of a family kitchen but the sophistication of entertaining space.

    Open Kitchen And Living Room: The Challenge

    The client desired a complete makeover of her flat because it was making her feel exhausted. However, she began with the open concept to remove wall between kitchen and living room before and after because of its impact on daily life. To provide the client with the interior she desired, the designer had to:

    • Use a colour scheme that will make the space feel bright and airy and complement the rest of the apartment.
    • Select light, neutral flooring that suits an elegant contemporary design.
    • Make sure the new method is both cost-effective and family-friendly.
    • Create spaces that cater to children, such as a place where they can play or be entertained.

    The Modern Open Concept Inspiration

    The customer, who had a whole-house renovation on her to-do list, had a lot of ideas but no clear vision. Her detailed initial brief, on the other hand, worked in her favour. She went into detail about what she doesn’t like about her existing room and what she hopes to see in the renovation.

    The client preferred light-filled open living areas and contemporary kitchens, especially if the decor included hot kitchen design trends. Interior design trends in white and grey, particularly those with soft pinks and blues, shone out over all others. On the other hand, the client adores the warmth of wood floors, as well as brass and gold finishes.

    The Open Kitchen And Living Room Design

    Designers began work on their initial designs after receiving the client’s brief. The preliminary proposals used brass and gold, but they were designed differently; one was macho, while the other was feminine. And it was Tijana’s pink and blue concept that drew the client’s attention. The designer’s ideas were notable due to the specific attention she paid to a children’s nook and play area.

    The Initial Mood Board

    A good mood board is feminine, with light colours like blush and blues specified by the customer and grey vinyl wood flooring. However, as the palette came together, the client understood that she wanted to limit cooler tones, particularly grey. These adjustments and others that the designer and customer discussed on the user-friendly platform are included in the final design.

    Modern accent chairs, accent tables, and a combination of soft scatter round out the open concept living room mood board.

    Plush upholstered seats and the client’s refurbished Parson’s table with an updated brass-coloured base adorn the dining room. Artwork with a natural theme matches the tranquil colour scheme, while stylish children’s furnishings soften the formal appearance.

    Open Modern Kitchen And Living Room Result

    The open kitchen and living room is elegant yet whimsical and right on trend with a few colour and furniture adjustments. The living room is filled in natural light, reflecting the new blond wood floor and off-white walls. The room’s lightness is further enhanced by muted-tone and white furniture, as well as a roomy arrangement. The client might get away with any of the most popular home design designs with an updated scheme.

    Open Concept Living Room Furniture

    First and foremost, the scalloped accent chairs take centre stage, sitting immediately in front of the large windows with a beautiful outlook. Their delicate minty tone complements the natural green of the outdoors while also softening the visual transition from outside to indoors. With light pink and blush designs, plush scatter pillows reflect the pop of mint while also adding a feminine touch.

    Although the accent chairs are exquisite, their spherical form is playful. It softens the rigidity that can accompany symmetry, precisely placed throw cushions, and metallic elements: a kids’ nook and teepee help balance the open living space.

    A brass shelving unit is also featured in the space, ideal for storing toys while also serving as a unique open concept decorating idea. A lovely graphic picture of family life is a mix of playfulness and structure.


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