Hunting for the best learning laptop that not only stays long but also is pocket friendly. Ows laptops are regarded as super learning tools even for kids. Their lightweight, low cost, durability, and versatility make them prominent. Here you will find complete information about Ows laptops.

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    What Ows Laptops Actually Are?

    What Ows Laptops Actually Are

    Ows laptops are specifically designed for learning purposes, with the mission of making education accessible for every single being on the earth utilizing the internet. OWS stands for “Online world School” and as the name states, it is doing an awesome job of spreading awareness regarding education.

    These laptops got praise after the initiative “OLPC” which is One Laptop Per Child. They also serve the education of every child irrespective of area and creed. These laptops are specially for developing countries.

    These laptops come with a strong antivirus package that assists in security of laptops. They are portable, low cost, easy to use, best performance, and are made of strong material thus helping in staying good under stress. These qualities actually make these laptops.

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    Ows Laptops Quick Attributes

    GenreOws laptops
    Price range$190 to $1350
    ProcessorIntel Atom 5-Z8350
    Battery timings12 hours after single charge
    Weight1.1 Kg or 2.42 pounds

    Operating System

    Operating System

    Ows laptops are equipped with Windows 10 or running structures of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Choosing the best operating machine according to operations is a very crucial task.



    Investigation of hardware is essential; one must know all about the hardware and software of the laptop he is going for. This laptop has 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, and a processor of Intel Atom 5-Z8350. It has a fast speed that works well.

    Battery Lifespan

    Battery Lifespan

    The amazing feature of these laptops is their cool battery timings which are about 12 hours after a single fee. This fact is vital as developing countries are running through an electricity crisis and they aid in sleek working experience.

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    Shutting The Digital Divide

    Ows laptops serve equal to all and thus eradicate the digital divide, which is atrocious. They provide the same quality all over the world irrespective of their origin. This is amazing!

    Extremely Fast Performance

    Extremely Fast Performance

    These laptops are extraordinarily fast and can easily run all kinds of packages. This attribute is crucial for developing countries where internet speed may vary.

    Easy to use

    Heavy machinery is generally not easily handled, on the other hand, Ows laptops possess less weightage. This makes them easy to use and can be handled even by unprofessionals.

    Sturdy Construction

    Hard material in the manufacturing of these laptops makes them secure and less likely to damage even in bumpy rides. They are durable and withstand drops and stress. They go for the long run with you, thus increasing life expectancy.


    These laptops are available at low cost and easily accessible everywhere. They are versatile laptops in a very low-price range. Affordability and accessibility make their place in the list of the best-buy laptops.


    Ows laptops are very lightweight, their weight is near to 2.42 pounds. The low weight makes them easy to handle and can easily be transported. They allow you to carry them in your backpacks and kids can easily handle them due to less weight.


    Ows laptops are low cost and pocket friendly, their price ranges from $190 and ends up at $1350. The average is $770, which is not that expensive as these laptops are equipped with tech and provide the best working experience.

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    Top 7 Ows Laptops

    After knowing the specifications of Ows laptops, everyone desires to have them. They try to hunt for these laptops that come up with their needs and also are of low cost. Here we have gathered essential information on the top listed laptops of the OWS series.

    1. Lenovo Flex 14 – Best 2-in-1

    Storage128GB SSD garage
    ProcessorIntel core 8th generation
    Display14 inches
    GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce MX330
    Battery life8 hours 36 minutes

    Lenovo Flex 14 is a 2-in-1 laptop. It provides a touchscreen feature with the best graphics and resolution. An A14-inch display is well for school work as well as business planning. Battery timing of 8 hours is not bad at all. Go grab it for the best online class experiences.

    2. Apple MacBook Pro

    Processor8 core CPU
    Display13.3-inch screen
    GraphicApple M2
    Battery Life20 hours
    Weight3 pounds

    The Apple MacBook pro is one of the best learning laptops. It has a strong battery life of 20 hours which is quite amazing and you can take your lengthy lectures without any issues. A 13.3 inch display helps maintain your focus and clear the lecture slides.

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    3. Lg Gram 17Z90P Laptop

    Storage2TB SSD
    ProcessorIntel Evo 11th gen Core i7
    Speed4.7 GHZ
    Display17 inches
    GraphicIntel Xe Graphics
    Battery Life19.5 hours
    Weight3 pounds

    LG gram is a fast speed laptop with advanced graphics and less weight. The system runs smoothly and can’t get stuck, so it is super cool for web designing and technical studies. It will never disappoint you.

    4. MSI GS75 Stealth Gaming Laptop

    Storage12GB NVMe SSD
    Processor10th Generation Intel Core i7
    Speed240 Hz
    Display17.3 inches
    GraphicNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
    Battery Life SpanMore than 82 hours
    Weight5 pounds

    MSI GS75 gaming laptop is the most demanding among users. Its 17.3 inches display and high-speed processor provide astonishing results. Battery timing is also remarkable. It has high ratings from users and they really love it.

    5. Dell Inspiron 13 5310

    ProcessorCore i7th
    Speed3.3 GHz
    Display13.3 inches
    GraphicNVIDIA GeForce MX450
    Battery Life10 hours after 1 hour charging
    Weight2.8 pounds

    Extraordinary attributes and smartness make Dell Inspiron a best buy laptop. It also has the achievement of 2022 best working gadget. Its small size makes it easy to carry, fast speed, best graphics, and 512GB storage are significant.

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    6. Dell G15 5520

    Storage4800MHz SSD
    RAM16GB DDR5
    ProcessorCore i7 12700H
    GraphicNVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060
    Battery Life10 hours
    Weight2.8 Pounds

    Dell G15 5520 is also the best option for Ows laptops. This learning laptop not only helps in education but also assists in business. 120Hz speed makes it more worthy. Its light weight allows smooth traveling with it.

    7. 2022 HP Envy x360

    Storage512 GB
    ProcessorIntel corei7
    Display15.6 inches
    GraphicIntel iris Xe
    Battery life20.5 hours
    Weight5.1 pounds

    HP envy 360 is more attractive because of its touch screen and sleek design. Intel Iris Xe graphics impress gamers they go for it. It is also compatible with low-level businesses. 2.80GHz speed is thrilling and 20.5 hours of battery timing is cool.

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    Pros and Cons of Ows Laptops


    Ows laptops are cool gadgets that provide unlimited features. They are swarming with extraordinary qualities that separately cost millions. Here are a few of their most precious qualities.

    • Low weight of Ows laptops make them quite important, lightweight makes them easy to handle especially for school-going kids.
    • Affordable and accessible qualities make them outstanding.
    • Budget-friendly, easy to buy without any worry of money shortage
    • Fast speed, speedup work daily work
    • More battery timing, as a single charge stays for more than 12 hours
    • Easy to use, everyone can use it. No skills required
    • Portability makes it easy to take everywhere you want.


    Ows laptops don’t have any technical drawbacks. As they are full of features. The only disadvantage is you may buy a charger or some backup battery that costs a lot. Except this, it is really a worthy laptop to switch to online learning.


    To enjoy an amazing online learning experience, outstanding laptops are must-haves. It is crucial to have the best tool that comes up with all the necessary needs. It should be durable, portable, and especially have a long battery life so you are focused on your studies.

    All these features are provided by Ows laptops. It is now a piece of cake to hunt learning laptops after the launch of Ows laptops. This is truly a fabulous option to invest in.

    People also ask

    What are OWS Laptops?

    “Online World School” is an initiative to provide education in every corner of the world in spite of region and language. Ows laptops are serving this initiative and are the best online learning tools.

    What Makes Ows Laptops Prominent?

    These laptops are very convenient. Their low cost, durability, lightweight, and high speed make them prominent from other laptops.

    What are The Top 2 Ows Laptops?

    Apple MacBook Pro and MSI GS75 are the top Ows laptops. MSI GS75 has a cool battery time of more than 8.2 hours.

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